Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Part 4 : The Various Procedures

February, 2002 (after 3 years wasted), on our first visit to Dr Wong, I already had in mind that I wanted to do the laparoscopy. Upon showing all my records, tests done, and another ultra sound by him, he confirmed the earlier diagnosis. We talked about laparoscopy, he boasted that he’s an expert in this area, and had given talks to UM Medical students on this topic and also had done a lot of laparoscopies throughout his medical career. He said for my case, he would do a Laparoscopic ovarian drilling (ovarian diathermy), the recommended procedure for PCOS patient, just as what Dr Liew mentioned. I told him I wanted to do it as soon as possible, since I’d already wasted enough time; he put me in his calendar for next week. The following week, I admitted into Pantai Hospital, went under general anesthetic, and have my laparoscopic ovarian drilling done. Dr Wong was quite good, the stitches clean and straight, and the 3 wounds were small, all below bikini line. He mentioned that there were no complications, and recommended I start trying again after a month, to allow my wound to fully heal. Meanwhile he suggested that we do another semen analysis test. This time however, Daddy didn’t have to do it in a public toilet. He was allowed bring home the bottle, ‘harvest’ the specimen first thing in the morning, and within an hour, bring the bottle back to the hospital. His test further proved that there’s nothing wrong with him. When I was ready to start trying again, he recommended that I have more Clomid to speed things up. That will ensure more than 1 egg is released, and my chances of getting pregnant will increased. This time, the Clomid dose was double! Some of the side effects of taking such a high dose of Clomid included blurred vision (while walking, sometimes, I had to stop to balance. It was THAT bad) and very bad pain on the sides of the abdomen just before ovulation (it was like someone continuously punching you on the side). We went through this 2 cycles and nothing happened, so more tests have to be done. On the next cycle, during the time of ovulation, we had to have sex in the morning, then go to his clinic immeidately for a check for the sperm livelihood within me. From these test, he found that my ‘discharge’ was not thin enough. He metaphorically explained that it’s like the sperm has entered the ‘lobby’ (cervix) but there’s no ‘lift’ (my discharge) to bring the sperm up to my egg. So, the next procedure was recommended; I have to go for Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) or artificial insemination. Dr Wong even asked if I wanted to do sex selection for the baby since it's possible with this method. I told him I just wanted a baby, the sex of the child is of no importance. To prepare myself, I had to had more Clomid, and on the calculated date of ovulation, I went to the hospital to get a scan to confirm I was about to ovulate. Upon confirmation, Daddy 'harvested' his semen the following morning and sent it to the hospital lab for ‘washing’. I had to go to the hospital in the afternoon. The Dr inserted this long straw like syringe into my vagina, and injected the washed semen into the cervix (not at all comfortable, you can imagine just looking at the tube used), then I laid still for about an hour before I left for home. We anxiously awaited for the pregnancy to happen, but I got my period 2 weeks after that. I did another round of IUI, this time, the washed semen was injected right at the opening of the fallopian tube, to increase the chance (later, I found that with this method, you actually risk severing your fallopian tube). Alas, 2 weeks later, I bled again. We were disappointed, naturally. It seemed that the next step we have to go for is In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). That was when we heard about Dr Collin Lee, the famous IVF specialist in Damansara Fertility Centre. We have testimony of friends’ friends who went and did IVF under him, and who are now happy parents. We checked out the prices (~RM20K), calculated to see if we could afford the procedure; talked to people to see what kind of discomfort it would caused (of course after all the procedure I’d been through, nothing can really scare me now). What happened next, became the turning point of my life.


jazzmint said...

wow...really went thru a lot and spent a lot money. Finally God must have heard the prayer and answered with a beautiful girl :). God Bless you and your family my dear friend.

Milly said...

wah..summroe summore...interesting...1!

Mother Superior said...

Wah, can't sleep tonight already. Your story is so interesting... details esp. Hehe... Can write early tomorrow morning before you go to work?

Lazymama said...

Very interesting post and you seem to know a lot of technical terms!

When I read thru the post, can really feel your dissapointment - one after another!

I have a girlfriend who has trying for baby for many years but still not succeed even with medical intervention, the problem lies with her husband. Now already give up!

Zara is a precious baby!

Pelf said...

I admire the strength and courage in you. And the "never-give-up" attitude. God bless you.

Egghead said...

"What happened next, became the turning point of my life."

eh... you can write something for hollywood liao lah with the above suspenseful line :P

mom2ashley said...

i admire your courage and strength - both you and your hubby. Keep it up.

blurblur said...

Wah...can't wait to see your next "episode" liao..:P

I'm touch by the perseverance you and your hubby had.

Sue said...

so many people take getting pregnant for granted, some have it so easy... but it's what you have to go though that uts you in a better perspective

Fannie said...

*bow* U are really persistent despite all those that has happened...

So, creating ur number 2 now? Better do so early early to increase ur chances! :)

Annie said...

i admire u & hubby lah...u can really "tahan lama". Some might give up half way liao. With this "tahan lama", if u are into business, sure can become successful one!

Waiting for the "turning point"!

Maria aka Twinsmom said...

6 years in total right?
I was waiting for 3 years already want to give up. you really tahan lama lor.
IUI and IVF never come to my mind, because of financial, the Clomid was my last hope, if after clomid also no result, I will give up, that was what I thought.
tabik you and your hubby.

Helen said...

Aiyoh... must have been so hard for u and your hubby. Furthermore when sex has become more of a routine with timetables and all....

I think it's great u are sharing ur experience on your blog. I never thought much about all these in the past. This is certainly a revelation to me.... and I hope it'll be to others too.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah loh. I always count my blessing.

prepare your tissue liao ok.

mother superior,
the story is so long, I kept having to revise it to make it shorter, that's why took so long.

ask your friend don't give up. I may have an answer for her.
If I'd given up earlier, I won't have Zara now ler.

I want to make sure I want to try everything before I quit. At least I can look back and said I tried everything.

must give you the suspense mah.

have to, if not, won't have Zara.

like I told Millie, get your tissue ready.

you are right, and really I scorn those people. Here I was, trying every method to concieve and you see people going for abortion or worst, throwing new born baby away!

working on it liao.

I only tahan lama on this. Other things, events very impatient one. Don't know why.

after doing so many things and not successful, very mm kum yuen one ler. That's why keep trying and trying and trying.

yeah, it was sex on demand, damn boring.. Zzzzzz *pass me the kua chi please*

mom2ashley said...

hey you've got me hooked on what you're gonna post next - am as anxious as waiting for the next episode of my favourite series to be screened!

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Sue said...

DEAR friend,
I'm sorry you went through so much pain and disappointment.

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