Friday, March 10, 2006

Feeling Sentimental

This morning, Zara was still sleeping while I went to the study to start up my PC. I was in the midst of chatting with a good friend in the US, when I heard a faint, "Mummy, Mummy!" coming from the bed room. Zara has awaken, she was just sitting on the bed, rubbing her eyes, calling out for me. She didn't cry a bit (which she usually does when she wakes up and see me not at her side), and greeted me with a squeal and a big big smile. This is one of those days when I look at Zara and thought, "Woh! She's grown so much already!". I went through her earlier photos, videos and was filled with a sense of achievement, happiness, and also a tinge of despair. Look at her now, from a helpless new born, she's now walking, talking, demanding. But she's growing up so fast, I haven't spent enough time with her, and soon, she's no longer be the little toddler she is now. I'm going to miss her baby-ness. Here is a video I was amusing myself with, taken when she was 9mths +, still cruising. Look at the chubs, and the wobbly gait. And these, the foot prints I took when she was a new born, vs the foot print I took 2 weeks back. Soft tiny new born's feet, vs strong walking toddler's feet.

Do you feel your kids are growing up too fast before you? (Ok Ok.. just for general appeal, for those without kids, do you feel technology moving too fast before you.)


Egghead said...

soon... she'll be marrying someone liao :)

Jesslyn said...

Quick quick "make" anotehr baby to cuddle with!

blurblur said...

Sometimes i just wish time could stand still so that i can enjoy Damien's "nonsense" as long as possible..i really dread to think that one day he'll grow up and have a world of his own...i'm getting emotional again....

shoppingmum said...

True enough, that's why have to spend quality time with them...

geetha said...

Looking back at her photos when she was younger is sure nice... Photographs and blogging will give us lots of memory of them..

Champion loves to see his pictures (even on the blogs).. and gives a cute laugh looking at himself and his bro.

Once she is out of her baby-ness, time for another baby.. *wink*

HMom said...

Having children is really a yardstick of how time flies

jazzmint said...

yup..agree with you time flies. One day u don't see them, seems like a year and u feel as though there's so much u've missed in their life.

Lazymama said...

Yuup, I share the same feeling too!

I like the foot print! Too bad I didn't think of that when she was newborn, now wonder she would let me take her footprint!

sesame said...

For me, there's always a struggle about this. I like him now, but I do wish he'll grow up a little faster to be more mature. Yet I miss the times when he was still a baby. Recently, I even have developed an irrational fear. I am worried I will not be as fond of him when he grows older because he will no longer to cute and adorable.

may said...

for me, I'm at a despair at how fast my parents are growing old :( it seemed just like yesterday when my mum was still working, yet she's retired for the last 4 years already. I'm sure she went through the same thing as you did when I was a toddler... :)

shiaulin said...

oh yes, u remind me of their footprint! I have Xuan's foot printed in the hospital when he was born, I think I must get one now by myself. Very good idea by keeping and comparing it.

They grown very fast hor... I am very silly and contradiction, I want him to grow up fast so that I senang a bit. But in the other hand, I hope his growing stage can slow down a bit cos enjoy this moment very much... sigh :p

Samm said...

Yes, they grow up right b4 our eyes. And at tremendous speed too. For me, the experience will repeat once Malcolm is out. Then, we can really see how much a big boy Gordon has grown up to be. Awww, i really do miss his baby days, the nursing and cuddling.

Tracy said...

Ya ya ya, how time flies. Zara will be in school soon, u'll be eating Hokkien mee soon, Zara will be married soon and u'll be having cucus soon .... Bwahaha!

When Destinee was a little baby (she's still a baby to me but a bigger baby), how I wished she was older but now she's a little older, how I wish she's still a little baby where I can carry her around and not 'chasing' her around now.

maria @ twinsmom said...

whay do you think I always hanging out in those mommy blog whose kids still baby and toddler?
I flip the twins' photos almost twice a week, I miss them even though we stay together.


yes, of course.
i guess by spending more time with them..creating more memories..capturing those moments and journaling it- all helps make their growing up bearable..knowing that we can always re-visit this moment captured..feelings jotted down...when we walk down memory lane.

Zara's Mama said...

yeah.. soon.. *sniff*

I also want.. but it's God's Will..

I think the 'nonsence' will be more fun than the 'nonsence' later when they reach puberty..
but time won't stand still *sigh*

Yes.. you are right.. Tht's why I also try to spend as much time with her as I can.

Yeah, like I told Jesslyn, I want to.. but it's God's Will.

Yes.. I used to play with my nieces, and the oldest is now 12.. she doesn't want to play with me any more.. It's going to happen as well to Zara one day. She'll think mummy is not cool soon enough.

Soon, you'll have another baby to go through similar feelings.

Now want to print more difficult, because she won't stay still, but you should try.

My fear is more that she will not love me as much when she grows older. :(

Oops, yours is from another view point huh?
True too, when I look at my dad, I also realise wow, he's grown so much older..

Yeah, this stage is so fun.. They surprise us everyday, and bring us so much joy..
Your hospital print for you?

Oh yeah, you have share with us how you feel after Malcom comes into the world..

Wah.. Hokkien mee huh? Hmm.. that is if she still loves mummy.
Haha.. you miss Tracy being a baby or not? Now she's older but still at the cute stage la.. so probably not.

Yours double the joy, double the missing some more hor?
Aiya.. looks like all mummies also the same.

L B said...

Well, I am growing up too fast for sure!!!... That's a nice idea ~ foot prints!!! I love it.. now, must go find a baby.

Passerby A said...

Super cute foot prints!!!

mom2ashley said...

those foot prints are really lovely! you should frame them up! i think i'll do that. what kind of paint did you use on her feet?

mom2ashley said...

oh yea..i know what you mean...they grow so fast....i cant imagine that ashley will be 1 year old in 3 months time! too fast!!!

Simple American said...

In May I will have two teenagers. It seems like just yesterday I was changing diapers and making faces to entertain them. Now they want to use my computer, borrow my IPOD.

Enjoy everyminute. Store them in the memory banks.

I'm looking forward to grandkids. hehe. I miss hugging babies and feeling their little heads rest on my shoulder.

Greenapple said...

very fast indeed.
i have been following maria's blog for the previous months, and her girls grow really fast. one minute they were only uttering the first words, next they are making some serious and stylo-malo style comments like 'silly spell' already!

that's why it's a good habit to have a blog. you can jot down your memories, and share with us.
to me, that's really precious, for you, for your child(ren), and for ppl who love to share.

love having your blog around. makes me feel warm, and times to times, heavenly.

JoMel said...

frankly, I cannot wait for my girls to grow up so that they can be my movie, coffee and shopping buddy. :)

Potential Mom said... foot print y dunhave hand print ler??

make it completely mah...hee..great idea??

Cocka Doodle said...

The near end of that clip was kind of scary. Did she fall off the bed?

Zara's Mama said...

You are growing up or growing old too fast? :P
I find that the kids grow up too fast.. and we parents grow old too soon.. Maybe since you are not a parent yet, you are still growing up.. :D

The Diva,

I used Crayola Paint. It's easier to paint when they are not mobile. Do soon for Ashley. I tried to get hand print too, but it's tougher.. she won't corporate now, and before, she didn't want to open her palms, see if you can get Ashley's.
Oh Yeah.. Ashley is going to be 1yr old.. sooooooo soooon.

Simple American,
Wow.. already thinking of grandkids.. lots of foresight! :P Still a bit of a long way to go huh? You can borrow mine to cuddle if you want.. all yours.

Yeah.. The Twins are growing so fast!! I feel the same for Zara.. a while back, she was just making googoogaga sound.. now she can demand by saying out. :(
Yes, this blogging thing is good. I actually printed out all the entries and going to bind them so in future Zara can read them.

Haha.. K is already your shopping and coffee buddy right?

Potential mom,
Hand print more difficult to get. I took it as well, but not very nice, so don't want to show. :P

Cocka Doodle,
She didn't fall, because I caught her on time. *super mummy!*

shiaulin said...

yes, the hospital took the print for us. In fact, they did it to every new born baby over there. But the ink they used are like the one we print our IC wan, black ink. Actually it is better to use that ink, cos its dry and u can see their footprint 指纹 clearly.

Jason said...

No matter how much she grows, you still take care of her as if she's still a little child mah. Not meh? :D

Allyfeel said...

Aaaaaa....those are such cute foot prints. BB has one from the hospital but it was blurry. I think I am gonna make bb have another one this weekend. You are a very thoughtful mommy. :P

Have you consider framing them up?