Friday, March 17, 2006

Crime Scene Jigsaw and Back Home

I was invited to go to a blog meet organised by Lin Peh, sponsored by 9393. My SIL, King's Wife, was Lin Peh's favourite Si-lai (Cantonese : desperate Housewife) for this month, so I was given the honor to accompany her to this meeting. We had dinner down in KL, in a private room. Sounds very fishy isn't it (If I was going on my own, I would definitely chicken out, knowing what the Yamade King is capable of). Lin Peh, Wingz and May were already there when Seng Kor, King's Wife and I arrived together. Followed by GBYeow, KL Podcast, Siao Cha Bor and then Cock-a-doodle (who did a Lin Peh's jig trying to convince us he was Lin Peh, but his moustache was a dead give away). 9394 was the last, and had a tough time guessing who was who. Every body was warming up to each other, joking, laughing; when I whipped out my camera, fingers started pointing, "No photos! We agreed!" (Er, Did I?). Agreeing not to offend some people who prefer to remain anonymous, I'll just post some jigsaw pieces here. Is the smiling eyes nicer, or the smiling moustache? "*Sob Sob* King's Wife isn't anything like what I thought she'd look like!" Straight to the meet after the bank heist. Hands-a-roaming. Fishing buddies' hugs ala Broke Back Mountain. I think there's just too much Cantonese swearing here, I'd better call backup. I need to capture evidence here. I had a good time, laughing until my ribs hurt; if you read their blogs, you know what a bunch of funny people these folks are. However, at the back of my mind I was worrying about Zara at home, as this was the very first time I went out without Zara in the night. Now back home : My plan was to stay over at King's Wife together with Zara and Tuyam; Zara will have my nieces to play with, and will not miss me so much. But Daddy called me at 5pm telling me he'll miss Zara and would like to pick them up from King's Wife after work. I reminded him, "This means you have to look after her, give her her night feed, tuck her to bed. You sure you can do it?" "Of course I can" so Daddy claimed. (updated by Tuyam) Daddy said he would watch over Zara while Tuyam was busy at the kitchen. Instead, Daddy read his newspaper, and Zara was walking about, playing on her own. Then she whined, and ran to Tuyam. Tuyam found white sticky stuff in Zara's mouth, and had to dig them out. Apparently Zara had gotten hold of my niece's glue stick, and bitten half the glue out. (Daddy -20points) Daddy said he would feed Zara. His feeding technique, "Zara, nah, Daddy drink 1 sip (from the bottle), you drink 1 sip ok?" Daddy pretended to suck on the bottle, and then passed on to Zara. Zara found it too hilarious and giggled, only air went in to her stomach, no milk. Tuyam took over the bottle, and coaxed Zara to drink, while Daddy went to have his bath. (Daddy +2points for entertaining Zara, -10points for not being able to feed Zara) Daddy tried to tuck Zara in, Zara whined and asked for mummy. Daddy passed the responsibility to Tuyam, and went to read his books while Tuyam patted Zara, calmed Zara down, and finally had Zara drifted off to sleep. (Daddy -20points). And what did he say? He will LOOK AFTER ZARA, GIVE ZARA HER NIGHT FEED, TUCK ZARA TO BED. *sigh* (Read here, here, here, here, here, here and here for more photos and posts about the meet)


King's wife said...

good pics! Really captured the moments. I can still laugh just thinking about it....

Allyfeel said...

Ei..this is a super hard jigsaw puzzle le.

I guess daddy really misses Zara but being a men, he naturally fallen into his routine and forgotten abt the responsibility. After all Tuyam is there to help. :) Bb daddy also like that one.

Jesslyn said...

Mummy yai yai ha, go out enjoy herself, never bring Zara ya!

I will miss them too if went out alone!

ky said...

Same thing happened when I need to work late in the office due to busy forecast period. Found Eu fallen asleep in a kneeling praying position when I was back home! I figured he must had been trying to fall asleep by himself, and I don't know how long had he been sleeping in that odd position. Ha! Men's definition of taking care of kids is sure not what women meant. :(

geetha said...

Must give daddy a chance.. he doesn't do it real often isn't it!

My hubby will leave the kids at parents if I'm coming home late.. unless I'm travelling. He can handle, but prefer to have some time for himself in a day ;)

Hmm, only when they take care, they know its not easy as just saying it! ;P

domestic rat said...

Haha.. can never figure out who's who.

I thought you are a SAHM who works from home cos' you kinda spend alot of time with Zara. Now I'm thoroughly impressed by your ability to juggle both roles.

shiaulin said...


at least Zara's papa 'thought' he can handle mah... it's the thought that counts. no?

blurblur said... are all the same, aren't they? but at least papa did try his best i believe? :P

Nice pictures you've got...very artistic leh..:)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Hey, i did not you feel worry leaving behind Zara at home.
Nice seeing you and thanks alot taking time join us the gathering.

Lazymama said...

I think if without the maid, zara's daddy might able to handle Zara better. Man is liket that, if no alternative sure force to learn. :)

YChing's daddy has no problem at all handling YChing whole day from head to toe while I had to work on Sunday.

gbyeow said...

Send the pics! :D

L B said...

Jealous ~ jealous!! :-) Great creative pics too!! Glad you all had stitches!! Hmmm... Poor Zara's Papa got lots of minus points!! :-)


great pieces you have there...see a little but not too much...very creative!!

haha...daddy attempted but i guess he is not upto it yet...give him a few more round of practice..he will excel!!

may said...

fun time, fun time! oh, we have to do this again... heheheh! poor Papa, he really needs to brush up on his skills handling little Zara. Gotta learn it from Ze Mama... *pheweeet*!

absolutely lovely meeting you, dear. wanna see more of the photos you took with your big-ass SLR! *G*

JoMel said...

last time, K & S' papa was also like that. Sama same one. Say will look after, but when I came home, he was lying on the sofa watching football! Luckily your Tuyam is so dependable hor?

You guys really had fun lah. Good that you went out to enjoy. You deserve it so much.

maria @ twinsmom said...

sama-sama lar...
I went to Singapore for two days, one day bath the girls, the next day skip (because the girls cathc cold on the 1st day bath), lunch and dinner MIL fed, night time sleep routine he can handle, because it is his duty all this while.

everyitme ask hubby to wash the girls hand or face, his answer is : "no need lar, not very dirty." *roll eyes*... all sama.

Wingz said...

nice to have you around!!! and can you pulez send me your pic taken with your big ass SLR ? I wannt voodoo some peeples and i nid them pics!!! wuahahaha!!!!

L B said...

Waaaaaa!! So fast, got QuickTime TUNE up!!! :-) Love the tune too.. Dunno who, dunno what, but nice tune.. Terima Kasih!!

sesame said...

Your blogger meet sounds really fun! At least that was worth your while for the time spent away from Zara.

Zara's daddy is hilarious. Actually, he sounds like my husband. Daddies will take care of the young ones, but only do the things they like to do, and not the things the young ones like. ;)

Jason said...

Failed miserably. :P No more next time.

Passerby A said...

Aiyah, all the pictures have been photoshopped one!

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
Which part makes you continue laughing? Hope not the Brokeback scene. :P

Must make it difficult mah.. But next time when you meet up with them, I'm sure you'll know who is who.
Yes, men can so easily forgotten about their responsibility, especially towards their kids. :(

Definitely will miss one, but since it's not a parent bloggers meet, can't bring her loh. :(

Aiyo.. what happened to Eu? What was your hubby's explaination? Definitely, their definition and our definition different.

Yes, fathers normally want to have their 'own time' not like mothers, our time, is the kids' time.

Domestic Rat,
I worked from home occasionally, so when I switched off at 6pm, my time is hers. :)

I probably have to start writing a post like you did already (the Daddy, husband & you post). They all lots of 'thoughts' but come to execution, aiyah.. tough loh.

Don't know if he was even trying. :| Maybe trying to be funny only.

I was just worry how my hubby will handle her, and if she missed me. Not really 'worry' worry.
Nice to meet you too, and thanks for dinner.

Err, I think if my maid wasn't around, Daddy would probably bring Zara to the restaurant when she cried already.
He doesn't know how to suit her, when she cries, he'll bring her to me.. Not like my maid, knows how to distract her, makes her forget about what she was crying about.

I don't have your email, how to send? Maybe I'll send to Linpeh and get him to distribute.

When you are back, there'll be lots of bloggers' meet to welcome you.. don't worry. Just that don't know if you'll meet with us only. :P
Yes, lots of minus points.. Can't even handle his daugther for 1 night.. *big sigh*

Two Little Fellas,
Haha.. I can't reveal too much, because those guys will skin me or drown me in foul languages. :|
Err, I don't know if I want to take another risk of leaving Zara with him for the night. :(

It was nice meeting you too.. I'll try to resize those pix then send them to you.. they are all 6mb, 5mb now.

It seems like all men are the same. Yeah, luckily have a dependable maid, or else, Daddy will be driving a teary Zara to the restaurant to look for me.
Yes, Daddy has lots to learn.. even from the maid. *sigh*.

Haha.. I remember you blogged about one of the twin missing also he mou-fat-kok.. until the following morning.
Yeah loh.. Men sama sama, but I think your husband more poon-si.

Will get Linpeh to distribute.
Nice meeting you too.. Muah hahahaha (still laughing)

Heehee.. thanks to your source code. :P

Yeah, at least it was fun, and made me laugh so hard.
You are perfectly correct, they never think from the point of the kids.. *sigh*

Wingz said...


Anonymous said...

Eh, why your site down the whole day? ISA investigation?

Helen said...

MUAHRHAR i can imagine the crazy laughs that night just reading your description!! lol

Wei, that Cocka with moustache really damn yumsup !! :-P Hamsapness look ... 100% full marks.

I nearly burst out when u wrote about Zara's mis-adventure with daddy!! Man! * roll eyes*

Simple American said...

Sounds like a great meeting.

Poor Daddy. Good thing he got backup.

I was out of work for the first 9 months of my daughter, so I got a pretty good hands on training. If your men need help maybe for a small fee I can show them proper way to fold newspaper and set on the table while they take care of the kiddo. hehe joking

Cocka Doodle said... was indeed a pleasure having to meet at last. Finally,you got to know which department i'm working in, hehehe!

Helen....what yumsap and hamsap? It gives a lot of pleasure, ok. You don't know what you are missing. LOL

Simple Yank....when you were changing diapers, did you pull out the safety pin and lobe the baby out of the window? Hahahaha! sorry, one of those GI jokes.

Helen said...

Cocka - No need to pimp yourself... 9393 is already pimping u high and low. Said you're blardy yau yeng lar.. very hamsap look just like my kind lar... etc etc. If I didn't know him well, I would have thot he had the hots for you!! MUAHARHARHAR

Cockaback Mountain....??

Tracy said...

Heehee, I'm a little luckier cos my hubby is able to take care of my gal when I'm out. At home, sometimes he'll be the one making milk for Destinee, bathe her or even wash her after she pooed (mommy will be either sitting on the sofa watching TV programmes or sitting in front of the computer browsing *tongue out*).

Zara's Mama said...

You are welcome, the anonymous person was me commenting about your site.

Yeah man, it was really laugh until you get colic kind of dinner. :P Too bad you are not based in KL, or else, I think it'll be an even bigger blast!
Cocka not only moustache yumsup, he also looks yumsup. You should see the way he threw glances and King's Wife.. fuyo!

Simple American,
Err.. a man teaching another man to care for a child.. no offence but err.. I think I'll pass.. :P

It was a pressure meeting you (you know I had to suck in my stomach for the whole duration of the dinner since you walked in?).
Aiyo.. now want to promote your yumsup moustache to Helen? *roll eyes*
Was that your GI joke or that's how you treat babies? *bitinig fingers* Luckily I didn't bring Zara along for you to 'babysit'.

*snap my fingers* Wake up!.. keep those praises first until you meet Cocka la.. Humsup moustache, doesn't mean gaya badan, hamsem face you know.

Aiyo.. Destinee Daddy is so nice.. Looks like this is the first Daddy whom Mummy said can do things 'right' with the kids ler. :P Award to your hubby!

Cocka Doodle said...

ZMM.....i was actually throwing glances at you and trying to see how long you are going to hold in your tummy. LOL

It's a wicked joke on soldiers actually i.e. when they throw a grenade, they remove the pin, count to 3, and then lobe it.
So, when they go home and change their babies diapers, they do likewise.

Zara's Mama said...

Cocka Doodle,
You were very busy hor.. Footsy with KW's May SCB, serve us fish while trying to prevent your misai from getting burnt, then can still throw glances to check on me..

You should rename your nickname to Octopus.. with SY added in the end..


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