Monday, November 07, 2005

Part 2 : The Dr with the sexy toilet

After the Pudu Dr’s ordeal, I told Daddy the next Dr we saw, I would leave it to him to decide what needed to be done. People unfortunately never talked about the issue of infertility openly, especially when they themselves are experiencing it. We tried to tell friends that we’re trying but have not been successful, and would like to get a Dr to diagnose our problem. So the Drs recommended to us were normal gynaes, friend who went for operation to remove a cist, friends who got a baby delivered by a good Dr. The next Dr we went to was from Taman Desa Medical Centre. We nick named him Versace because he wore this conspicuous Versace studded belt all the time (we should have fled when we first spotted that BELT). On our first visit, I visited the toilet. The toilet in his clinic was pasted with photos of female in various provocative outfit and poses (some even topless, with only G-strings on, worse than these photos). In my mind I was thinking we might have come to the right place. He must be a fertility specialist, and this was where he got his male patients to jerk off collect specimen for semen analysis test. I was quite excited and told Daddy what I saw in the toilet, I told him he might need to use that probably in later visits. When we got to see Versace, he did an ultra sound scan and then said he needed to do some blood test to check if I have thyroid or any hormonal imbalance. Sounded like a logical thing to do. We went to collect the blood test result the next visit. The results seemed to show that I have very high level of LH (luteinizing hormone). Versace told me that what he would like to do next was a laparoscopy. He explained that it will be an operation with 3 small incisions, one on both sides of my pelvic area, another on the belly button. A scope would be placed into my uterus via the belly button. This was to check if I had a cist, since my scan showed there’s some bulges around the ovaries, and my hormone wasn’t that balanced. An operation proposed on my second visit? Did he just buy a BMW which he wanted someone to sponsor? We were wary, so we said we had to think about it. He said while we think about it, he wanted Daddy to provide a sample of his sperm for semen analysis to ensure the problem didn’t lie with him. I was surprised Daddy didn’t even protest, and agreed to do it (maybe because of the sexy toilet I told him about). We agreed to come back the following week to see Versace and check on Daddy’s result. When we got out to the reception area, we paid and asked for the bottle for the semen analysis. The receptionist told us we have to go down to the lab to get the bottle, and submit our ‘specimen’ there. “You mean you don’t do it here in THAT sexy toilet?” I pointed to the toilet in the clinic. The lady just told me curtly, "NOPE". Alright, we were conned (up till today I still wonder, if THAT toilet was not meant to be used by men to collect their sperm, what were those provocative photos for? For Versace’s own private viewing? Or to encourage 'dirty' men to visit the gynae with their wives?). While walking to the lab, I asked Daddy if he was sure he wanted to do it. I was feeling embarrassed for him. Unlike a lot of other husbands who never wanted to do such tests for whatever reason (I think a lot to do with ego), Daddy was very cooperative. He said we needed to get to the root of the problem. The person who dealt with us in the lab wouldn’t even look us in the eye, he just took the chit of paper from the Dr and passed a small bottle to Daddy. When we asked where we could do the deed, the person just pointed, still not looking at us, “There, in that public toilet over there”. We followed his finger, and found the toilet. I peeked and saw that it was a very small cubicle, with a basin and a toilet bowl and probably it was just 5x4feet. A wisp of ammonia filled my nostril. Gosh, I can’t even do a dump here, let alone masturbate! I asked Daddy if he was sure about this. He nodded and went in bravely. I felt so sad for him, at the same time I was feeling so proud. He was willing to do this for US. How he managed to ‘do’ it, I don’t know (I was even knocking on the door to ask him if he needed help), he must have very good imagination; he came out 10mins later with the precious specimen. We left the hospital after sending the bottle in. The following week when we visited Versace again, he told us Daddy’s result was good, so I must be the problem. Over the weekend, Versace probably bought something more expensive and needed more sponsorship. What he proposed next infuriated Daddy. He said I must immediately go for my laparoscopy, and if I didn’t do it soon and decide later, he threatened that he would do a 6 inches incision instead of a 3 (small) holes laparoscopy, so he could diagnose and fix the problem at the same time. Daddy was crossed! He asked Versace what he meant by that. We didn’t even know the problem, and he’s already saying he would do a 6 inch incision on me. Their exchanging of words started getting louder and harsher. I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing. I told Versace we would think about it and dragged Daddy out. We never returned.


Helen said...

It's in times like this, the oaths we took in matrimony are tested. Sure, every men/husband who is financially able can afford to buy the most expensive stuffs for their wife... but true devotion and committment do not come from a materialistic sense. It's the action or decision a man show, subtle or otherwise, that says it all.

You really got yourself one Sweepstakes lottery first prize winner in your hubby!!! lol

mom2ashley said...

what a con doctor! you dont need a laporoscopy to find out whether you have a cyst or not. you need a laporoscopy to remove a cyst. luckily you didn't go for it...;)

shiaulin said...

经一事,长一智。good that u never follow what Versace said.

Mother Superior said...

I agree with Dinah, you do a laproscopy to REMOVE a cyst and not just to scan what's wrong. Gee, I'm even wondering if what your husband went through was necessary at all. Glad you're not going back.

Milly said... many time in n out gynae... sure aredi paid alot for the medical fee hor??

the dr seem like lion open big mouth??!! whhaah... anywhere i like ur story lar..! nice ler..

Egghead said...

hmmm.. I think the sexy toilet is meant for hubby who is waiting too long for their wife :P
well... typical chinese are always ashamed of infertility... and prefer never to talk about it... what your hubby did was great and show signs of wisdom :)
on the other hand... what the doctor did deserved more bashing from your hubby I must say... I think the doctor should be reported for threatening patients... you guys shouldn't even pay in the first place :P

blurblur said...

Hey, your hubby is really very supportive! I guess some husband shudder at the thought of going through this "procedure", some MCP would even insist that the problem doesn't lies with them!

So, big round of applause for your hubby:))

momm said...

i believe the reputable hospitals in KL do have recommended gynaes right?

i'm rather scepticle of gynaes too and i make sure that they are some kind of professor with the reputable hospital, and come with a reputable name before i even step in to his clinic.

no choice. after an incident happened to my friend...

Fannie said...

I can really sense the love ur hubby has for u!

I believe it must have been a trying period for both u and ur hubs...esp so for u!

Twin said...

hmm .. the doctor seemed to be a money-sucker! Luckily you didn't go back there.

Selba said...

*sigh* how come this kind of doctor still exist? I guess these days, a lot of doctors only care about money.. money and money... This one, probably need more money to buy more versace collections :P

Msau said...

haii..we belief those prof. doc but they seem like treat us like 'sogua'... it really sad when we willing to spent anything to have a baby but met some prof like tat...
u have such a brave (or good imagination?) hubby...haha

Lazymama said...

This time you & your hubby have made a wise decision i.e run and never ever return again.

P/s: I always wonder how man go about such test, and now only I know they have to do it in a dirty toilet...your hubby really good!

maria said...

Twinsdad also did the test before, and three times some more, first one the sperm not active and no head!, then adjust his life style a bit --sleep early, eat healthy so on. second test not active and low count. both did it in SJMC. third time he did it in other lab with the GP's letter, result came back everything normal, it was my problem (one of the tube blocked kah liao). then later I was given fertilising pill, and "ting" I got twins.

the GP said sometime the private hospital might want to get more business from us, SJMC very famous with their IVF or something.

Zara's Mama said...

the oaths we took in matrimony are tested even today. haha..

ok ok, I know I know, I should appreciate him more (like he always tells me).

Dinah, Shiaulin,
Yup. Some Drs we have there.

Mother Superior,
I think the semen analysis was necessary, but was not neccessary to be done in a stinky toilet.

Most Dr lion open big mouth one.

Laubeh Inc should send you to the hospital to do investigation on the toilet.
If you need details, let me know. :P

Yeah, in that respect he was supportive.

Not sure about that, but I believe, they normally try to push patients to the not so popular dr, to help them. That's my thought, not sure if it was true.

Very trying in deed. Took the fun out of everything.

Twins, Selba,
Most Drs are money suckers. Only a few are exception, and it's a jewel when you find one.

Yeah loh. Some of these Drs really treat us like sohgua. But I was a bit of a sohgua also la last time.

The better Drs don't need patients to collect 'specimen' in dirty toilet. I'll share with you later how they are done (in later part of the story).

Wow, you also went through similar experience like me.
Twinsdad also quite brave hor?
Btw, you went under the famous Dr Christina something from SJMC?

maria said...

ya lar, Christina Tai. she told me hubby's sperm cannot concieve wan lar, told us may be can try IVF, ai yoh, we where got money? got the money we go put down payment for a house lor.
so after I show her the third result, she gave me the fertilising pill lor, three treatment wan. but I took one treatment only got pregnant liao.

Zara's Mama said...

good for you. Only 1 round of fertility drug and you got pregnant. Me, rounds after rounds after rounds.
They will always proposed IVF, 20K, I also want that money!

Sue said...

you're right, the Versace belt should have been hint enough that this is a worldly doctor >.<

Twin said...

maria, you went for Christina in SJMC .. I was told that she's really rude. Is that true? My cousin took video in the delivery room and he got scolded. She ask him "You like to see you wife in pain ah". And another friend went to her for consultation and she was rude to her. Gosh After hearing all those stories I didn't go for her .. my doc is Dr Ang from SJMC. His price is quite cheap and two years in a row he charge delivery he same price.

5xmom said...

OMG, re Versace, damn geli!

Zara's Mama said...

yeah. No real 'professional' drs will wear versace right?

I went to Dr Ang before as well to do pepsmear. My friend told me he's like Richard Gere woh.

Yes, very geli.

Samm said...

That Versace fler sounds morelike a real conman to me. targetting on the desperate. i only did hydrosalpingogram to check for blocked tubes and gawd, was it painful.

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Sue said...

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