Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Night chat with Zara

These days, if Zara didn't fall asleep after she'd taken her milk, we would lie in bed, and in her limited vocabulary, we'll chi-chat. Her long sentences are normally punctuated with lots of pauses. Me : Zara lie down with mummy Zara : Lie down. Toss Eyes. (Close eyes) She saw the room light was still on. Zara : *pointed to the light* sitch off, light (She said Switch off, instead of just off!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me : Zara likes Kidzsports? Zara : *giggled* Spots! Yike (like)! Me : What can Zara do in Kidsports? Zara : Pay (Play). Me : What can Zara play in Kidzports? Zara : Many ball balls! Throw away! Jump! Me : Remember the big slide? Zara : Member. *extended her arms out* BiiiiG side! Me : Remember the tunnel? Zara : *pat her chest* tuh-nuh, sked sked (scared) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me : How mummy call Zara when mummy come home from work? Zara : Ter Ger (Little Girl)! Me : How daddy call Zara then? Zara : Ger ger (Girl Girl). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me : Zara, how the jie jie in the Sound of Music sing already? Zara : Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Me : *I hum the beginning tune* Zara sing some more Zara : *singing out of tune* Ah-deeoh ah-deeoh (Adios, Adios) Me : Remember the small jiejie (Chinese: big sister)? Zara : Member Me : Zara sing like the small jie jie Zara : Sun, seep (sleep), *wave her hands* good bye, good bye. (Actual : The sun has gone to bed, so must I) (The song Von Trapps kids sang to the guests before going to bed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The other day, she hugged me and said, "Af yoo" (Love You, something I say to her very often). I love these moments!


Samm said...

How lucky you get to have "conversations" with Zara. I'm still waiting for mine to come.....

michelle said...

You always talk to her. No wonder she learn so many words.

Potential Mom said...

so small can talk...can have conversation...!! geng!!

i think next time she will talk alot.... isit she will become DJ or pembaca berita at the TV?? whahah

Passerby A said...

That's so sweet! Hehehee... very soon she'll be talking non-stop to you when you're home.

may said...

awwwww... *heart melts*
I wonder if my mum remembers my jagged little conversations as well. too bad there weren't such things as blogs in the old days, I'd love for her to keep a diary of my growing up. :)

shoppingmum said...

So sweet! Can't wait to hear my boy say LOVE YOU too!

Simple American said...

Its nice when they chit chat and the little personalaties develop. My kids drove me nuts with Barney, though we did get to watch a lot of Beauty and the Beast as well as Aladdin. Those were the songs we sang.

Kat said...

Love the way you spell out her words, so cute! I can just imagine how Zara sounds like! It'll be nice to look back and read how she pronounced certain words after she can speak properly. Now I can barely remember how my HY 'spoke' before she could speak!!

Jason said...

Hehe, how long u think will need before she can start talking like egghead's luke?

Mama BoK said...

She is so cute..! love moments like that..! before they sleep.. makes us feel so accomplished..!

Gene Lim said...

omigosh.. u r rite..these moments are priceless.... soo sweet u 2 :)
Ryan will say love u ...his version is..."arr tuuu"

Irene said...

What a clever girl!

sesame said...

That's one of the reasons I enjoy sleeping with my son. It's one of the best bonding times in my opinion and I find that he can actually absorb a lot of what we share during that time.

Fannie said...

wow...sweet talks...:)

Ethyl doesn't talk as much these days...even for words she knows how to say, she wouldn't say it when we ask her to...:(

I always tells her Love you too! To her, she will just give me a big hug and a kiss...that is more than words can do! :)

These moments are sweet isn't it?

HMom said...

You should video those conversations with her. Zara is such a lovable girl. Just reading about her makes me want to give her a big hug!

geetha said...

She's really good you know. Her vocab is not as limited as other kids her age. Thanks to you, as you talk to her a lot :)

The love you's melt you, don't they ;P

Jesslyn said...

Yeah, really a precious moment! From newborn's e-e-o-o, now can talk to us, amazing how they learn thru our conservation hor!

blurblur said... sweet..:)

I think you have sweet dreams every night after talking to her right? ;)

Damien says "i love you mummy" the other day, and my heart just i know how you feel when Zara said 'af yoo'...awwwww....

Egghead said...

my son sing the "So Long Goodbye" tune... he will appear sad and sleepy one... sometimes even with tears... then in the end he will imitate the little girl sleeping on the staircase... really buay tahan! LOL!

mumsgather said...

Ahh... nighttime chats... the best time of the day.. Soon you'll have even more and more things to chat about!

domestic rat said...

Awwww... so sweet. \(^o^)/

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eve said...

little karen always hug n kiss me when i come back fr work n it has become a ritual..n she'll say , i love u mommy...n i'll respond , i love u too karen..she's only 3 yrs old , n wat amazes me sometimes is tat she will say i love u mommy when she sees me sad or had a tiff with daddy...

maria @ twinsmom said...

indeed the moment not to be miss :).

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mom2ashley said...

that' so sweet. she's such a clever one!

Zara's Mama said...

Gordon's moment will come.. and watch out, he'll probably be very very chatty!

Yeah.. I talk to her a lot. I wish I speak better English, so she'll pick up better English too. But I speak like an average Malaysian, with lots of las, mas, los.. She's doing that as well.. :(

Potential Mom,
Or Veejay!!?? Then can get me tickets to see David Tao and Leehom! Yippie!

Did she? I mean keep a diary for you? I kept one before I started my blog.. Started when I knew I was pregnant.. I thought I'd passed those to her when she's older.

She said that, but I wonder if she really know what it means?!

Simple American,
Your conversation were around Barney? Beauty and The Beast and Alladin wasn't that long ago..
Now what do you talk about?

It's really wonderful to see how she developed in her speech..
Like she used to say moonermang for banana, now it's manana.. it'll be nice to share it with her when she's older.
My nieces like me to tell them how they pronounced some of the words when they were younger.
You can still do it with KT. :P

Not so soon kua.. because she cannot speak Mandarin.. that's the difference already. :P

Yes!! That's so right!

Gene Lim,
Haha.. Ar tu.. you let him listen to Ah-Tu's songs too much? :P


Yeah.. and it's mummy and daugther time.. I shoo daddy away if he tried to join in.. mainly because he doesn't know how to have a conversation with her w/out stimulating her until she becomes very alert and not want to sleep.
Does your hubby participate?

Zara sometimes is like that too.. Not wanting to talk. But I try to coax her..
Yeah.. such moments are so precious!

When she sees the video, she'll not behave naturally. I sometimes do try to record just the voice conversation though, hide the camera (cum recorder) away from her.. Maybe one day, can post one of our conversation in the blog.

Yes. At the end of the day, when you feel so tired, it's these moments that make you feel everything is worth it. :P

Yeah.. Now I want to teach her to speak Mandarin la!!! I try Shiaulin's method (repeat e.thing I say to her in Mandarin).. but after a while, I got tired. :(

When I go to bed, I always have a smile on my face loh. :P
Wah, Damien also said I love you.. Make him say more!! I wonder when they'll stop saying this huh? As they become more concious.

Wah.. good actor woh LLS! Have to send him for audition already!

I think there'll be a time when she'll talk so much and I'm sleepy and I'll wish she'll just leave me alone. :P

Domestic Rat,

Make Extra Money,
Grrrr!! Shoo!

Oh, that's so so sweet..
Even when we feel sad or in a bad mood, gesture like these will really pick us up!

Yes!! Daddy doesn't know what he's missing!

Thanks.. and soon it'll be your turn!

ky said...

Ahhh, the "af yoo" just melt your heart, don't they? This phrase works wonder. Even when you are so mad with them, you just become weak when they said that to you! :)

L B said...

I am adding "Af Yoo" to my vocabulary now! Thanks!!! :-)

sesame said...

Hey, the same here! Daddy participates but always over stimulate the boy until he doesn't want to sleep. Haha...confirm lah. All daddies got the same traits. ;)

Siao Cha Bor said...

when she gets older like my baby, she will ask you "mom, how is ur day?"

dats our conversation everytime we meet up after school

we would ask each other how our day was

Idham said...

aww mama...*melts melts*
no doubt will grow to be a lovely, confident young girl...until then...u r enjoying the journey of growing up with zara...that is so lovely...many of modern mum get sucked into day they realize, their zara has turned into a young girl they know not.

*hugs for zara*


Zara's Mama said...

Haha, yeah.. But she doesn't know how to use that as her weapon yet. Now, she's saying Soh-yee (Sorry) every time when she does something wrong. Aargh.. that too has made me quickly forgive whatever she did and give her a hug.

Af you huh.. not Fa you hor.. don't mispronunce it. Esp in the heat of passion :P

Yup.. all daddies the same! *roll eyes* *shake head*

Siao Char Bor,
Can't wait for that.. but I know sometimes they can be so long winded they can become boring too.. :P I hope I can tahan. :P

Blown Away,
Hey, I'm sucked into work as well, but 9 to 5pm.. After that I make sure no work in my mind.. All for her! I really don't want to miss her development.. but I cannot quit work as well just to spend time with her 24hrs.

Simple American said...

Now my son talks about Yugio and my daughter hides in her room. Though we do talk about backpacking and outdoor activities. Usually when she wants new gear.

Allyfeel said...

Hey, I love these kind of bed time talk too. :) Soooooo sweet!

Zara is so lucky with your guidance, she surely is gonna turn out to be a smart girl. :)

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