Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Skinny Zara

After starving herself and survived only on breast milk for 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) , she finally regained her appetite, and started eating (solids) again today. Her had lots of biscuits, bread and half a bowl of porridge. I normally limit her intake of biscuits (worried about constipation), however, today I told my maid to give as many as she wanted, as long as she is eating them. As for her porridge dinner, the food critic refused to be fed using her usual kiddy spoon, turning her head to the side when the spoon reached her. She kept pointing to the chopstick nearby. So, I tried with chopstick and she happily took them. It's not easy to scoop up runny porridge with chopstick, luckily my chopstick skill is quite good, and I managed. For an already relatively thin toddler, she is now even thinner. Her ribs are jutting out now! Her stool has hardened although still a bit soft, and she'd stopped vomiting. She's recovering! I'll try to fatten the next few days.


blurblur said...

Ah..glad to know that little Zara is on the road to recovery..:))

Don't worry, i'm sure she'll be back to her normal weight real soon..:))

mom2ashley said...

oo....good to hear that she is getting well!

Sue said...

that's great news, now to get some meat on her... ivan's also getting thin, can feel his ribs when he's lying flat, aigh!

Helen said...

Wah, Zara, ur mama putting your half naked sexy pic on the net lar!!! LOL

Dun worry too much Zara is thin... as long as she is getting all the right nutrition, it's OK. :-) Glad to know she is getting better!!

Lazymama said...

For girl, tall and slim is good thing! :) My girl also very slim! :P

Allyfeel said...

My sister always tell me his son never eat well like my son. But now boy, he is fat with a big stomach.

Haha...I am sure Zara will be fine with a caring mommy like u. :P

momm said...

whenever my girl falls sick, she'd have no appetite and would be as skinny as a bamboo stick.

but once she recovers she'd eat and eat, and she ballooned to her usual self. in fact, she looked better each time she recovers from a flu!

i was told that when a child recovers, they grow bigger faster. not obese, but they look very healthy!

maria aka twinsmom said...

eh, macam my Annabelle aje? no worry, she will gain back her weight very soon :D.

Mother Superior said...

From a familiar Christmas tune:

Let it be, let it be, let it be.

Zara's Mama said...

I hope so too.. thanks.


Ivan also lost weight? I think walking about makes you loose weight too.
Yeah, I'll have to fatten her.

*bite fingers* you think it'll attract pedophile to my site ah?
Never mind, her smelly diaper will a good repellant!

not too skinny is ok. Now she's a bit too skinny, so needs to fatten her a bit. :P

how old is your sister's son?

I hope what you say is true. But yesterday and today, she has been really eating a lot. Everything also wants MORE!
Btw, do you have a blogsite as well? I can't seem to get to you via your profile.

Anabelle thinner than Isabelle? Or you mean her eating character?

mother superior,
HO HO HO HO (k) :P

Samm said...

Gordon is also thin now after his poo session. But as long as he's regained his appetite, he'll put on some weight soon. Same goes for zara.

Annie said...

Good to hear that she's okay now...
emm, have u tried to rendam her in the minyak??? ..nolar, joking oni.
Skinny nevermind, as long as they are healthy hor!

Jesslyn said...

hey, skinny never mind, as long as she is healty! But Zara quite tall le, 75cm! My Lyon only 66cm le!

ky said...

Hooray! Zara is recovering :)

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, hope Gordon and Zara will regain their weight soon.

Actually a nurse I know in Sunway medical (used to give Zara baby massage) told me I should mix a spoon of minyak bawang in Zara's porridge to fatten her. But.. 1 spoon of oil.. so jelat, i didn't do it la.

Zara tall because Daddy is tall. He's a 6footer. Not sure when she's grown up, how tall will it be, just hope not as tall as Daddy or else hard to get husband. :P

Thank you thank you. :P

Twin said...

good to hear that zara's recovering. cheese is good for fattening up a toddler .. hehe my kids love them.

shiaulin said...

don't u feels that they looks taller when they are thinner? hahha... another way to makes ourselves feels better ;)

BTW, glad to know she is getting better!!

Allyfeel said...

My sister's son is now in primary one. He used to be very skinny like my son. When they breath in, I can count how many rib bones are there.

Fannie said...

Don't fret! Appetite will be back once she's well! :)

jazzmint said...

aiyoo poor girl, i can see the rib bones...must give her more food :)

glad that she's recovering

Passerby A said...

Aiyoh! What happened?

maria aka twinsmom said...

Annabelle is thinner than Isabelle. newborn 1.2kg different, now 400gm different, but taller lar. 一个又肥又矮,一个又高又瘦.