Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ipoh Bloggers Unveiled

So a lot of people are interested in knowing how Helen, Helen's husband, Samm, Sengkor, King's Wife look like. I'll do every one a favour and put up their photo here... Helen, Samm, plesae don't kill me ok? There was this warning I read some where, when you see or face a person for a long period of time, you will slowly look alike.. I guess it happened in our Ipoh meet, 3~4hours later, this is how every body looks like.

From left to right : Helen's husband, Helen, King's Wife, Samm, Me, Sengkor.

King's Wife and Seng kor will also be posting the photos taken by them in their sites... go check out if you are interested.

Thanks to Sengkor for his photoshop skill (see, he's not just soft spoken, has a nice bod, he's good in photoshop too)


King's wife said...


My my, Seng Kor! What else don't we know about you??

Jesslyn said...


blurblur said...

My God!!! I thought something is wrong with my PC/eyes...hahahaha..just can't stop laughing!!

Good one! Agnes! ;p

Kat said...


Farneeee...hahahahahahaha..everything I see Sengkor's face...hahahahahaha...*tears rolling down my cheeks*

What kind of food does this kopitiam serve? Hor-hee fun?

L B said...

LOL, Big Time Cloning has come to IPOH!!! Zara extravaganza!!

michelle said...

Wow, good art work! Zara looks better in her own little body.

may said...

I like! *pinches everybody's cheeks* I think they all look adorable! hehehehe!

maria @ twinsmom said...

AH AH AH... AH............. Zara every where!!!

ROTFLOL... cool Photoshop, so funny.

geetha said...

After reading you're putting up the photo.. and then seeing the photo, I had to go back to that sentence 'putting up their photo'.
I had to read it again, thinking may be I read wrongly...

So funny lah ur picture, picturing the Ipoh blogger! LOL!

Allyfeel said...

Hahahaha, I giggled non stop seeing those zara's head. So creative arr? :PpP

That men in yellow polo T looks very well build ler. :)

Lazymama said...


*Laugh till pangsan*

Tracy said...

Wuah lau eh! How come everyone looks like Zara? *rub eyes*

I'm going to get my hubby to look at Richard Gere for 3-4 hours and I bet he's going ask me to look at Lin Chi Ling for 3-4 hours (kekekekeke).

Sue said...

Wuahhhhh... I actually went to King's Wife's blog before yours and yours so scary leh, Zara everywhere! LOL...

1+2mom said...

wahlao!!So many Zara head..LOL!!! When zara got so many bro and sis??

Cocka Doodle said...

The one with the orange T-shirt....how come got 'spare tyre' wan? LOL

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
Some things are better left unknown. LOL

Yeah.. Can you imagine I went for IVF and ended up with 六胞胎? This is what you'll see when I bring my 六胞胎 out for tea. :P

You thought your eyes seeing doubles? hahaha

That one is Zara's face la.. Seng Kor's face, you have to go to his site to see. :P
This one served white coffee, toast, nasi lemak that kind of stuff. But so much cheaper than our Uncle Lim or Kluang Station.

Yeah.. Don't Samm and Helen look cute with the hat?

Haha.. of course.. But I probably can imagine how she'll look like when she has an adult's body.

Tee hee hee.. All cute and chubby!

Yeah.. You should go and see Seng Kor's site.. his.. all masked!

Haha.. good that you have a good laugh!

Ahem.. that's the Seng Kor la.. Single, soft spoken, nice bod, good photoshop skill, but kiam siap accountant. Anybody you want to introduce to him?

*rub minyak angin on you*

Who is Lin Chi Ling? Lengloi ah? Haha.. if in real life in only works that way. :P

Scarry leh? Did you by any chance thought you have some post natal syndrome which makes you see doubles? :P

If I beranak like a pig, then will loh. :P

Cocka Doodle,
*hands on hip, lecturing* You cannot give compliment one is it? Must pick on me ah? Mentioned in Seng Kor's site already still not satisfied?
That one is called BABY FAT ok?

JoMel said...

Even with Zara's face, Seng Kor still looks a HUNK!

*Heart still palpitating irregularly*

mom2ashley said...

the photo is hilarious!

Cocka Doodle said...

Solly lor....aiyoh touch on sensitive spot oreadi. Die lor!
Pls ignore the 2nd comment I made on seng kor's blog. I dunno how to remove it leh. Die lah, my arse sure kena flame again.

**lowers tail between legs and hide under table**

King's wife said...

yeah, prepare for some fire on thursday!

Passerby A said...

Hahahahah!!!! You are so good with photoshop!

Kat said...

It's just that out all of the Zara faces, Sengkor's is the funniest!! Must be the small head and toned body...*laughing until tears flow again*

Helen said...

MUAHRHARHAR... this is another lesson for those contemplating plastic surgery.

Don't ask for group discount, OK?

This community msg is brought to u by Helen.

Zara's Mama said...

Pss, he's still available.. looking for a life partner, you have any friends you want to introduce her?

Yeah.. when I saw it, I laughed until I almost pee-ed in my pants.

Cocka Doodle,
Hmph!! Wait until I meet you.. sure kick your ass kaokao.

King's Wife,
Yeah.. going to give him kao kao.

The Diva,
Yeah.. Haha.. But I wasn't the one who photoshopped it.. Seng Kor did.

Yeah.. but it looks the most natural too

Yeah man.. this is what happened when you want group discount.

jazzmint said...

kekeke...when i first saw the pic, i was like wahh..how come all same face...can't help but laughing :P

shiaulin said...

haha... good one!!

who is this Seng Kor? how old is he and where he live? ok ok not me interested in him ok, wanna see if any possible can introduce to my beautiful but still single SIL mah :p

Irene said...

What the? That's hilarious! Can you photoshop me into the photo too.

HMom said...

Very creative. When I first saw the photo, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me - how come everyone looks like Zara? hehe.

sesame said...

Hahaha...so funny this picture! All Zara lookalikes! Zara would sure have some fun looking at this pix years later.


hahaha... this is so cool!
what a pleasant surprise!!!

Zara's Mama said...

You can also imagine, if you have 6 kids and they look almost alike, this is what you'll see when you go for family outing. :P

Sengkor is a blogger.. a friend.. with nice bod, nice personality. Live in KL.. If you have SIL to introduce, let me know..

Haha.. I didn't do the photoshopping.. Seng Kor did it. He said it would have been even nicer if he had more time.

Family get together loh.. Everybody looks like everybody. Haha.

I'm sure she will! We were laughing out heads off yesterday, but she didn't get it.. Not yet I think.

Two Little Fellas,
Funny yeah? When I showed this to my maid, she just went blank.. She said wow.. this family all the members looked alike huh? I told her it's Zara's photo la.. thn only she got it. *slap head* Blur!

Potential Mom said...

funny pic...!!

Jason said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Good one!!!


Lin Peh said...

Lucky Lin Peh not there ;-)

sengkor said...

eh zmm, so hard sell meh? i m waiting for zara to grow up u know..

Zara's Mama said...

Potential Mom, Jason,
Next bloggers meet I have with you all.. I know what to do.. :P

Lin Peh,
You there hor.. we all will not be there liao.. All see you so humsup we'll flee.. :P

Seng Kor,
Got buyer.. got seller la.. Since got people interested, I promote you a bit loh!

domestic rat said...

Waahahahah... very tickled by the pic! (^o^)

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
Tee Hee.. scarry huh? If such things do happen?

Siao Cha Bor said...

eeeeeyyerrrr....so cute la

Simple American said...

All the bloggers are so cute. haha

Zara's Mama said...

Siao Cha Bor,
tomorrow will do another one.. :P

Simple American,

Simple American said...

Cannot argue with that. ;) keke

Samm said...

I look soooo pretty............. thx.

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,


Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »