Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Faces of Zara

There are expressions or faces I can ask Zara to make, and there are some which have to come naturally. Here is how she looks when I ask her to:
LAUGH LIKE A HIPPO (showing her teeth) SMILE LIKE THE MOON (crescent) DO HER POPEYE FACE And I like this the best, DO HER CUTE CUTE FACE
These are faces which I cannot get her to act out, but have to come naturally.
And best of all,SMILING HAPPILY


Fannie said... cute!!!

I have so many things in mind to blog but no time :(

Blog more...I may not have the "luxury" to leave a comment, but I will read! :)

Lazymama said...

Zara's Hippo laugh and crying pictures are just too cute!

Hey, you can tide up Zara's hair too with multiple coconut trees! I have seen one toddler with all coconut trees on her head from front to back, very cute!

Potential Mom said...

wahahaha...i like the cute cute face that pic...!! too cute!!!! pinch pinch..

Kat said...

So nice to see the pictures over time,eh? How they've grown, and all the funny, weird, adorable, precious things they do. I've just discovered picasa and all the possibilities (thanks to sweet May). May do a scrapbook..once I've scanned HY's pictures (the technology of digital pixes..)

Jesslyn said...

The popeye face is cute!

Take more photo for her, when she grow up, sure u'll miss those stage one! Just like me now, sekelip mata, WIen already 4!!!

Allyfeel said...

Any funny faces? Like pulling her eye lids, mouth segek? Bb likes to do that after watching Elmo best music collections.

I like the POPEYE face...look so much like POPEYE. Haha...

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said... the popeye face...

you get me all the shots.
kids are so full of expression and you have captured a bountiful...

Zara's Mama said...

New job must have taken up lots of your time huh? Hope to see you once again active in blogsphere.

Eh.. cannot leh, I tie one coconut for her before.. the tree super thin, like under nourished.. not like your Yee Ching.. can tie so many yet all 'trees' are healthy. :(

Potential Mom,
Reminds you of yourself leh? *pinch pinch*

Aah.. yeah, with Picassa, you can play around a bit with your photos. Btw, heard of Pixart before? They do good picture books as well.. Can use them for HY's scrap book.

Cute hor?
Yeah loh.. they grow so fast.. Now with digital camera can snap snap non stop la..
Did you take enough photos for Wien? Since when she was born, digital camera not so popular yet.

She knows how to blink her eyes only.. Don't know how to pull faces yet. I got the Elmo best music collections too.. but Zara doesn't like.. Actually, she doesn't like the Saseme street CDs at all.

Two Little Fellas,
Aaah.. if only I can take as good a photo as you do.. then, these photos would be even nicer. :P
I find that often when I want to capture her expression, she has already relax her muscle.. It's so hard to really capture the moment. *sigh*

L B said...

Looking at these photos, the Carpenter's Sweet Sweet Smile song flashed thru my mind lah!! :-) But then I realized.. Maybe these aren't Zara at all! Could be those Ipoh Bloggers again, but I couldn't tell which one is King's wife.. Maybe the Popeye one?! Eh? And Helen? Which one again ah?.... *G*

Passerby A said...

The Popeye face is so funny! But of course, the cute cute face is the prettiest...

blurblur said...

Super cute! :) Her smiling face really can brightens the room huh? :)

I like the cute cute face especially...i actually had one similar pose of Damien...but he pushed his features upwards..looks more like an alien than a cute cute baby..haha...;p

Egghead said...

she will grow up to be a "lady of many faces" :)
very photogenic she is!

shiaulin said...

Ohh... how lovely Zara is.

agreed with egghead, she is very photogenic!!

maria @ twinsmom said...

her cry so si-man, my one cry like 吡牙咧齿 *sigh*....

Zara's Mama said...

Your eyes are sharp!! The one carrying the bag, happily smiling is Helen..
The one washing her hair is King's Wife (with hair like that, she has to wash it very often).
The last pic on the lower right is Samm. She's saying 'YUCKS' what crap are you feeding your baby.
The crying one is definitely Zara.. she's crying why are there so many people with her killer looks nowadays.

The Diva,
Yes, I totally agree with you.

Haha.. yeah yeah.. sometimes when they try to hard.. they look like alien. Just like those photos Zara was trying to smile like the moon.. I thought they look so ugly.. with the jaw twisted and all. :P

Egghead, Shiaulin,
Thank you.. I thought of auditioning her.. too bad they don't have M'sian version of 星星知我心. Or else she can be the next 小彬彬.

Show photo, show photo!

jazzmint said...

hehe..i like her carrying the bag with the hat. like she went for a shopping spree kekeke.....

her cry baby face reminds me of faythe..but faythe opens bigger mouth LOL.

notice that her hair now getting more liao huh :). time to get some bobbypins

Potential Mom said...

小彬彬??? wahh... can wor...!! hehehe.... good idea... u make movie by ur own lor..

yayya... remind me of that..ehhe...
she really very photogenic...not scare of camera lar.. last time i also very photogenic...ehhe.. now too.. :P

Greenapple said...

i also like the cute cute face the best! ^_^

may said...

I love the hippo and popeye faces! oh gosh... her smile is certainly growing on me... *mmmuuuaaakkkkssss*!

JoMel said...

I love her 'cute cute' face. So comel!

mom2ashley said...

i especially like the pics of her in the bandana! she looks so cute!

Simple American said...

I love the many faces of Zara. Very joyful to be around a baby. Though I am sure you dun enjoy the crying Zara as much as her other looks.

Cocka Doodle said...

I hate to see zara's crying pics. They really look very chai leong lah. Like to see her making monkey faces.
Are you bringing her tomorrow?

Irene said...

I like the naturally happy one.

Jesslyn said...

At one time we notice Wien's photos more than Lyon(when newborn time) , so I get hubby snap her photo when he is free! Now both of them's pic equally same...hahaha

Our digital camera same age with Wien lor, so u can imagine how old it time to buy new one too! with more features one! :P

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. she said she was going shopping (opping) when she took her bag.
Eh, you always show Faythe's happy photos, haven't seen her crying look yet. One day you post la.
Her hair more than before, but still very little.. Can't tie 'coconut' tree.. and use clip also very easy to fall off. :( Not as much hair as Faythe ler.

Potential Mom,
Wah.. you so clever to praise yourself one huh?? Like that also can.. Muahahaha..
But true la, I notice you very clever to post in front of camera, not camera shy like me.

Greenapple, Jomel,
Cute Cute face rules!

Good good good.. You should hear her giggled. When she does, it's very infectuous.

The bandana pix covered up her 'baldilocks'.. makes her looks different. :P My maid said makes her look very adult.

Of course not (to see her crying), but I kind of like to see those pathetic looking tears rolling down, like she's so heartbroken or something. Not the wailing though..

Cocka Doodle,
Chai leong but cute hor? :P
No la.. not bringing her. Lin Peh said going to have orgie.. how to bring her?
And then while carrying her.. I cannot suck in my stomach, after get 'cha' by you again. *whistling*

Those happy pics are hard to 'immitate' and hard to capture too.

Wow, Wien time you already got digital camera? You also very 'IN' woh.
Good that their photos are equally a lot. :P
Now camera so cheap, can buy la. If you want my company's one, I can buy for you staff price. :D

geetha said...

The popeye face is cute!

The pictures are all so cute. Nice collections...

I also find it difficult to take the photos when they move on very fast.. Before I can grab my camera, they are in different positions!

Cocka Doodle said...

Bring her along lah. I help you to babysit.

mama bok said...

Awww.. so cute..! i love the popeye face..!! so cute..!! hahahha!!

michelle said...

You must have follow her around with the camera to capture all those shots.

Fortunately at this age, there is digital camera, else you will spend lots of money developing those photos.

sesame said...

Such an expressive cutie pie! I like the Popeye face. LOL

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, precisely.. You really need a fast speed camera to capture all the moments nicely.. but most of the time, we just missed it. *sad*

Cocka Doodle,
Not bringing already.. Hubby said will go pick her up from King's Wife..
This is my first night out without her.. Really.. *sniffle*

Mama Bok,
I have yet to get the movie star look like you have of Chloe. :P

Very true.. thank goodness for digital cameras!
And yes, have to follow her around.. and most time.. when the camera is ready, the moments are lost.

Thanks.. Popeye face is hard to come by. :P Crying face is easier.

pt said...

what a cutie...and she got beauuuutiful lips.

lovely pics all.

wHOisBaBy said...

Love the pictures!!! =)

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