Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Signing With Zara

Zara signing 'MORE' in the attached photo: I first heard about signing with babies when I was searching for some books in Amazon.com, and stumbled upon books on this topic, so I looked up websites and did some research. Why do you sign to babies? "It is a fact that infants develop the fine muscles in their hands before they develop those required for speech, so they're equipped to communicate with you before they can speak", there are some very good websites who give you some insight to this. I for one, got very frustrated when I could not understand what Zara was crying or asking for. She was 7 months then. At the period where she could not speak, but already had her demands(by crying). I went to the ASL (American Sign Language) Site, looked at the video on how to do certain signs, and started signing to Zara. I tried to do the essential one like milk, drink, eat. It wasn't easy to let Zara associate the signs with the words, even more difficult because my maid was her main care giver during the day. Although I'd instructed her to sign to Zara when Zara was offered milk, a drink of water or food to eat, I could not ensure she did that since I was not around to check on her. When I signed to Zara during the time I took care of her, she seemed to look at me in amusement, not taking my 'signing' seriously. The initial attempt failed. As Zara grew older, she's more firm with her demands, she gets a bit frustrated when none of us are able to tell what she's saying or asking for. So I tried signing again. This time, I didn't get my maid to help, because if she did it wrongly, it'll only confuse Zara more. I'd used a few signs with her, two of the signs she picked up quickly are more (2 hands come together), and no more (turn the wrist with palm stretched out). Her version of more is pointing her finger to her other palm (like doing dim-choong-choong 点虫虫). She tells me she wants more by doing this action, e.g. she wants more bubble blowing, food, reading, singing, etc. Her signing came to very good use the other night. After breast feeding her from both breast, she pointed her finger to her other palm (she wants more), then pointed to my breast, and turned her wrist with palm stretched out (but I have no more milk), and then started fussing and repeated the gesture (my milk supply reduced because of the time of the month). I quickly made her 2 additional oz of formula milk. Although she eventually just took a few drips (yes 'drips', not even 'sips') of milk from the bottle (she only has tasted formula milk on 2 or 3 occasions, so probably not used to the taste), she seemed to be happy that I understood her, and went to sleep blissfully. I'm still in the midst of introducing more signs to her. Hopefully, it'll help more with our communications.


mom2ashley said...

yea..i did hear about signing to kids - babies even and it's really fascinating how some babies are able to sign to adults even before they can speak. it trully amazes me. let me know your progress...the only sign ashley knows now is when I put her bottle milk near her mouth, she'd stretch out her left hand to reach out for the bottle, and then slowly take her right thumb out of her mouth ad slowly reach for the bottle with her right hand and she'd bring the bottle to her mouth. that too amazes me - I'm easily amused!

Mei said...

When my brother was born '89 with Down's Syndrome the doctors said that he'd never learn how to speak or walk let alone read or write. We started learning sign language to help him communicate and it did work pretty well. Now that he can speak he doesn't use signs anymore but he still remembers the signs for essential things like milk, school, happy, sad and so on.

(Now he also reads, writes, cycles to school, plays drums, swims on a team etc. - don't believe all your doctors tell you.)

Samm said...

I sign with Gordon too when he was younger. He'd put his finger into his mouth whenever he wants water, pat his tummy when he's had enough & put his head onto his palm when he wants a nap. It's fun actually to make up signs along the way.

Sue said...

perseverance does pay off! and zara's so smart to resort to signs to tell you what she thinks when frustrated :P

Helen said...

I saw this signing in a documentary sometime back!! I tell you, the result is amazing!! Do continue to communicate with Zara..... It's a great way to communicate with children before they learn to speak.....

Happy signing!!! lol

yl said...

yeah!!! happy signer!! good good good!!! but i am on the SEEII system, not ASD... :(

Fannie said...

I borroed a book in our library about some signing thingy...

I tried it on Ethyl, but she doesn't seem to "appreciate" them. After that, I do it in our way.

If she needs milk, and I'm around, she will tap on my breasts and pulls my shirt.

If she wants to sing, she will open and close her palm (meaning twinkle twinkle little stars).

We also do the dim-choong-choong thingy and she's always doing it! Her new sign now is to tap herself on her chest. Meaning she's a baby or the thing is hers or she's scared!

blurblur said...

I do sign with Damien when he's younger and it's fun! But now that he talks non-stop, the only sign i use is "fingers on my lips"..haha..

Allyfeel said...

Hey, so clever can sign sign to mommy.

I didn't really try signing seriously when my boy was younger. I guess I have to sign seriously for my next baby huh to better communicate with her.

Thanks for reminding me abt this topic. :D

ky said...

Well done, zara and mommy! It is in deed very very frustrating when the child cries non stop and you trying desperately to understand what she wants. Hahaa..., sometimes when my patience runs dry, I just feel like killing the child and myself.

Egghead said...

*ahem... when are you teaching him to show "the finger"?

maria aka twinsmom said...

yes, use the sign for the baby, even when they just month old, the very beginning sign I show to the girls was--nod when say yes and "you" (got), shake my head when say no and mei-you (don't have), and I found pretty soon they can show me how they want or don't want even just few months old, by just nodding and shaking their head.
I call it early programming LOL...

Twin said...

Yeah we use a bit of signs here and there on certain things but sometimes its a bit difficult to put signs into everything. Sometimes when Denisha wants a 'particular song' and her pronunciation was not that clear, it really gets to me. Its really frustrating. And I'll try super-hard to make out what she's trying to say. It was an achievement. Phew! If not its whinny whinny toddler all the way home.

Zara's Mama said...

if you want to sign with Ashley, I think now is the time, but make sure the people who care for her sign to her as well.

the doctors are very discouraging! It's good that your brother proofed them all wrong!

Wow. That's impressive. I've yet to teach Zara how to sign for a drink and a nap. However, she doesn't drink much water, and doesn't like to take nap, so I guess it's a bit difficult to get her to do the sign.

it makes both of us frustrated if I couldn't understand what she wants. So I guess she signed out of desparation! :P

sure will be happy signing. I just hope she doesn't pick up the sign that I show Daddy when I'm angry with him.. LOL.

you know how to sign as well? You seem to know a lot of things huh?

I guess along the way, they will create their own signs to make us understand.
I like Ethyl's way of saying she wants milk. :P Zara will just lay on me and start sucking her thumb, sometimes it means she's tired, sometimes she means she wants milk. Must guess.

LOL.. huah hahaha.. I think soon, it'll be my frequently used sign as well. :P

yeah, try it for next baby!

wow, you are so morbid, but I know how you feel. I just walk off and leave her alone in time of absolute frustration and anger. Will go back to her only when I'm cool down.

yeah, like I said to Helen, I'm worried she may pick up the sign I show to hubby when I'm angry with him. One day, when she's angry with me, she may just give me the finger like I do to hubby. *bite fingers*

wow, the twins can nod so early? I try to teach Zara to nod, but she's not doing it. So she's still not able to say or sign YES yet.

you are right, not everything can be sign. We just have to be so sensitive to them, try to understand their most out of tune pronunciation, and gesture. Tht's why God made women mums, because we're more sensitive than men. :P

shiaulin said...

very informative link! thanx for sharing. Anyway i have created my own sign language with Xuan and he is creating his own sign too LOL :D

Passerby A said...

I only found out about this signing for babies thing recently. Ophelia's outgrown this phase already, but I think it's a great idea.

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