Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Change of Needs and Wants

My best friend will be coming back to Malaysia for holidays, and being very practical, she asked what kind of birthday (very belated) and Christmas present I would like her to bring back from New York for me. Would I like the Philosophy skin care and the latest Jamie Oliver cook book (both I used to love)? I don't need Philosphy skin care now since I always have the motherly radiant, as I go for those quick and easy just slap everything to your face/eye kind of skin care. No more time for exfoliating or doing mask. The only cook books I purchase now are related to cooking or baking for babies/children, but I already have 5, do I need another? So this year, I asked her for a book which gives you ideas of games and craft you can play and do with a toddler or a child. I noticed that being a mum now, I seldom buy or ask for things for myself, everything I buy or want, somehow will be related to Zara. Just like recently, I was contemplating between an LV bag (the Bucket, I love it), and a digital SLR. It costs about the same. One would fulfill my own vanity or desire, the other would allow me to capture beautiful moments of my child. Which do I choose? Tough choice! . . . . We just went and bought the digital SLR today. Daddy's anniversary, Christmas, valentine's present to me. Bye Bye LV, maybe next year, I'll ask Santa again for it, just maybe.


Jason said...

Digital SLR?

Just when I need a new digital camera, and you have a spanking new one!!!


blurblur said...

Hmm..i guess motherhood changes our wants and needs..

I used to splurge alot on my clothes, bags and shoes, but when Damien comes along, i splurge on him..oops..;p

Sue said...

the only thing that didn't change is splurging, last time splurge of myself, now splurge on Ivan... both equally satisfying ^_^

Egghead said...

wah! SLR!!!
when are we going to see it???

Lazymama said...

The changes for me is no/less personal time and the growing weight...ewwww!

Skin care, handbags and shoes...haha I never have any desire for that.

mom2ashley said...

thattt's why i splurged on my fav Gucci bag BEFORE i delivered! heheheh..cause I know that I won't have the heart to splurge on it when Ashley's born....yea ...Ive been thinking of upgrading my digital camera as well but it is very costly la....guess i'll just play around with my current one for now;) lucky you!!! got new toy eh?

Zara's Mama said...

yours not good enough meh? Oh, but if you want to do food photography, maybe need a better camera.
sorry, brought up 'sensitive' topic here. :P

blurblur, sue,
yeah, the splurging target just shifted. Not that we're less spendthrift, but just spend on the little ones instead of ourselves. :P

we bought it just in time for her birthday this w/end. So I have to get familiar with the camera before then.. *sweating*

Wow, you are quite a simple (at heart) girl. Thought all these handbags and shoes are girls' obsession. :P
I used to have those longing la, but now, no more, so I guess motherhood has changed me for the better.

clever you! Your photography is very good, I always thought you are using an SLR.
If you have one, your shots would be even better? *wow*

Allyfeel said... SLR..envy, I only have an old junk Nikon FM2 with me which is lying in my drawer.

Lucky u women, I never really splurge myself with those branded goods. :)

King's wife said...

whenever go shopping now, the first place u would head to is the children's department. Sure wan.

give yourself another few years.

Helen said...

Aiyoh!! ** jealous** **Jealous**

I want to see your SLR!!! Post some pics of your SLR lar.... I want to see, I want to see!! *drooling*

OK, confirm. THis week hentam 4-D. I want a digital SLR too.... lol

BTW, I've heard so much hype on La Mer cream... u tried it before or not??

King's wife said...

wah, so this weekend for popiah party, can take canggih photos..

jazzmint said...

wow so a digital SLR...what model did you get? I'm so tempted, guess gotta wait for next big bonus cause Daddy is not gonna get that for me as it's too expensive and he can't use it in flight...too big mah

Zara's Mama said...

I don't splurge on myself anymore.. Only Zara.. :-(

king's wife,
already automatically going to kid's dept.
Like I told you, future family portrait everybody will have to pose longer, since we got changgih camera now.

sure, will show you the curvy camera.
La Mer cream yes I'd used it before. Used 3bottles, but didn't see much improvement on skin. Just that it's very convenient, no need eye cream or what serum, 1 bottle kaotim.
King's Wife recommeded this Dr Seager to me, now I'm using it. Skin better, no need make up and evenly toned. You may want to try.

we bought Olympus E500. Hubby's choice, I just take photos only.
'Teh' your hubby a bit, sure he'll buy for you one.

maria aka twinsmom said... we get to see more picture in your blog?

Helen said...

Dr. Seager.... like never heard before... lol Will search the net to find out... thanks.

Mother Superior said...

Now that kids are a little older, I don't buy too many kiddo stuff, except books. But my money seems to go their extra curricular activities - ballet, gymnatics, swimming, piano - you wait, and you'll see how much you'll be spending.

What do I have left for myself? Sigh... genuine fakes like Prada bags from Tiong Bahru market. Eh, quite good one leh! Still $300, leh! From market some more... :-) Can die!

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