Friday, November 18, 2005

Spanking New Camera

After a few months of contemplation, we finally bought a spanking new digital SLR, the Olympus E500. Why this model? Don't ask me, I'm not the technical one who will go to the net and compare features and prices. Daddy decided on the model. We have been using our Pentax Optio 555 since Nov 2003. It has seen us through a few holidays, Zara's birth, and her 1st year. I have been complaining about the shutter lag of the camera (which is about 1.35sec, very slow for precious moments). Every time when I tried to take a happy shot of Zara, after her smile has disappeared, then only the shot is taken. I had lost a lot of beautiful moments. Daddy wanted us to upgrade to another camera with improved speed. I wasn't keen. What's the point of owning 2 very similar cameras? I told him only if it's an SLR, or else, we just stick to what we have now. After much research and price comparison, we finally settled for this. The draw backs of these SLR cameras are that they can't take Videos and they are too bulky to carry around daily (which I do with my Pentax). So I'll still rely on my Pentax for day to day shots and videos. I don't know much about cameras or photography, I only know how to capture moments. I believe by owning this new toy, I will have to start learning. Daddy gave me 3 days to learn up (the use of the camera), so that I can use this new beauty to capture Zara's first birthday celebration on Sunday. Well, Zara was running a temperature yesterday, so I was very busy caring for her. Today, she seemed to have recovered (Dr can't tell why she got a fever, since she didn't have any infection or flu). If she remained alright (crossing my finger, for her sake as well as mine), I'll have today and tomorrow to learn up the features of the camera in preparation for her Sunday's party.


Sue said...

yup, the thing with these DSLR cameras is:
1) i don't really know how to use it
2) not portable enough for putting in handbag

but *drools*... i'm sure it can capture much much better pics than my slow slow Canon Ixus 400 >.<

Lazymama said...

If for me, bulky camera means less pictures will be taken! :P I am too lazy to carry around the gadget to everywhere. us some pictures!

jazzmint said...

oo u got urself olympus...most of my friends are using nikon. yalah, it's so heavy, after holding for 15mins..u get so tired, but shutter speed is absolutely fantastic :)

mom2ashley said... still learning hot to get the most of my camera ;)

King's wife said...

your hubby now got new toy to occupy him. so u have to "sik ji kei".......

Helen said...

Waaaa, nice kick ass looking camera!! Though I agree with u that the DSLR camera is too bulky to carry in the bag, but there is something special about holding the big DSLR cameras. Make you feel like one of those Nat Geo photographer... LOL

Have you tried taking pics with the camera already??? I missed my SLR Eos Canon camera (not digital). I lost my camera and had been hoping for a DSLR camera. I was itching for the Canon DSLR camera that can use my EOS lenses. Unfortunately, $$$ dun want to come.

I am also currently using an Olympus digital camera that can zoom 30x. I personally find Olympus cameras a bit slow..... probably my camera is more on the low-end side. :-) Do show some pics taken by your hubby's newfound mistress. lol

Msau said...

u better don learn to use this camera lah...let ur hubby use it on Zara's party lah..u gotta be model on tat day too could be camerawomen ler..hehe..
unlike me..always be the pic r me & SQ together wan oso...

blurblur said... camera...:)

Must take lots of pictures of yourself and Zara on her birthday ok?? :))

maria aka twinsmom said...

流口水...*drip drip drip...* :lol:...

Samm said...

is zara teething? and cun new camera ah. i hate shutter lag too. annoying lah, by the time mine focuses, Gordon's disappeared ledi, lol. But my ricoh's pic quality's good. frankly, me dont fancy slrs becoz of its bulk and weight. got one canon eos under the bed, and i think that's be it's tomb. i want a new slim digital camera with all the features of a dslr thrown in, dont mind paying coz i'd be carrying it around a lot.

Passerby A said...

I don't know much about cameras, but your new one looks really expensive ! :)

Egghead said...

super cool SLR!
but it is a big dilemma to decide between quality photos and portability of the camera leh :)

ky said...

U better than me lah! At least u can use the term "SLR". I don't even know what it meant :P

Fannie said...

It's Zara's birthday today! Happy birthday to Zara! :)

Agnes, not forgetting you going through the labour a year ago! :)

King's wife said...

poor thing, hope she recovers soon. send our kisses....

Zara's Mama said...

you are absolutely right with on both accounts, it's the same here.
But I'll definitely have to learn how to use it.

Her birthday photos are taken by the SLR, but I'd shrunk it from 8Mb file to ~100Kb file, so the quality also deteriorate.

why Olympus? I also don't know, hubby decides.

I just learnt up some new feature in the old Pentax, and now have to relearn. Aigh....

king's wife,
always also sek ji kei one.

my husband likes to hold it.. does it have anything to do with your Dr with big hands post? You are the expert, you must tell me *giggle*
Hope you get your DSLR soon too, and get some kick ass photos. :P

must get fatty hold the camera and take photos already. Or else, next time SQ go through her old photos, cannot spot mummy one.

the photos already up (her birthday post).. but still not used to using it yet, some shots not really that nice.

*wipe wipe* LOL

haha, I also would like to have a slim and sleek DSLR, but don't know when they'll come out with such a compact model. Hey, Helen lost her Cannon EOS, and missing it, and you chucked yours under the bed? *tsk tsk*

the diva,
it's one of the cheaper range. there are those with 5-figure price, which is out of our league.

yup, you are right. So day to day, I'll carry the portable one around.

I also don't know what slr mean, just know it's relate to these type of huge camera used by professional photographer. :P

Yes. I didn't forget (although 1 day late in replying to this comment)

King's wife,
Getting better already. I think she will miss Sam since she's been staying at home.

leecs said...

best? have 2 cameras!!!
one for daily use that always fully charged and ready to shoot....

the DSLR? keep the dust loh! :)
no leh, that's also the reason till now i have not touch on DSLR..very tempted after seeing those good photos produced.....