Sunday, November 27, 2005

Typical Night Time Routine



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And the latest addition, brushing her teeth with toothpaste at the sink..


I used to brush her without toothpaste in the earlier months, but I thought I should start her with toothpaste since she has 6 teeth now, and is eating lumpier and more fibrous food. She seems to enjoy it a lot. She is swallowing the water used to rinse her mouth even when I'd asked her to spit it out; I think it's because she likes the bubble gum taste of the Oral B kid's tooth paste.

Am I too early in brushing her teeth with toothpaste, especially since she's eating the toothpaste instead of spitting out? When did you start your kid on tihs routine?


Sue said...

that's so great you're having her started on brushing so early... and seems like she's liking it too!

ivan doesn't open his mouth when i try to brush his teeth, he either bites the toothbrush or he keeps his gap shut tight... aigh! and he have 8 teeth now!

blurblur said...

Perhaps you can "demonstrate" how you spit out to Zara, that's what i did with Damien..:)

It's always good to start them early!

Looks like Zara is having fun having her teeth brushed! :)

Passerby A said...

No kidding leh! Brushing is so important. I used to neglect it because Ophelia hates it. Now her teeth are covered with plaque on the inside.

Lazymama said...

I brush my girl's teeth on and off using "First Teeth" but didn't rinse her mouth coz can't get ther to rinse.

Zara is very co-operative! :)

Egghead said...

so good girl lah Zara!
I think I have to start forcing my son to brush liao!

momm said...

my girl started at 1yr 10mths. she started to gargle on her water one day, and i figured that that time would be just right to brush her teeth.

try gargling cooled boiled water in front of zara, so that she will understand the meaning of 'gargle'. (using cooled boiled water is to play safe - just in case she swallows them instead of tap water)

once she gets the hang of gargling after a few days, she will be able to understand it when she brushes her teeth.

main thing is to set an example to her for her to understand.

Allyfeel said...

Zara looks like she enjoyed brushing very much...

I started to brush BB's teeth when he was 1yr plus, till now he didn't really like the texture of the tooth brush. I have to force it most of the time. He didn't like the tooth paste as well but ok with spitting the water out after few rounds of spitting water games.

maria aka twinsmom said...

I use tooth paste on and off for them when they still very young, if she didn't eat any sweet stuff like biscuit or chocolate, can do without the toothpaste, because even though we use the non-fluoride toothpaste it is still not good for them to swallow the bubble.
use boiling water for her to 漱口 incase she swallow the water.
get a non-fluoride toothpaste, long term swallow of fluoride will burden the young kid's kidney.

Twin said...

denisha started brushing her teeth when she was 18 months (with the help of the carer). I still don't let her use toothpaste. Tried introducing to her once and she ate and swallowed it. Arg. So I decide to stop giving it to her until older. Maybe its about time I introduce the mango Lion toothpaste to her again. :)

Baby Smooches said...

wah, smart Zara! brendan doesn't even use toothpaste yet! He prefers biting on the toothbrush actually.

ky said...
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ky said...

Not sure M'sia has those infant toothpaste. It can be swallowed. It's never too early to start brushing. If you can't get those infant toothpaste, just use a pea size of the kids toothpaste. Eating a little bit of fluoride should be ok.

Helen said...

Sigh... being mummy is indeed hardwork hor? lol

Zara's so cute... worth it lar!!

Annie said...

Good to start early....but my girl, only started her after 2 years old. Itupun not diligent...on and off. Initially she swallow the water & toothpaste too, but now she can spit (aka "do fountain"). Now we still use boiled water for her to rinse...

For little children, better use non-flouride. I like First Teeth too.

mom2ashley said...

sorry not much help here...however all the comments would be useful for me!

Fannie said...

yah...starting on brushing is VERY important!

We started with her looking at us while we brushed our teeth...

U do the "spit-out" and see if she can demonstrate...this is pretty tough, I knw...

That is why...I am contemplating whether or not to get the toothpaste! :)

babe_kl said...

use non floride toothpaste, too much floride in such young age is not good for them. can be found in chicco or guardian (i forgot the brand).

Zara's Mama said...

I started her quite early, but w/out toothpaste, and I brush in front of her, let her hold my toothbrush, and then she allowed me to hold hers and helped her as well..
The brusing with toothpaste just started, and since the toothpaste is so delicious (I tried it myself), I guess she didn't mind it too..

Did demonstrate to her, but she didn't get it... :-(

The Diva,
Thanks for telling me, now I have to really make sure I brush hers every night.

Where can you buy First Teeth? Jusco?
Yeah, she's cooperative, but doesn't know how to spit out loh.

Better start soon, or else the future dental expenses will be high.

Yeah, I use cool boil water as well.. And demonstrated, but she just doesn't get it.. Not yet anyway.

Ok.. maybe I should pretend to have a spitting game with her.

I have to check if the one I got for Zara is non-flouride. And yes, I do use cool boiled water. And thanks for the tip.

Let me know how yours go as well by introducing toothpaste to her.

Baby smooches,
If he likes to bite, thn maybe you can get those spikey ones, it will help to dislodge some of the food stuck between teeth (I hope).

I used to use a type of tooth gel for her which do not have to be rinsed off (Weleda from Germany), but they ran out of stock here for almost 3months already. Maybe next trip when someone goes to SGP, I'll get that someone to help.

Yeah, hard unappreciative work.. Now, she's cute and nice, next time will drive me up the walls..

Where can you buy First Teeth? Jusco? Let me try playing 'fountain' with her too.. see if it works.

Yeah, Ashley will be next. :)

I started the same as well, with her watching and 'helping' us to brush our teeth.
Yeah, the spitting bit is a bit tough. Hope she'll learn soon.

Let me try to look for non-floride one. Annie and Jefferene recommended First Teeth, let me check it out.

Lazymama said...

First Teeth is non-floride toothpaste for baby. You can get it from Paed's clinic or from any Pharmacy like Guardian. I got mine from the Paed's clinic.

Annie said...

i got mine from paed's clinic too...

anymore nursing photos to show ar? I am keen lah, i want to learn the positions for nursing.

Anonymous said...

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