Monday, November 14, 2005

Zara's first 3 syllable word

Zara spoke her first 3 syllable word 2 weekends ago when I was reading her bath time counting book to her which has a page filled with butterflies. She immitated when I said butterfly. Her version sounds something like "putter-pie". Now, she kept mumbling the word putter-pie, as though to practice her talking skill. She's picked up quite a few words the past 2 weeks, like : Kai Kai (go out) - tai tai Walk Walk - woh woh Park (Play ground)- Pak Bath - But Duck - Tuck Tuck Mr Blue (her softtoy) - Boo Car - Uhhhhh Uhhhh (with 1 arm raised and moving horizontally depicting a moving car) Aeroplan - Uhhhhh Uhhhh (same as car, but she'll be poining her finger upwards) Daddy - Pa Pa Zara - Sa-ah Apple - Ah-Per Full (饱饱) - Ba-Ba However, she's still not calling me mummy, mama or anything yet. And sometimes still confuse me with herself. When I asked, "where's Zara's nose?", she'll point to mine; but when it's "Where is che-che's (Samantha's) nose?", she'll point to Sam's. Maybe she thinks both of us are one entity, that's why when I'm around, she still clings to me like a koala.


Mei said...

Try this:
paint a spot on her nose or forehead and after doing that sit her in front of a mirror. Does she touch the spot on her nose when she sees her image in the mirror? Or does she touch the mirror? If she doesn't touch her nose she's not quite aware of herself as her own person yet.

Samm said...

zara - Gordon also learning to talk now. He'll only call me Mm-Ma when he's desperate. But, he's learning something new everyday, it's amazing. I love watching him talk.

mei - hah, i've never tried that before, should try it out on Gordon one day.

Helen said...

It definitely takes a mother to know what her baby is saying... lol

Is Zara usually talkative??

mom2ashley said...

aww congrats to zara on another achievement!

Jason said...

Soon you are not able to catch up with the words she are learning everyday.

So many comments, getting popular ler you.

blurblur said...

Well done, Zara! :)

Hmm..i guess all babies call their mummies last..maybe they really think we're them and they're us...haha..;p

Allyfeel said...

Wow, Clap clap, zara clever girl!

It's ok one, teach her more "mum mum- makan", she will call mama soon. :P

BB can called everybody including kakak at 14 months but not me. Now, he calls Mommi every day loudly.

Zara's Mama said...

let me try that out. I heard about this, but haven't tested it on her yet.

it's really amazing right? And you just don't know how they are motivated. Some difficult words they can say it, but easy word like Mama, they won't even attempt till later.

you are right. Sometimes hubby missed it as well, don't know what she's trying to say until I pointed it out.
She's very talkative, but most of the time, it's just making 'noise'.


And soon, she'll start to 'pok chui'.

I'm anxiously waiting for her to call me.

I tried. Different tricks, but when she hear the word mama, mummy, she'll not want to repeat after me.

Fannie said...

u will be jumping all over when she first calls u! :))

I am too happy to react when ethyl calls me...and she shouts "Mommy" when she sees me...ur turn will come! :)

Zara's Mama said...

I'm still waiting..

Mei said...

I took out my textbook on developmental psychology (Bee: Lifespan Development 2005):

Studies have concluded that when a baby is first born she can't distinguish herself as separate from her mother. (I couldn't find it in my 700 page book but I can vouch for it.) The first step towards the concept of self is taken at 2 to 3 months of age when a baby learns that she can have effects on things (e.g. when she touches something it moves and when she cries someone responds).

Zara being almost 12 months is at a stage where her subjective self has most likely fully emerged which means that she's figuring out that Mom and Dad continue to exist when they're out of sight and that she exists separately and has some permanence.

It's harder to determine when a child grasps that she's also an object in the world and has qualities (like size) just like any object. The most commonly used procedure to test the child's initial self-awareness that delineates the formation of the objective self is the one with the mirror and the spot on the face.

A classic study from 1978 shows that few 9- to 12-month-old children touch their own nose but three-quarters of children aged 21 months do.

The interesting thing is that mirror recognition and self-naming develop at almost exactly the same time! So when Zara starts "passing" the mirror test she should also be able to name herself - and her Mom - correctly.