Thursday, October 27, 2005

Co-sleeping photo

Wanted include this photo to the post on co-sleeping, but some how blogspot wasn't allowing it. So here is one pic I wanted to share. This is one way that we co-sleep. Not very comfortable (for my bladder), but I don't mind, anyway, it happens rarely (we mostly sleep like normal people do).


yl said...

AHHHHhhhhhhhhhh... so cute!!!!!!!!! AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.........

Egghead said...

how do normal people sleep? standing?? :P

Msau said...

Zara so cute ler..hehe..wonder how come baby could sleep in those strange pose wan ahh..

Baby Smooches said...

hehehe. wierd sleeping position... but the picture is worth a thousand smiles....

Lazymama said...

so sweet and so cute! :P

Sue said...

wow... i think most toddlers like to sleep that way! ivan also sometimes crawl around in his sleep and end up sleeping on me!

Allyfeel said...

so cute... and baby looks so contented in this odd sleeping pose.

By the way, we have the same bed sheet. Those little heart shape are my son's favourite.

blurblur said...

Aiyo, so cute leh...:)) Zara seemed to be smiling in her sleep...sweet baby..

Milly said...

yalor..y baby can sleep that way ar?? feel so comfortable 1 meh?

Zara's Mama said...


lying down loh. You don't pile on top of each other right?
*scratch chin* or you do?

yeah loh.

baby smooches,
yeah. Too bad the bed and all is in such a mess, or else will enlarge and frame it.


yes ah? Now cannot already loh? Since you have a bump.

such a coincidence, you have this bed sheet too. But it was such a hot seller back then.
Actually I find that babies always look contented when they are sleeping. Really like little angels.


yeah loh. I also don't know why. That one really like yoga position.