Monday, October 17, 2005

Pretending to Cry

I have been pretending to cry when Zara does something not to my liking for instance not wanting to eat the food I'd spent a lot of time cooking; pulling my hair; wriggling about when her diaper is changed. I did that a few times to show her that I'm sad or upset. One day last week, when I said, "If Zara yai-yai (naughty), then mummy will cry". She started rubbing her eyes, and made the Uh-Uh-Uh sound, pretending to cry. Wow, such a copy cat, so good in imitating me. She started 'crying' on cue. Asked her, "Show mummy how you cry", she would start rubbing her eyes and 'cry'. After one week of asking her to do this repeatedly to 'entertain' us and family members, she got fed up. She stopped doing it now. When we asked her to show us how she cries, she'll just look some where else. Pretended she didn't hear us. Here is a video capturing her doing this, but she would only do it for a short while, not wanting to repeat her performance.


Egghead said...

give it time... she will master the "cry-on-demand" skill soon like my son... that time only headache... and that's how they become the King and Queen of the house!!!

Mama M said...

Awww, your daughter is adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've read some of your posts and we seem to have a lot in common.

mom2ashley said...

hahah..she's so cute..

Lazymama said...

Zara is so cute! Kids are good mimic and entertainer! :P

Ya, my girl now is so good at cry on demand...headache!

blurblur said...

Haha...Drama Zara...very cute!:))

gianne said...

that's one of the most adorable videos I've ever seen!

anata no kodomo wa totemo kawaii desu ne! (<- uh, dunno correct anot, learning, lol)

Zara's Mama said...

how does cry on demand work? You will probably have to blog about it.

mama m,
thanks for visiting, come more often.

Don't you have a lot of things to look forward to.. Soon it'll be Ashley's turn!

Same case as Egghead? Cry on demand? Or Cry AND demand?

Yeah.. they never seized to amazed us.

Thanks for visiting, I don't read/speak Japanese, but I know the KAWAII part. :P

yl said...

little Zara thinks: hmmmm, these strange adults... why must they always want me to cry for them?? i am a happy little babe... and happy little babe do not cry!!

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