Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missing Daddy?

Me : "Zara, where is Daddy?" Zara : "There" (pointed outside) Me : "Daddy go where?" Zara : "Work Work" Me : "Daddy sit what to go work work?" Zara : "Uh-pen" (Airoplane) Daddy has been away for more than 2 weeks now. Does Zara miss him? Or Does Zara know how to miss him? She doesn't cry for him, but there are signs which shows there's a hint of longing for the man who reads her bed time stories, who gives her horsey rides. She woke up at home, and pointed outside (where Daddy had been quarantined for a week because he had a very bad flu just before he left) and said, "Daddy" then looked at me and waited for an answer. She picked up the phone and started talking to the mouth piece, "Daddy, mm-hhh, mm-hhh" (the mm-hhh, mm-hhh sounded sad, a sound she pretended to make when we asked her to show us how she cried). She reached her hand out to an imaginary image, and said, "Daddy, Keh-Yee"; "Daddy, Keh-Yee" (Daddy, Carry). Daddy will be home tomorrow, I would like to see if Zara will squeal in delight to see him. As for me, I will, thinking of those goodies he's bringing back for me. And btw, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday, Dear. The lotus plant bloomed while you were away.


Egghead said...

poor Zara... must be missing her daddy very very much... hugs!

blurblur said...

Awww..poor Zara...she's mising daddy in her own way..and i'm sure mummy miss daddy too lah, don't pretend pretend lah...;p

Today's your hubby's birthday? Happy birthday, Zara's papa :)

Jesslyn said...

hehe...I think u the one who miss him la, just use Zara as seconder...:P

mumsgather said...

Nvm, little Zara sweetie. Daddy'll be home soon and oh yes "Happy Birthday to Zara's daddy."

shoppingmum said...

Zara and mommy also miss daddy leh? Happy Birthday to Zara's daddy.

Contented Mum said...

Wow, so sweet, par toying over the blog! "the lotus plant bloomed while you are away" hehehe
Happy birthday Zara papa!

Contented Mum said...

Wow, so sweet, par toying over the blog! "the lotus plant bloomed while you are away" hehehe
Happy birthday Zara papa!

King's wife said...

so poor thing....away on his birthday.
Happy Birthday Big Uncle!!

so, are u ready for some hot, long, steamy......?

sesame said...

I'm sure she misses him, but probably Daddy misses her (and you) more cos she still has you around while Daddy is all alone.

But it's nice that Daddy can have a sense of Zara's presence through this blog even though he's away.

Tracy said...

I do believe Zara misses her daddy when he's not around. Maybe it's 'out of sight out of mind' for a while only. When u mention the word daddy, I'm sure she's quick to set her daddy's face before her.

Wah, nice big lotus plant u have. And of all days, Zara's daddy away and it bloomed on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Zara's Daddy!

Helen said...

Awwww, I wish Zara and you will have a swell time when daddy comes home. :-)

I guess absence DOES make the heart grows

You bought hubby present already ar? :-)

BTW, Happy Birthday Zara's Daddy!!

geetha said...

Awww, she misses her daddy so much. I'm sure she'll climb over him when he gets back.

So sweet.. a romantic birthday wish.. coupled with a lotus flower.

Allyfeel said...

awwww...that's so sweet of her to miss his daddy. Somore can imagine of daddy.

That's a beautiful lotus. Aiyoo..reading this make me miss someone too.

Happy Birthday daddy... so ZM did u stock up ur sexy lingerie from La Senza?

may said...

May che-che keh-yee Zara, mmkay? *muaks*

your girl's so adorable. the lotus flower's lovely... my mum has one in the garden too :)

happy birthday, Zara's Papa!

Vyvy said...

i think she is displaying signs of missing her dad. so sweet :)

shiaulin said...

so ngam my hubby also out station for few days, Xuan missed his daddy very much leh. This morning, he woke up and found out his daddy not on the bed, he was so upset and sadly yell for his daddy leh... sigh... my Xuan is always daddy's boy mah..

BTW, Happy Birthday to Zara's papa!

Jason said...

Happy birthday! Hehe...

How come I feel so kesian for Zara's when I read the conversation part har? -.-"

Zara's Mama said...

I think so kua..

me, no la.. where got.. I'm so used to this life already.

No la.. me no miss him.. me strong one.. Ok ok.. got la.. the other day when his car broke down (I was driving), I really wish he was here.

Yes, soon..

Mummy little bit only.

Contented mum,
The lotus plant was something I wanted to throw away because i was afraid the water it grows on will be breeding grown for mosquito.. but the blooms are beautiful isn't it?

King's Wife,
Yes, I'm waiting for my hot, steamy, new arrivals of Birkenstocks! hee Ha!

I think he misses her more. He has been asking me to send him latest photos of the little one..

She misses him in her own way.. Actually the lotus plant has been blooming away.. even though it was a very small plant.

I 'mm heng' buy present for him one.. maybe when he comes back, just cook him something nice..

Just hope he doesn't arrive when she's asleep.. But it'll be nice to see her brighten up to see Daddy sleeping in the same room with her when she opens her eyes.

Huh?? You miss who? Daddy also? Yours only away for a while woh.. so fast miss already?

Thanks Aunty May.. *hugs*

Yeah.. :P

I think Xuan older, can express himself more.. Btw, people always say girls closer to daddy, but your case, Xuan is so close to Daddy, which is really good.

Kesian hor.. I also feel kesian, but nothing much can do..

maria @ twinsmom said...

ai yoh... Zara so expressive leh. read also touching.

I don't want to know how my girls will react, if their daddy away for few days :P, now go to work in the morning and leave to office after lunch already a crying and hugging scene, so cannot imagine how if few days not seeing their daddy :P.

HMom said...

poor thing - she must really miss her daddy. so how was the welcoming party? - I read this post a bit late !

Mama BoK said...

I bet Zara is gonna jump for joy. .when she sees daddy..! And happy belated birthday to your hubs.. !

jazzmint said...

poor girl..i think she must have miss him so much when she sees him...will just hold him so tight :P...

faythe can still remember daddy looking at the big picture at home

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. your girls so close to your hubby la.. Maybe b'cos he's always around, and always going home to see them.. and spends time with them.. so they are inseperable.

you must have seen the welcoming party post already. :P

Mama Bok,
No jumping for joy.. but can see she really missed him.

Haha.. yeah, your post about missing Daddy also tells a lot.. esp Daddy's emotion. :P


a great post to remember lil zara missing daddy...that might bring tears to daddy's eyes once of this day when he walk down memory lane...