Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Zara Communicating

For the past 2 weeks Zara has been very interested in mimicking the words we said, and is trying to communicate to us. Here are a few situations which I could actually make up what she was saying. Just entered my sis' place Zara : *excitedly, looking every where* CahPerCahPerCahPer (it sounded something like that) Me : *imitated* Cabut, Cabut, Cabut, Cabut ('Extract' in Malay. Thought this was what she was saying, and she probably learnt it from our Indonesian maid) We walked about in the house Zara : *pointed to a big framed up Kashmir rug* CahPerCahPerCahPer Me : *scratched head, imitated* cabut, cabut Zara : *pointed to a painting on another wall* CahPerCahPerCahPer Samantha (my wise niece): She's saying Picture is it? Me : *gasped* Picture? *looked at Zara* Zara, you said Picture is it? Zara : *grinned* PerCah PerCah PerCah Mummy : *it made sense now* Wow, so clever (not sure where she picked this word from, must be from my nieces) Zara : *grinned and clap hands* In my sis' house 1 Sis was adjusting some of her clay ornaments, and accidentally dropped them on the floor. *CRASH* Sis : Oh-O!! Zara : *imitated* Oh Oh Sis : *laughed* Yeah loh, Yi-yi naughty. Zara : *looked at my sis, moved her hand up & down with her pointer stuck out* (a sign I always used when she's naughty, or when I disallowed her to do something and said "NO NO") In my sis' house 2 Zara : *pointed to the bottle of bubbles on the table* Pah-Per Pah-Per! Me : Later huh, mummy change your diaper first Zara : *protested* Me : *ignored her protest, carried her to the room* after mummy changed your diaper, mummy will blow you bubbles, ok? Me : *whispered to my sis* Hide the B-U-B-B-L-E please I took my own sweet time changing her diaper, hoping she won't recall my promised. Then we went back out to the kitchen. Zara : *pointed to the table (even the bottle of bubbles was no longer there). Stamped her feet in excitement* Pah-Per! Pah-Per! Pah-Per! Pah-Per! Me : *rolled eyes* Aiyo. She remembered. Went and fulfilled my promise, blew her bubbles for the 100th time that day. After work, arrived at King's wife's place Me : *pretended to search for her* Hell-LOW Lee-tle Geeerrl! Zara : *squealed in delight* Aaah!! Me : *pretended I'd found her* Hello Little Girl! *scooped her up* How are you? Zara : *looked at me and gave me a big big smile* (the above is our standard greeting) Me : *About to plant a kiss on her lips* Give mummy a kiss kiss Zara : *Turned her face, laid her head on my shoulder, tightening her grip around my neck with her arms* Huh, Huh Me : No Kiss Kiss? Only Hug Hug? Zara : *Still lying on my shoulder* Huh Huh Me : *compromise* oh ok. Hug Hug then. Just now, drove out to buy lunch with her Drove passed a bump without realising, we all got a jolt in the car. Zara : Oh Oh Me : *smiled at her* Yup, Oh-O (now, she's able to tie accidents with this exclamation)


Milly said...

zara learn veery fast...!! i like the parpeh pahper...!! whahah... very cute te ne...!! ekke

Fannie said...

wow...we really hv to mind our words and Yes, kids have very good memories...

King's wife said...

i must be careful not to simply say @%#$%!>*! in front of her. sekali u come home from work and she start swearing. haha...

Helen said...

lol... king's wife better be careful with your words.... heh heh heh.. .

Zara's mama, now u r ecstatic Zara is talking... before long you will headache when she is old enough to talk back!! Just look at my boy I vomit blood already. So many damn excuses!!!

maria said...

hahaha...I thought she said "carpet"... cute.

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute...i thoguht she said carpet in the first one!!

Lazymama said...

Zara learns so fast and so cute! How come Samatha jie jie always wiser than mummy to make the right quess!? :P

Hehe, you are still much better than me, I can't understand Yee Ching's baby language unless she speaks it clearly but daddy can!

blurblur said...

Zara is so cute and her memory is really good huh..Hehe, yup kids pick up words real fast, so we as parents really have to "mind our language!" :))

Zara's Mama said...

hope next time she'll be a jingling girl like you. :P

yeah, sometimes can see her eyes looking intently at me when hubby & I having a row.

king's wife,
no more DNS.

On 1 hand u want them to grow up, on another u want them to remain the baby they are.
Even now, sometimes, I miss her infant days, when she just takes what we gave her, and not so demanding.

mari, jasmine,
should be spelt 'CHA-PER'

I think children think alike, so they can understand each other better. Err.. does that mean your hubby got a very innocent child like mind?

yup, must mind the 4 letter words.

Twin said...

Yeah they learn really fast. That's why i stopped saying a lot of words. There was once I said stupid and about a few days later, she said it. And I had to correct her after that. :) Luckily after that she doesn't say anymore.