Monday, November 07, 2005

Fun filled Holidays - For Zara

So what did we do during the 4days holiday and Daddy not being around for 3/4 of the time? Bubble Bath - She has been very fascinated by bubbles or soap suds. So, I'd been pampering her, running a bubble bath for her every evening.

Visit to Tai-Kong's (maternal great grand father)- King's wife and family went to Kajang to visit our maternal grand father, Zara and I tagged along. She was very afraid of her Ku-Kong (maternal grand uncle), but after he agreed to bring her walking, her fear miraculously disappeared. Sleep over in King's Wife's place - Sleeping with her favourite cousin, Samantha che-che

Fun in the park - Her cousins brought her to the park, and here she is on a swing with Alicia che-che (she looked bored because she's actually very sleepy).

Visit to Ikea - She sure had a lot of fun playing with some of the little houses set up all around Ikea for little people. Even happier if there were other children whom she could play with.

Drawing - We bought some crayons and a book of art block, and let her have fun 'drawing'. This was her first attempt, she was just making dots and drawing lines.

Exploring - She was fascinated by the pebbles we had in our court yard as well as our shell collections. She kept pulling Daddy back to the courtyard to play with the things there.

So it was a fun filled holiday for her, and a tiring one for me....


Baby Smooches said...

hey, that sure looks like one day full of tons of activities going on for little Zara!

Egghead said...

nice hor to stay at home all day and play with kids... too bad the holidays are over liao :(

Passerby A said...

Clap clap for Zara's mummy who braved the holidays "alone" without Zara's daddy. I'd be bummed too if Hubs had to be out of town during holidays.

Allyfeel said...

What a nice mummy arranging so many activities for lucky baby Zara. :)

Twin said...

when the kids are happy .. it makes us happy no matter how tired you are. Am I right? :)
Don't mind me adding your blog into mine.

Lazymama said...

I like the bubble bath thingy, how come I had never think of that! Yee Ching's mommy is bit too slow to catch up things.

Milly said...

i like bubble bath...1! nicniinice...!!!

Zara's Mama said...

baby smooches,
4 days. If all was done on 1 day, I think I would go mad.

yeah. Now have to wait for Christmas.

the diva,
Next time, I'll be out of town and let him handle the kid alone, but then again, I would be so worry about the kid (under his care)..

Thanks.. *blush*

yup, kids happy we happy. Thanks for adding a link.

And you don't need to buy bubble bath. I just use her regular baby bath, squirt some into the tub, thn run the water (make sure it's strong enough to create an impact to the tub), and viola, you have 10mins of fun.

Can manja mamibee to run one for u..

Helen said...

Zara is indeed very busy this She's really enjoying herself!!

Zara is really lucky to have a great mom like you.. *give yourself a pat on the back**

blurblur said...

Wow *whistle* really a fun filled holiday for Zara! And i believe though tiring for mummy, you feel that it's all worth it right? :))

Well done, Zara's mummy!:)))

maria said... last line really true.

Sue said...

having lots of people around kinda makes the day pass more quickly... everyone carry the baby for a while, time seems to fly hehehee