Monday, October 31, 2005

Learning to swim

Zara loves the water, be it in her bath, in a shower, or just playing with the running tap. She loves a dip in the pool too. On Sunday, since it wasn't raining in the evening, we brought Zara swimming in my sister's apartment. I wanted to teach Zara how to float, a bit too eager, I say. At one point, I actually took out her float, let go off my hand, and see if she could float, but she just sank, and then when I took her out of the water, she was coughing out water. Daddy, who was taking photos was giving me the killer look "Why did you EVEN do THAT?" I felt so bad afterwards, kept apologising to Zara. Zara was very brave, didn't' even cry, not a tear, just coughed and coughed, and then wanted to get back into the water. *bad mummy* *Her float is a gift from a friend from Beijing. I think it's a very useful float, leaving the kid's hands free to paddle. Can't find it here though. Zara warming up Mummy trying to teach her to lie on the water, and float. But, Zara seemed to be interested in something that's up in the sky. After dipping her in the pool without float and my hands holding on to her, she was still eager to continue. Let's see if I can try to teach her breast stroke. "Mummy, don't let go off your hand"

"Hopeless mummy, I think I better hang on to the side of the pool. At least it won't try to drown me"


Helen said...

WAHAAHAAA Zara so cute in her swimsuit. But got to complain - not sexy enough.. lol (BTW, where is mama's swimsuit pics??)

It is great you are letting Zara get used to the water. Children should be taught to swim as early as possible. I don't care what some parents said, it is better for the child to know early.

Aiyoh, really want to pinch Zara! Geram only see her!!! lol

Sue said...

you're right, the float is so special :) but won't her neck get tired?

i also wish for ivan to learn swimming early, but seriously dun dare to use your method LOL

yl said...

hahahaha... better depend on ownself to grab the side of the swimming pool... 靠人不如靠自己!!

maria said...

wooo...syiok syiok hor? Zara syiok syiok, mommy also very happy when see Zara happy :).

Jason said...

The tube is a little too big, isn't it? Hehe, her hair style is cute enough, after dipping inside the water, even funnier. Looks like some anime character's hair style. :P

Oh, I have read in a magazine before why kids love water/swimming. Its because the water gives the feeling as if they are in the mother's womb. You know, the fluid protecting the baby when they are in the womb. It is the same, the water gives them the same feeling, thats why they love water/swimming.

Yeah, swimming is good. Build up the body size and also increase the overall body structure. Hmm, when kids are in their growing age, let them learn swimming. Their shoulder will grow broader and it will be damn cantik to see and to lean on. ;)

My shoulder is broad and big due to my hardcore swimming during form 1,2 and 3.

Fannie said...

Agnes, I like that float!

Since Ethyl loves to paddle and splash, this kinda float will leave her hands free and she will be able to explore more!

Our gals are the brave ones, like u, got a little too ambitious and tried dipping my gal in the water to test and see whether can she "survive" ...

The same killer look I got from the Daddy and Ethyl, cough cough...but still she wanted to dunk her head in again! LOL

It is good to bring her out for a swim...I wanted too...but the weather ...haiz...

Milly said... fun...!!

but this mummy really sui lar...let me drink water in the pool...uhuhuh....


jason, i tot broad shoulder not nice?? mummy dun 1 let me swim alot due to that reason alr...!!

Egghead said...

better than my parents lah... according to them... they threw me into a river and I suddenly know how to swim liao... LOL!

Passerby A said...

Super cute bathing suit!

blurblur said...

Haha...another eager mummy trying to test your baby's survival skills huh?:P

Hubby is the one who's always putting Damien's life in "danger" and got the "killer look" from me..heehee:P

But Zara is very brave leh..and she's cute, hang on to the side of the pool, haha, that's the safest way man!:))

jazzmint said...

hehe..u are like my hubby...very daring..but zara very brave...think soon she will learn swimming..she looks very big size too huh

Baby Smooches said...

aiyoooo. Zara looks cute in that first pic!! heard that some babies can know how to swim on their first try, but I don't dare lah...

Zara's Mama said...

Too sexy after will attrack pedophile ler.:P
Mummy too fat, better hide!
Yeah, want to teach her, but still trying. At least now she's used to the pool and not afraid.

don't believe her neck will be tired. B'cos her head is supported by the fload itself, and the 'ring' around the neck is quite spongy.
And she doesn't complain, which I think must be quite comfy (as she's quite fussy).
Better don't use my wicked method.

yup. Especaill canot 靠 mummy.

yeah, she shiok I shiok. :P

her tube size is ok la. Not too big.
Will swimming make her have appetite like yours also ah? If yes, then I have to throw away the float, and burn her swimming costume already. *LOL*

Wah, I thought I'm the only kiasu one. Look like I got buddy. :P

Yeah, mummy very sui.
Jason hinting la, he likes broad shoulder girls. hee hee.

Wah, your parents lagi teruk man.

the diva,

Haha, your hubby like me so 'brave'.
Yeah, pulling the side of the pull safer than holdin wiked mummy's hand.

I hope she can learn how to float soon loh.
Now that you tell me, I look back at her photos, she looks really big here. Doesn't look like 11mth old.
But she's not that big la, just very tall.

Baby smooches,
don't know true or not baby can swim 1st time.
That's what I wanted to see, but end up making her suffer.

Jason said...

Haha. It wont increase your appetite ler. I became fat because the swimming pool went bankrupt and I got no more place to swim. I used to swim everyday for 3 hours. :D

If not because of the swimming pool tutup kedai, I will be damn fit now.


Swimming creates beautiful body shape leh~! :P

1+2mom said...

LOL!!No wonder you said so many ppl bring their children go swimming.hehe..tomorrow is the first time my gals go to swimming pool, hope they like it.

Milly said...

ei... he hinting what?? aiyah...hinting also no use...!! whahaa.... fast fast search a blogger who always swim n got broad shoulder..!! any1???

Greg said...
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Anonymous said...

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