Monday, November 14, 2005

Her Full Moon and Birthday dress

Over the weekend, we were shopping for a dress for Zara. We were looking for something which she can wear for her birthday, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year (4 in 1). When we had to change her into the clothes we'd selected for her in the shops, we saw her reflection on the big mirror, she's so skinny and long (or was it some tricks they do with the shops mirror?), I don't know why we never really noticed this before (oh well, we know she's quite lean, but never knew she's THAT thin)! We found that most of the clothes meant for her age were way too loose for her, although the length suited her. We eventually bought a dress for her from Zara which didn't look too 'baggy' for her. When we went home, and I hung her dress in the cupboard, I spotted the dress she wore on her full moon (a gift from Aunty Abigail, and unfortunately, worn only once). Just out of curiosity, I took the dress out and compared it with the one we just bought. Guess what? They seemed to be almost the same size. I got Zara to change into the dress! She could fit into it (meant for 0-3months), and looks even nicer than the time she wore it 11months ago! So maybe, we'll let her wear this dress on her birthday instead. Her Full Moon 11 months ago 11 month later, it still fits her!


Jesslyn said...

Ya, it's difficult to buy dress that can fit exactly at their age now! I prefer they wear shirt & pant instead!
How time fly ya, very soon your Zara & my Lyon going to become toddle liao..

Zara's Mama said...


sug_jester said...

hmmmm so the dress-in-question improved from being a formal "gown" when she was having a full-month party to a pretty little afternoon jaunty dress.

Lazymama said...

Very pretty dress!

Same for my girl, her dress and other T-shirt can be wear pass her age. Those 12-18 months old dress still very loose to her. Anyway, mommy save money on buying cloths for her. At least there is some advantage for being small! :P

sengkor said...

Zara buys dress at Zara. Can get any discount ah by having the same name?

Msau said...

wah...Zara still can wearing 0 - 3 months baby cloth? ..her size so small meh? hard for me to imagine lah..u know my SQ now gotta wear those 2 years old toddler cloth liao ler..really cham lah..have to change her cloth size every 3 months time...

mom2ashley said...

haha..a dress from zara for zara.
awww..coming to 1 year old already...big girl loh...

Annie said...

Zara's mama, my girl too! She's 3 now and can still very those clothes i bought when she was 8 months old.... just shorter oni. That's why nowadays I seldom need to buy new clothes for her... She still can wear her baby clothes lah!!

Helen said...

Nice pink dress.... looks like a little princess... without long hair. lol

blurblur said...

Zara look so sweet in that pink little dress :)

Ya, after they turned one, they're no longer a very soon, Zara will join Damien in Toddler-hood liao...hehe..welcome welcome..:)

ky said...

Hmmm, she does look petite but I would never imagine she is able to wear back clothes she wore 11 months ago! But she looks just as beautiful as 11 months ago :)

Egghead said...

can save a lot of money ler :P

shiaulin said...

my xuan doesn't look 'fat' but he wore 3 yr old clothes now! some pants i bought during last trip in malaysia and now even found too short for him! wah.. zaramom u can save lotsa money leh lidat...

PrincessRen said...

wah ur zara so cute lah. some more, withthe pink dress? she looks like a princess. :) anyway, thank you for stopping by at my blog.

Sue said...

ehh, i think she wants new baju, she don't look very pleased with the 11-month-old baju on her worr LOL

Fannie said...

I do pretty much agree with u!

The dresses that we bought for Ethyl that were too loose or baggy now fits her and the tag says "6-9mo"! LOL

She will outgrown the length soon, but not the size...same like Zara...lean lean tall tall! :)

Zara's Mama said...

why you changed your name huh?
Don't think I'll let her wear that dress loh for her birthday, it looks too formal for a pohpiah party at home.

jefferene, annie,
the problem is the a bit too short although shoulder and width fits her, esp for t-shirts. :-(

seng kor,
I also wish.

破产咯if needs to change every 3 months. But SQ is not very big wut. Don't buy local brand, go Reject Shop buy those kwai-lou size.

yup big big girl.

yeah, a bit like a boy wearing a dress hor? *sob sob*

yeah, soon will join Damien's league! They grow up so fast!

thank you. Wow, your mouth so sweet, must buy you coffee already.

very hard to save money one for girls. You'll keep buying buying and buying new clothes. Wait till you get your queen.

Xuen very tall is it?

thank you, also need to buy you a cup of coffee for saying such nice things.

I think with those kind of materials, the dress not very comfy, that's why she's having this very pretentious smile.

Ethyl also the same?? Haha, got gang!

yl said...

not change name... type sala... thought i was logging into my blogger... :P

jazzmint said...

hehe that time fullmoon looks so it fits nicely :P

Allyfeel said...

Little princess has the father's face. :P Perhaps she has her father's lengths as well. Good, next time can be a model. hehe!

J said...

LLS is now 16months old and still wearing some of the clothes that he wear when he was born!! My MIL always say tell me to keep the clothes because Baby tends to 'change shape' from round to slim and tall.. which is when he/she will be able to wear the clothes that's once too small or tight for them. Its really true for LLS, the clothes become loose again, except shorter a bit.
So envy you got girl who you can dress her up like princess...

Zara's Mama said...


yeah, but the dress not very comfy b'cos of the material used...

if too tall, hard to get husband loh. :(

your mil is very wise, I never knew that, as Zara outgrown the clothes, I actually give them away. Maybe next time I should keep them longer.
Btw, you can start working on the QUEEN of the house now, so you can dress her up as well. :P

maria aka twinsmom said... pretty dress...*sigh* too expensive to buy dress. so far the girls only wore two dress before, both 1 year old.
and now? t-shirt and short, just like their mommy :P.

so nice lar this dress, bet you will keep it for Zara.