Monday, November 21, 2005

Zara's First Year

Today is Zara's 1st Birthday! It has been such a pleasure having her around, and sometimes still seem a bit surreal when we look at her (after what we'd been through). Our daughter, our very own flesh and blood. Although her birthday celebration didn't really go that well for her, she's still her normal self despite her tummy upset. When she gets better, we'd bring her out toy shopping (with her angpow money) and a good meal. Here are her photos, and her mile stones month by month. 1st month

Since I didn't have a confinement lady, I took care of her all by myself (no MIL or mum to help). - Turned her head from left to right when she's laid on her tummy (about 4th week). - Smiled for the first time. 2nd month - Could lift her head up while being carried, as well as while she's put lying on her stomach. - Stopped waking up for night feeds when she was 6 week old (aleluia!). - Kicked at her baby gym - Put her fist in her mouth to suck 3rd month - cooed - Sucked her thumb and upper lip (if we kept her thumb away from her) - held things when placed in her hands - clasped her hands

4th month

I went back to work (I took 3 months off). This same month, we moved to our new house in Shah Alam and she started having to be sent daily to King's Wife's place together with my maid. - turned from lying to her back to her front - used her hands to play with her baby gym 5th month

- laughed - crawled (tummy on the floor) - Passed item from one hand to another - With her tongue between her lips, made the sound PBBBBTTTT - Sucked on her toes - Smacked her lips - When we wanted to lift her up, she reached her hands out to us 6th month

- had her first taste of solid - sat unsupported - turned her wrist 7th month - sat unsupported - clapped her hands - waved bye bye - swam in a pool (with float of course)

8th monthThis was when I started her blog. - cut her first tooth (in fact, 4 came out just about the same time) - gave her first kiss, to a baby photo in a book - stood while being supported (by holding on to something) - cruised - rubbed her eyes when she's tired

9th month

- sat herself up - pulled herself to standing position by holding on to a piece of furniture -improved pincer grip 10th month

- spoke her first word - took her first step 11th month

- climbed down furniture on her own - stood unsupported 12th month

Weight : 7.79Kg (before she got her food poisoning, quite likely lighter now) Height : 75cm - cut 2 more teeth, and another one is peeking out from the gums - spoke her first 3-syllable word - said her name when she's asked "What is your name?"


Avril said...

Happy Bday ZAra!!

Congrats ZAra's mum!

Lazymama said...

Time flies! Zara is progressing fast!

I wish I can jot down Yee Ching's month by month development milestone too but my memory no good. :)

King's wife said...

i like her 8th month photo...pretty.

shiaulin said...

hehe.. i remembered i done this kind of posting too, but not as detail as yours :D

mom2ashley said...

she's relly developing fast...faster than Ashley;)

Twin said...

she's fast. i remember having all these jot down until 18 mths by my midwife in a baby developing notebook. just didn't have the time to post it. too much to type. :) when i find the time to .. i will do that.

Egghead said...

so first three months of Zara's life was in the 1960s (black and white age) and the subsequent months at 2005 (color photos)? LOL!

nice account of baby to toddler evolution...

Happy Birthday to Zara again and congratulations to Zara's parents for surviving the 1st year of parenting!!

Jesslyn said...

Wow, very detail monthly development le. Well done!
I wish I could do that too cos Wien & Lyon pic all mixed up liao!

blurblur said...

Time really flies! See how much little Zara has grown!:)

She's fast in her speech development,can say 3-syllable word liao..well done,Zara!:))

domesticgoddess said...

wow! very comprehensive wor!!! i can never do that... memory not that good hahah!

maria aka twinsmom said...


Zara's Mama said...

Thanks, and thanks for visiting. I tried to return the favour, wanted to leave a comment on your site, but it required me to be a memeber of Xanga so I didn't bother.
Happy (early) birthday to you too!

It's just for records. Next time can show to her. :P

King's wife,
Probably her most feminine shot. I guess b'cos it didn't show her hair

Do you go back to read them? I thought it was quite fun when I looked back at some of the entries I did for her begining first few months (that was in a book journal, not a blog).

Ashley will catch up real soon, don't worry.

you have a midwife to help you monitor the kids' progress? Wow.. Which hospital did you use?

Her daddy like black&white shot. If he had it his way, all her photos would have been b&w.
Thanks, do I get a I SURVIVED THE 1ST YEAR t-shirt or cert?

Ouch.. Even the pictures got mixed up?? Time for some housekeeping.
(but I guess if I have the 2nd one, it would happen to me too).

Yeah, time flies.
Her speech not really that developed but it's getting there slowly.. just happen she like the sound 'butterfly' so kept saying it.

my memory is bad too, that's why I jot them down in a journal before I started blogging. And now, I want to record it down in the blog.
Or else next time she asked me when did she start walking, I will probably scratch my head and said 2yrs old?

谢谢. 也是你们这些好读的blog给我毅力和鼓历。不然我是不会开始blog的

Helen said...

Wow, I seriously love the way you put the pictures and illustrate it!! I especially love the B&W bath pictures!!! Great work!!lol

Allyfeel said...

wow! What a journey... Should I do do one for BB? *Thinking seriously*

PrincessRen said...

wow.. ur zara is so so cute lah. nice and unique name too. Zara.. wow...