Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heart Warming Moment II

It must have been me co-sleeping with Zara the last whole week when Daddy wasn't around. She has always cling to me, but has not shown such affection before. Occasion 1(yesterday morning and this morning) : We were in the car as usual, Zara on her car seat in the front passenger seat, and I was driving towards King's Wife's place. Zara : *hand reached out to my side, and look at me* "Uh..." Me : *try to concentrate on the road but threw glances at her* "Yes Zara?" Zara : *still looking at me with her hand reached out to me* "Uh..." Normally, this indicated that she wanted my breast pad. But these 2 occasions, I'd already given her my breast pad earlier. Me : *guess and gave her my hand* "You want mummy's hand?" Zara : *held it and grinned* When I had to withdraw the hand to use both hand to steer, she would start all over again asking for my hand, and only be happy when my hand was in hers Occasion 2 (yesterday night) I had my dinner, and joined Zara in the living room. She was standing holding on to the coffee table while watching her favourite VCD Wheels In The Bus. When I sat next to Zara, she started putting both her arms around me, then laid her head on my shoulder. Me : "Zara don't want to watch Zara's show?" Zara let go of her arm, one hand still held on to my shoulder, and continued looking at the TV. Then, again, she wrapped her arm around me, and laid her head on my shoulder or stick her face close to mine. This was done repeatedly for a few times. My 11yr old niece Alicia saw all these and commented, "Aunty, why does Zara love you so much?" Occasion 3 (this morning) Daddy left for work earlier than usual, maid drying the clothes down stairs. Zara and I were in our room and I wanted to take my morning shower, so I carried Zara to her toys. Me : "Zara, you play with your toy toy here ok? Mummy shower first" I left her (making sure nothing dangerous or non child safe was lying around), left my pile of clothes at the door of the bathroom, went to the bathroom and closed the door (don't want her to get to the toilet bowl) to shower. After 5minutes, I thought I would go and check on her. Dripping wet, I opened the door. Zara was seated on the floor right next to the door, she was holding on to my breast pad (found it from the pile of clothes I left), sucking her thumb, and looked up to give me a smile. Me : "Zara, why don't you go and play with your toys?" Zara crawled towards me, and reached her hand out, wanting me to carry her. Me : "Zara, go play with you toys ok? Mummy will go back to shower already ok?" She sat back down on the floor, I closed the door and went back to finish my shower. When I was done, and opened the toilet door, there she was, in the same position again, holding on to the breast pad, and sucking her thumb. When she saw me coming out, she let go of her thumb, and raised her hands to me, wanting me to carry her. Is she becoming more affectionate or she's just having separation anxiety? I hope it's not the latter.


Sue said...

i think she's getting to be more affectionate... and also more clingy :P ivan also became more clingy to me and shows more affection after he turned 1, worse now that i'm preggers i think (maybe you're pregnant?! LOL)

Milly said...

wow..wow...she clever hor...!!!

erm...suck thumb?? i tot it is bad for baby to suck the thumb??

helen said...

This is the time where they'll cling to u like there's no tomorrow.. lol Enjoy it while it last... before u know it, they'll grow up right before your eyes and you'll ask yourself, "where did my little baby go?"

Loc Kee said...

hehe she is starting to GLUE on you liao..... jus like SSM, the gal oso like to Glue her.

Mei said...

hmmm... yes, why does Zara love you so much? That question cracked me up.

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute...she's being affectionate to you, if clingy, I think would have wailed when u left for shower

Egghead said...

why she like your breast pad so much?? is it the smell??
too bad my wife don't use breast pads... else we would use it to keep our son sitting still :(

blurblur said...

Hmm..why does Zara loves Mummy so much? because Mummy loves Zara very much too:))) Sweet, really sweet....:)

Annie said...

wah...so warm...at nite no need use blanket liao lor! I also like that. Yalor, enjoy it while we can...or else by 11yo, they might go.."ee, mummy, why u hug me?" hehehe!

Lazymama said...

Zara is very patient and affectionate!

hehe, If I didn't let my girl in while taking shower, she will bang bang the door and cries outside. :) Lately she has been stick to me like a high perfomance super glue.:P

maria said...

Uh... Auntie Maria melting liao...

Zara, you are such a sweety! and what your mommy wrote about you really make auntie want to have another baby.

Zara's Mama said...

I happily accept affection and clinginess. :P

She's a thumb sucker ler. Don't know how to use a pacifier.

Yeah, even now, I find that so fast she'd turned from a little soft baby to a mobile todler.

loc kee,
glue never mind. I like.

mei, blurblur,
and it's unconditional love too, for now (until she knows how to demand for things)

I hope so loh, it's affection.

I think because of the smell as well as it's soft and cushy. I got this trick from a child care book, give the child your breast pad when you have to be away from her. I tried that when I was on 1 week business trip. After that, it's no return. It's become her favourite comfort object (besides her thumb)

yeah, enjoy her affection when she doesn't feel geli. Later, she'll want to get away from me, I'll be the clingy one. LOL.

like what annie said, enjoy it while it lasts. Better super glue than repellant. :P

aunty can quickly have another set of twins. :P

Gene said...

Oh, this is sooo sweet! Don't we just love it all when our darlings become so clingy and get all affectionate towards us!

Btw, I had just came across your blog today and would be linking you up definately! =)

mob1900 said...

you single-handedly put the 'Want' back into babies to women now, Oprah. ;P

Twin said...

she's sooo cute. yeah probably its separation anxiety. You know .. my Darien will cry and cry and chase after me if I ever left him alone. And Daddy always calls him .. Mommy's Boy. :Þ