Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our Park / Play ground

In my line of work, I can work from home since most of the 'customers' I deal with are out of Malaysia and all 'dealings' are done through IM, emails or phone calls; which means I can actually work from anywhere as long as I can connect to the network and have a phone with me. I still go to the office, to make use of the facilities (printers, stationary), and also to catch up on local office gossips; and I feel to have Zara stationed in King's Wife's place, helps her development too because she gets to play with King's Wife's children, and not just stuck with Tuyam. On days I work from home, I'll lock myself in the study above, and Zara will be playing, napping, watching TV downstairs with Tuyam. At 6pm sharp, Tuyam will hand over the shift to me so that she can prepare dinner. This is the time which I enjoy most, especially when it's not raining. Zara and I will walk to the nearby park, where I'll just let her run in the field, pick up anything from the ground to examine (since she hasn't taken her bath yet, she's free to get dirty) while I chat with other parents. I'll give her a helping hand when she wants to go on the see-saw, slide and the swing. This is probably the only reason why it's nice to be living in this residential area in the suburb, roads are wide, cars are few, and there are 2 parks within walking distant shared among 200 houses. She always have lots of fun there, and the good thing is when it's time to go, she normally doesn't kick a fuss. I'll give her some time to say bye bye to everything; "Bye bye slide", "Bye bye sing (swing)", "Bye Bye park" etc etc. Then we'll walk back home for her bath.

Clockwise : She wanted to go on another kid's buggie, and when I said she had to ask the kid for permission, she changed and said, "touch" (seen here using her foot to 'touch'); "Down!"; Not even 2 seconds, she wanted to go on another different ride; Walking down the slope (which leads to the slide);

"High" "High!"


Egghead said...

work from home also so punctual one ah? wah lau! if I were to work from home... the only work I will do is "review" DVD movies... LOL!

blurblur said...

So envious, can work from home. But i think you're very discipline lor, if i were you, hehe, i guess most time i'll be playing with Damien..haha..

Wow,are the parks pretty huge? Zara seemed to be enjoying herself! :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

yah, it is good to have a park near by, love to bring the girls to the park near by my house, especially on the feild can let them play the 含羞草 and other grass I used to play when I was young,very fun.
but one thing, have to apply mosq. repellent for them, otherwise... come back all dot dot dot.

geetha said...

So nice, you can work from home. I wish I could..

I have a playground right in front of my house. But, by the time I am back, its too dark to bring the bosy to the p'ground. They only go there during the weekends.. if we get up early ;P

Zara's Mama said...

work from home has to be punctual.. people will 'check' on you more when they know you are working from home.

Have to be discipline loh (although sometimes also eat snake a bit)..
Yeah.. the park is quite big.. I think she just likes to be outside of the house, so even if it wasn't the park, she'll still be happy.

I never thought about mosquito.. wow.. I should have. But so far, she hasn't gotten bitten by a mosquito yet, but I think I'll start playing safe.

Wow, you are the lucky few who has the park right in front.. Yeah, if I go to the office, no way I can be back on time to go to the park/play ground with her.

Mama BoK said...

Last year during summer.. we brought chloe to the park.. but she refuses to play with anything. Everything also scared..!!
Your Zara very brave and clever.. :)

Lazymama said...

You, Jazzmint and Dinah are from the same company. Same line too? Envious you can work from home!

YChing love to play at the playground too but these few days always raining in the evening, made our outing all spoilt!

Zara good girl didn't kick a fuss when leaving. I need to kidnap my girl when we have to leave.

Zara say bye-bye to everything, that's very cute!

may said...

I don't have a kid but I certainly wouldn't mind working from home! it'll give me some free time to run around doing errands that never get done, and accumulated right up to the weekends (and there goes half of the time to doing them).

"bye bye, desk... bye bye, chair... bye bye, letter tray..."

(I'm learning alot from your little Zara... *winks*!)

Helen said...

Awww, I used to love going to the park too!! lol Looking at Zara, I bet she has no fear of heights hor? lol

Oh, your job is really the best job a mother with young child could have!! Of course, working from home, requires even more discipline.

Jason said...

Looks like she sweat really alot... 流汗宝贝

sesame said...

Hey, this is so nice. Having the best of both words in a sense. I like the way you let Zara play and explore. Very cool. Zara must look forward to the evenings everyday.

Zara's Mama said...

My Zara for now is very fearless.. but don't know when she gets older.

We same co, but different dept.. Different dept, different rule.. Most dept working fr home occassionally is ok, for me, if I want to work 5 days at home also can, but have to publish my home phone loh.
Yeah loh, these few days always raining leh che only. Tomorrow me working from home, hopefully no rain, can bring her to the park again.
Yeah, maybe you teach Yee Ching to say bye bye to everything.. give her time to plan for her exit..thn no need to kidnap her any more.

Haha.. working from home doesn't mean can go run errant leh. That will be flexi hours.. which I can enjoy too, as long as I clock back my hours and complete my work.

Yeah. That's why even when the pay and job suck, I still stay on.. just because of this.

Yeah.. she super sweaty one.. Then cannot see hair liao.. only skalp.

She does.. When I shout, "mummy finish work, mummy's turn to jaga you", she will start squeling already.. :P

Greenapple said...

i wish i can see it myself once when Zara says good bye to everything in the park ... that will be very very cute!

tata zara ...

JoMel said...

I don't have the discipline to work when I am at home. Will be stuck in front of blogs and emails and chats. Bad lah!

There is also something therapeutical seeing children play in a playground. The carefree-ness, the breeze, the laughters, the screams, the laughs, the happy faces, the scent of the tree leaves. Don't you think so?

Cocka Doodle said...

I love my job too. I can blog whenever I want. Hehehehe.
Jeles anot?

Passerby A said...

There seems to be nobody else at the park! So nice! The playground here is always super crowded. I hate bringing Ophelia there because there are many bullies who do weird things like not let other kids use the slides etc. Their stupid parents/maids just sit nearby and don't care. Sometimes I scold the bullies and they run off and cry. The parents/maids just... don't care! Shocking! When Hubs brings Ophelia downstairs, nobody dares to approach them because he is so big sized and looks quite fierce.

L B said...

Zara: Lesson #1

"Ti amo, Mama.."

domestic rat said...

It's been a long time since I set foot on a playground. Boy! Seeing Zara on the swing, I miss my swinging good times.

Kat said...

Your playground looks terrific! Where do you stay? D'sara Ara?

Kt loves the playground too, especially the slide. Most of all, I love to see him run around in his little short stumpy legs!! Mind you, he runs damn fast despite his short legs! Difficult to catch up with him sometimes!!

Yes, yes, time to put my munchkins' photos....soon, soon..

JoMel said...

When I bring the kiddies to the playground, I sit on the swing too. I love swings. And I swing as high as I can go.

King's wife said...

Jomel, I wish I could do that too but my butt gets stuck!!!

King's wife said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
L B said...

*looks at poor King's wife with open mouth*

Lesson #2: "Grazie, Ah Meen"

shiaulin said...

before i came to Beijing, every morning must bing Xuan go to the nearby park to play swing and slide! and mix with other kids there too. We even picnic in the park! yeah how i missed the old days in KL.

BTW, I also make Xuan to bid good bye to EVERYTHING, even now still the same. When we leave the park, Xuan have to bid good bye to the tree, flower, slide, swing, auntie, uncle, ko-ko, jie-jie, etc... now at here he only can look thru the window and say bye bye car-car, bye bye lorry, bye bye mixness(mixcer), etc.... to every verhicle that pass by our apartment. Pity hor :(

Simple American said...

Hey thanks for visting my blog. Your daughter is so cute. My kids are big and evil now. Take after dad. keke

Jesslyn said...

haha, both my girls too say GOODBYE to all the slide, sling b4 go back! Wien will add : 我改天再来!

Will Zara request u to bring her there everyday? since the park so near?

mom2ashley said...

it's nice that you can work from home. at least you have tuyam to take care of her while you are working. there's also a park nearby my think of it, i havent even got the chance to brign ashley there yet!

Contented Mum said...

So nice huh, can work from home. You must be quite a discipline person. If I work at home sure will be distracted.
I or hubby will try to take Qi Ning to the playground every evening. Nearby my house there are two playground as well.

JoMel said...

king's wife , are you sure. YOu see the one Zara's sitting on.. quite big what. I tell you, the feeling of sitting on the swing, the breeze on your face... you can close your eyes and imagine you are in paradise. I'm such a dreamer.

Allyfeel said...

What a coincidence, I went home early yesterday to accompany bb to the near by park at mil's.

Nice neighbourhood. Kota Kemunting? Bukit Jelutung? :) Too bad we don't live nearby, otherwise, bb and zara can get together and play.

jazzmint said...

hehe..i do that too when i WFH or weekends (if there's no rain). But I never let her walk on the park before, just stroller and Mommy pushing cause last time dunno how to walk still :).

The park @ ur place looks very nice hehe...

Zara's Mama said...

I'm sure we can arrange for that.. If you come back. However, by then, she may be a bit too old and may be concious about things she said. :(

I think I'm more discipline when I work from home than I am when I work from the office.. Shhh.. don't tell my boss.
And Yes, it's very therapeutical to be in the play ground.. seeing them so carefree.. you get affected too.. Not to mention the green, the breeze, the laughter, all brings some sense of happiness in one.

Cocka Doodle,
Jeles.. I know you got lots of majai to do things for you, so you can shake legs.

The Diva,
The park near our place is very spacious, so the kids are spread out.
Over here I'd not encountered any one who would come near to Zara and be rough. Maybe b'cos I look fierce.
There is this naughty boy who likes to do all kind of funny stunts and he has no parents or maid supervising him. I always scold him when he try to be funny around Zara (like when Zara is sitting on the slide, and he tried to walk up it passed her). :P

Repet.. Teee A Mooooh (if Zara learnt this too soon, it may sound something like DNM, yikes)

Domestic Rat,
Aaah.. now you should visit one near by with Milk Man. :P

I'm in Shah Alam..
Haha.. some of these little toddlers see them so tiny but they are very fast in climbing up the slides, running.. Or maybe we are getting old.. they look fast because we're slow. :P
Yes, time to get your blog up and post some photos.

And Yes, I sit on the swing too, together with Zara. That's when she'll ask to be swung high!

King's Wife,
Sure or not? We're not talking about the swing in Kidsports woh.

King's Wife trying to be modest. :P
Lesson 2 : Craaazie Ah Meen.
*yikes, she'll never get it*

Beijing would have been too cold to go anywhere.. :P But wait till summer loh.
Yeah loh.. sometimes wait for them to say good bye I also start tapping my foot.. mumbling, "quickly quickly" in my heart. :P

Simple American,
I hope they write as well as Daddy.. especially on family saga like the Lin Dynasty. *wink*

Wah.. Wien some more say 我改天再来? So cute.
If she gets a glimpse of the park, she'll ask me to bring.. but if not, and I keep her occupied, she will 'forget' about the park. :P

Aha.. now.. it's time to put on the go to park clothes. Ashley doesn't have one?? Excuse to go shopping again. Haha.

Contented Mum,
Wah.. you all also good parents. But nowadays always rain in the evening. Can't bring also ler. :(

King's Wife puling a fast one la.. I know she's just lazy to go to the park.. she's not quite an outdoor person.. except if the outdoor is shopping mall. :P

The latter.. :P Yeah.. if I live around your area, can have play groups already!

Now she can walk, you can let her run around loh.
That's the only good thing about staying in this 'sun kah la' place.

ky said...

Wow! I'm amazed that Zara is able to sit and hold on tight to the swing quite well. If only public parks could install baby swings too, then babies and young toddlers could enjoy the fun. Rarely see those on asia's parks, but it's pretty common in the ang-moh countries.

L B said...

LOL!!! You got a point or two there.... DNM, Mama & Crazie Ah Meen!! ROFL!.. Maybe not yet huh? Anyway, send Zara over soon..

JoMel said...

LB, if Zara doesn't go over, can I send my fei mui over?

Zara's Mama said...

She's still a bit afraid of going on the swing alone..
We went to Kidsports (in door big play ground) the other day, and they had swings for babies.. Zara didn't like it at all.. I guess she didn't like its restrictions.

Yeah.. when she's older.. Uncle LB will teach her Italiano, and how to speak like an English huh? :P

Aha.. send her over.. be LB's gunea pig first. Then soon LB can open language centre for toddlers liao.


lil zara looks more and more like you...esp the shots on the swing...

you are indeed a good mummy...always there to spare time with the kid..

Sue said...

The park over at your place seems better... 2 parks around my house are in sand areas, and sand areas in Malaysia are never clean, needless to say about the slides...

I prefer those covered with foam :)

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