Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Conversation With A Girl With Limited Vocabulary

Since Zara wasn't feeling well, I was working from home on Monday and Tuesday so I can keep an eye on Zara, and if required, can immediately bring her to the Dr's. This mean I get to spend more time with her. Her are some limited 'conversation' I have with her. Morning I walked downstairs, where she was playing Zara : *look up and smile* Me : Hello Zara! Zara : *point to the TV* Poot Me : *pretend* Put what? Zara : *point to the TV, and that 'don't-be-stupid-you-must-understand-me' look* Poot! Poot! Me : Oh, you want mummy to put the Wheels in The Bus for you is it? Zara : *point her index finger to her other palm* (now she used this not just to sign MORE but also for WANT) Milk time I came down from the study Me : Zara you want milk milk? Zara : *put down what she was playing, came to me* Kng Me : *looked at her quizzically* Do you want milk milk? Zara : Kng Tuyam (maid) : Itu dia sedang cakap dia mau susu (She's saying she wants milk) Me : *scratched head, but anyway placed her on my lap* Ok, milk milk then. Zara : Kng *then sucked her thumb* (an indication she wanted milk before she use this Kng word) I laid her down, and nursed her. I have absolutely no idea how 'Kng' symbolises milk. Lunch time Me : Zara, mummy wants to go out to buy lunch, you want to come Zara : *ignore me and continue playing with her toy* Me : Zara, you don't want to go kai kai? (go out in Cantonese) Zara : *looked up, grinning* Tai Tai! Me : *patted the infant carrier seat* Let's go then. After mummy let Zara drive car car ok? Zara : *walked to the infant carrier, while waving her hand in the air* Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo (her way of relating to car) Evening She spotted me coming down from ths stairs Zara : *pointed to the door* Park! Me : *asking the obvious* Zara wants to go to the park? Zara : *wobbled towards the door, still pointing* Park! Me : Raining outside, cannot go to the park Zara : *Still pointing outside* Park! I carried her and showed her the pouring rain Me : It's raining outside, we cannot go to the park, after you will get wet Not sure if she understood what I was saying but she willingly let me lead her back to her pile of toys Night 1 Zara climbed up to the stairs, reached for her pair of new shoes (which are still too big for her) resting on the steps Zara : *put the shoes near her feet, and looked at me* Hok Hok Me : Ok, mummy put on your shoe for you, then you can go walk walk I put on her pair of shoes for her Zara : *grinning* Hok Hok! Hok Hok *walked around in the oversized shoes* Night 2 Sat on the sofa with Zara. She stood up, and went to the edge, where the arm rest is. Zara : *clapped her hands* Hong! Me : Yeah, you go there, after you Bong! and fall down Zara dangled one of her feet outside of the arm rest, and grinned at me Me : *point my finger at her* No, no! Go there after you fall down! Zara pointed her finger back at me and reached her foot out further Me : You naughty huh? After mummy beat beat you! Zara : *beat her own thigh* Umph! Cheeky little girl she is!


shiaulin said...

the last action is my Xuan's favourite too, he prefer beat himself than let us do it. Aren't they smart ya.

Gene said...

Zara's such a sweetie!

Sue said...

she's such a quick learner :) and nice to read such conversations... very good memories

mom2ashley said...

it's so nice to have a conversation with your own kid huh?

blurblur said...

Hmm..could "kng" means "can" huh? just my wild guess lah...:)

I love to read such conversations too..sweet:)

Allyfeel said...

We need lots of stamina and patience talking to our own kid huh?
Because sometimes, there is no reply, but if they do give the slightest reaction, mommy will be so happy. ^____^

Lazymama said...

Zara is very clever! :)

My girl will take out her shoes too when go kai kai. And whenever she see the playground, she will say "yiao yiao".

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute!!

Egghead said...

so are you ready to give up your job and go into SAHM liao after your girl's full day performance?? :)

Passerby A said...

They'll grow out of this baby talk phase after going to school. Ophelia used to have her own "language" too.

Helen said...

LOL... Baby talk is the most complex language in the universe!!

PrincessRen said...

gosh so jealous la. billerlah nak kawin nih... hehe...

Zara's Mama said...

hah, they beat themselves probably not as hard as we beat them. That's why faster 'execute' it first.

thank you.

good for keep sake. :-)

I think it's nice now, but when she's older and extremely chatty, dno't know if it'll still be fun or not. :P

don't know kng means what.. maybe she doesn't know how to make the 'milk' sound. Yesterday, she started saying biscuit, it sounded something like bisKNG also. :-X

lots of 'customer' knowledge required too. It's not easy for an outsider to understand what the kid is trying to say esp at this age. Even hubby sometimes asked me what she was saying.

ah, yau-yau as in swing? so clever.

thank you.

financially cannot afford it. But my job is ok, can work from home. So still can spend time with her. Maybe later will check with boss, see can work 1/2 day or not. :P

the diva,
I'm waiting for that day, but wonder if I'll be tire by the incessant talking. :P

yeah, worse than Greek.

bila nak kawin? She's only 1yr old woh?

maria aka twinsmom said...

hahaha... alot of "finger pointing" here, but still no fight with our politicians' finger pointing hahaha...ok, ok, a bit carry away.

PrincessRen said...

hmm. i meant me. hehe.. i want a girl or/and boy of my own too..... haha