Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cough & Sniffles

On Tuesday night, after sharing an ice cream with Samantha che-che, Zara started coughing, the 2nd time Zara she had cough and flu since she was born (touch wood). Although it wasn't serious, since I didn't have any medication at home, I took her to see the Paed on Thursday morning. I told her, "Mummy bring Zara go see Dr to take Medicine ok?". She started repeating, "Meh-ee-sen" At the hospital, she was happily running about, playing with the toys and slides at the waiting area. When it was her turn, she let the Dr checked her without a fuss. I also accepted the Dr's recommendation of a new vaccination called Pnemocococcal vaccination (for protection against bacterial meningitis, septicaemia and pneumonia). It was when he administered the vaccination that Zara cried. "Bum bum pain pain" She cried and complained. However, she still tearily waved and uttered, "Bye-bye" to the Dr when we were leaving.

1st attempt of feeding Zara the medicine was a breeze. She didn't know what it tasted, and opened her mouth smilingly. In the night, it was a different story. "Don't want, don't want meh-ee-sen".

The mention of 'medicine' made her go all teary; 2 pairs of hands needed to feed her 2.5ml of the syrup (the 3rd pair snapping away on the camera); after swallowing the medicine, she started bawling.

After a nursing directly for a while, she had the happy look again, aaaaah.. She's getting better already, thank goodness!


yl said...

aiyoh... see already Auntie YL also sim tia... cry until so sad!!! get well soon hor!!!

Mama Bok said...

Seeing them crying like that so heart pain hor..??
Hope Zara get well soon..!! speedy recovery..!!

Passerby A said...

Poor Zara! Hope she gets well soon.

momm said...

the vaccine is the latest, cos of the increase in the flu bugs lately.

natalie had her first medicine at 9 months, since then she avoided medicine.

eileen said...

I think I have the 'weirdest' niece. She loves medicines- ever since she was a baby!

michelle said...

Costly jab! I opt not to take for Emily. And you have a cute medicine pump.

Fortunately both my children have no problem with taking medicine.

A tip, always pump the medicine at the corner of the mouth. The medicine will have less chance of getting onto the tongue.

JoMel said...

You know.. I did what you did as well.. forcing. And I realised that the kids were more fearful the next time.

Why don't you try this approach which worked for me.

I dilute the medicine in a little water. The medicine is sweet right? Then feed using a table spoon. I think my kiddies are able to take the syrups easier this way cos its not thick and gooey..

See if it works with Zara. Worse come to worse, add it into very very diluted drinks like milk or milo or vitagen. vitagen must be taken out of the fridge to 'warm' it abit first.

mom2ashley said...

wah...looks quite "cham" huh? ashley also dislikes eating medicine. however i realised that she refuses to take it via the syringe but prefers it if we were to spoon feed her the medicine..

Zara's Mama said...

Aunty YL,
Tat yoo.. Ba-Bai.

Mama bok,
Actually when I see her cry like that when she's not really in pain, I don't normally feel heart pain. :P But if I know she's really in pain, I'll feel as though a piece of my heart has been dug out. :P Thanks.

The Diva,

Did you get Natalie vacinated?
I think Zara will also start avoiding it after this round.

Yikes.. be careful, she may turn into a pill popper when she's older. :P

I'll try your method tomorrow.
The medicine pump is from Pigeon, easier to 'administer' medicine than the ones that the Dr gave.

Tried spoon feeding to her, but she has very sensitive taste buds, one sip, and she turned her head. :( But I haven't tried diluting with water though..

Zara won't take either.. but maybe Jomel's method of diluting first will work.
Yeah, when they are sick, they are always so manja and 'cham'. :(

1+2mom said...

So cham but also have to feed her medicine. Like my kids too, firstly i dunno they dun like me used the method you use cause i scare they will spilt it out. Lately 1+2dad used the spoon feed them, they seem can take it so now on i spoon feed them no need force them eat medicine.

Kat said...

Gaaawwwd..I really hate feeding medicine to my babies, especially when they puke everything and medicine!! As far as possible, I avoid medicine and try going for injections (which my two children handle very well). HY is better now in taking medicine, can spoonfeed. The little monkey Kt, screams blue murder whenever he has to take medicine and I have to use a syringe because he will push the spoon away.

Michelle is right, my paed also advised me to feed from the side of the mouth. They can't use their tongue to push out the medicine. I'll hold him like I'm breastfeeding with one of his arm under me, use one hand to hold his other arm and clasp his head at the same time, and feed him with my other hand. I find it easier to control his movements alone. Next time, I should ask DH to snap a picture. So the children can see how they were like taking medicine!! *grins*

sesame said...

I thought the medicine is usually quite palatable for the kids? No? Maybe she needs to get used to it or this one of those that taste more like medicine. Gavin loves to see the doc. He was upset the other day cos I just brought him to buy medicine. I think playing doctor with him helped.

Hope Zara gets well soon!

jazzmint said...

oo poor thing..and can take pic somemore :P!!!

Faythe used to be like that, but now we give her in spoon and she's more acceptable. But her visit to paed same like zara :)

eve said...

little karen used to be really difficult when she was younger..but now she takes medicine easier after a little coaxing..seeing them cry like this makes u sim tia ,but have anyone of u rasa how it is like to give injections to them ?..of course this happens oni if u r a dr or a nurse's not easy to switch fr the role of a mom to a dr when u r treating them at the same time..

momm said...

i think she did. (too lazy to check the medical book) if not, she's gonna get it when she next sees the doc at 3 yrs... heheeee...

King's wife said...

with all the kissing and hugging, I also have a runny mose now.

Aiyo, can still take picture somemore. The medicine hor, pump it at the side of her tongue, close to the throat. She won't taste it so much and will swallow it easier.

Allyfeel said...

oh poor girl, first time having medicine? is due for Hepatitis also. new vaccination for flu bugs? oh great, will check with paed.
Hope she gets well soon.

Irene said...

Great shots of Zara. :)

Hope she gets well soon!

blackjack said...
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Tracy said...

Aiyo, having to feed Zara with her medicine wasn't easy huh? Dat was a cute and special syringe u were using (haven't seen it b4).

Poor Zara, I'm sure she didn't like the meh-ee-sen. Destinee used to be like her when I fed her with her medicine but luckily as she grew older, she was okay. Now I can just feed with a spoon without any fuss.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

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maria @ twinsmom said...

not even a spoon full of sugar to make the Meh-ee-sen go down huh?

my girls opposite, they love medicine *siao*, if one take medicine, another one have to give orange cod fish liver oil to fool her *double siao*.

shoppingmum said...

That's the "disadvantage" of breastfed baby, they got sick lesser, so most are extremely fussy with taking medicine. Justin also has the same look taking medicine, besides crying like hell at the clinic. You're good at catching those pics, I'd be too frustrated to take out the camera.

My godson who's always sick since baby has no problem taking medicine, in fact, he likes the taste.

Ricket said...

My Isabel like to take Meh-ee-sen, but not my younger one. But the technic is to pinch her cheeks together and pour it down the hatch.

L B said...

Waaa, I felt like I've missed out on a whole decade after AWOLing for a few days!!!! No voodoo, please!!!

Vyvy said...

get well soon Zara. Hope she's still got appetite to take her food.

Hey the syringe u are using looks cool. It's much better than those given to us over here from the clinic. U purchased it or was it given by the clinic?

Helen said...

Aiyoh... look at poor Zara's face when you all feed her medicine!! MUAHRHARHAR (I know I'm bad... but she's so cute lar!!):-P

Thank GOd she's feeling better. Hard to feed her medicine hor?

may said...

medicine... eeks! hope Zara dearie's doing better.

mum used to crush the pills to powder on a spoon, put a bit of water and let me drink it. I absolutely hated it, yux yux yux! always had lots of water to drink after that. preferred syrup too when I was a little girl. sweeter mah ;)

domestic rat said...

Give Zara a sweet after feeding her medicine. She looks so damn pitiful.

geetha said...

Kids are just the same.. since when the liked to take mee ee sen :P

I have to struggle with my boys too. Best part, Champion will come to hold lil' Presiden't legs when I give medicine.. wanna help me 'konon' ;)

Jesslyn said...

She cry till so cham hor...haih, Lyon too, very hate to take medicine, difficult to feed her! If manage to feed her, after that she will vomit out all + her milk! *sigh*
Sometimes out of desperate, I add into her milk..and she drink...hehehe...

blurblur said...

Aiyo poor Zara, cry until so pitiful and mummy still snap snap snap...:P

Hope she's fully recovered by now..:)

Contented Mum said...

Hope Zara is well by now. Not easy to feed medicine to toddlers, you good ah still can have extra pair of hand to take photo!

Zara's Mama said...

Yesterday I started using the cup to feed her.. she seems to be taking better than the syringe.

My hubby was very upset when I told him to take photos of Zara struggling with the medicine. But I told him it's for her to look and laugh at in the future.. :}

The syrup is sweet, but there's still a little of you know that cherry taste you get with these syrups?
She has sensetive taste buds, so maybe she didn't like that ending tast.
Gavin is funny huh.. So he was Medicine Monster also? :P

Faythe also will cry when injected and then wave bye bye also? :P

How old is Karen?
I'm not a nurse or Dr, so I don't know how it feels like giving your own child injection. But I belive I won't be able to do it. :(

So fast huh? Natalie going to turn 3 already.

King's Wife,
Hope your girls won't get it from you..
She seems to be ok taking it from the cup yesterday, and she's getting better already.. so no need for medicine any more for now..

The last time she took medicine she was 8mths old, probably can't recall how it was. Yeah, go check out the new vacination..

Wicked but great shots huh? :P

The syringe is from Pigeon.. quite good and can be sterilised in a steamer too. :P
Good that Destinee now is accepting medicine..
Yesterday Zara too took quite well, with lots of praises.


You do that is it? I mean give them a spoon of sugar after that??
No wonder they like medicine la.. :P

Zara's Mama said...

It was tough taking the photos.. and my hubby was so unhappy taking them.. But I told him, if like that he feed Zara I take the photos loh.. :P
Yeah, their (BF-babies) experiance with medicine taking is so limited.. but good for us la.. only have to experience this once in a blue moon.

Yikes, like those sword fighting show where some villian wants to force poison down someone's throat.

LB, May,
Which is you? I'm worried I vodoo one and the other feel the pain.. since now your guys did an identity switch.
Pills crushed up.. that's horrible horrible horrible..
That's probably the worse type of medicine to take for a kid.

Her appetite is the same.. still eating very little. :(
The syringe is from Pigeon.. not from the Paed. :)

So charm hor she looked? Like we were really torturing her. Yeah, I couldn't help myself but find it amusing too. :P

Actually haven't started Zara on sweet yet. :P Choking hazzard, and bad for teeth, trying to prolong the introduction of sweets to her.

Haha.. Champion trying to help out or trying to seek the opportunity to 'torture' the little one? :P

Luckily Zara did't vomit out.. really luckily!

Yeah loh.. Mummy so wicked.. Or else all the aunties & uncles cannot see her pitiful photo liao ma. :P
She's getting better already.

Contented Mom,
Make Daddy useful also ma.. or else he just stand there like a log. :P

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ouwee... Soon she will be tought and strong...

ky said...

Haha! My guess was correct. The photographer was daddy, as I saw you comforting Zara in one of the pic. Though protest, but at least he still take for you. My hubby ah, will scold me being pervert and continue with his internet surfing. :(

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, I hope so too!

My hubby almost said the same thing.. but before he did that, I said, "let me take the photos, you feed her the medicine then".. Haha.. that sure helps.

Simple American said...

Sorry she does not feel good. Hope the medicine works for Zara and not too stressful for Zara's Mom.

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