Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tricycle and Lotion

We have been staying on and off at King's Wife's place while Daddy is away. Every morning, when I carry Zara downstairs, she'll be shouting, "Tatak! Batitel!" (Kakak, Bicycle) from the stair case. She loves to ride on the tricycle that King's Wife's Kids used to own. She can't reach the paddles yet, so Tuyam has to push her around. She'll put her feet up, and request, "Tatak, Push" (Kakak, Push) I bought a Barbie Tricycle for her for Christmas, but this is so much bigger, she couldn't even reach the ground when mounted; she will just push it around in the house, and also use the storage space under the seat to store her little treasures. ~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~ After seeing us applying moisturiser on our faces, and lotion on our body, she started imitating us. When she's in the room, she'll ask for a bottle of lotion, and start pretending to apply on herself too. I worry for the day when she knows how to unscrew bottle tops, and start opening any kinds of bottles and apply all sort of things on herself. Yikes!


Ricket said...

Next time you might see her applying lips stick loh.

mom2ashley said...

it's so cute that she is imitating adults now.

mom2ashley said...

it's so cute that she is imitating adults now.

Lazymama said...

Haha, did she ask you to sit on the tricycle? YChing did even though mommy had been telling her mommy big size can't sit on it, she still insisted me to sit on her tricycle. Poor mommy had to entertaine her loh!

Zara's tricycle looks nice!

Allyfeel said...

I hope she won't figure out how to unscrew tube top of Drs Seager. :)

She is so cute and pretty on that tricycle. *sweet girl*

geetha said...

Champion also used to push the bicycle around. But now, just like Zara, he ask 'kakak' to push (if daddy not around). Otherwise, daddy have to push.

Hey, be carefull. U know, when I was a kid, I immitate my mum too..

I took her lipstick, put all over my lips, continue to my face, and my shirt. :O I wonder my mum threw the baju or tried to wash it ;P

After that took he nail polish, put all over my favourite dress.. (donno what I was immitating then?!) Of course this wan have to throw oredi lah.. ;P

They can come up with all kids of things!

Milly said... cute ler...!!

now be come feminine laio??

Tracy said...

Eiks! Dat tricycle from Barbie! I've been eyeing on it for some time oredi. It's soooo expensive but I guess by the time I've made up my mind to buy, the tricycle will be too kecik for Destinee.

Ho ho ho, ur Zara's not the only one, Destinee is oso the culprit who 'steals' my lotions (be it hand, body, face) to apply on herself. Kids are just too curious and they learn fast from adults.

Destinee once asked me "mommy, what's dat?" (pointing to my 'dai yi mar' napkins). I told her it's mommy's diapers and she said "mommy, I oso want to wear these diapers and I don't want not mammy poko" .... sigh ..... kids!

mumsgather said...

Haha. She looks too cute applying lotion on herself, like small vain pot like dat.

JoMel said...

Do you remember the pic I posted up of S with white colour nose and cheeks? jeng jeng jeng.....

Jesslyn said...

Cool tricycle!

Lyon wanna cycle too whenever she saw Wien is cycling. Too bad, her leg is too short now, me got to push her while she sitting on the tricycle...tired man!!

Helen said...

Aiyoh, ** heart attack after seeing Zara's Barbie bike ** that bike is scary lar!! Keh Keh Keh, that thing is gonna cause some major traffic problem if it hits the road! Cute factor overdrive!! LOL

Yeah, like ricket said, she'll be attacking your lipstick soon. Stock up on those 'cheaper' ones... I used to break my mother's lipstick all the time!! Even applied lipstick to teddy bear!! lol

may said...

yay! zara's mobile! (literally)

I didn't quite get a tricycle like that. only a 5-wheeler (those round ones that u put a baby in to walk everyhere in the house). I do remember having one of those stand-scooters that came back as a fad awhile back... that's when I turned older, around 12 years.

ermmmm... hide the bottles? heheh!

Mama BoK said...

Chloe does the same thing with the lotion too.. ! but she does not wanna go on her bicycle that we bought her last summer.. but she does still love the tricylce that grampie bought her.. :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Wow!! That's a Hell's Angels babe in the making!! LOL.
She going to grow up a Harley bikey, hangs around Hard Rock cafe, rides in packs along the highway, bandana tied to her hair, intimidating tattoos....etc

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, I don't use much lipstick, so I guess she doesn't know such things exist yet.. :P

Yeah, wait for your turn.

Not yet.. Maybe she knows mummy fat fat, cannot squeeze in.

Yeah.. I hope so too.. 1st thing is that is so expensive.. then the exfoliation will not do her any good.

Champion very clever to 'bully' Apps huh?
I don't use much lipstick and never use nail polish, so I guess my risk will be lower.. :P

Yeah, now know how to hiao hiao liao. :P

Better get Destinee to try out first.. I find the design not very good.. b'cos the kid has to lean forward to ride the bike (like riding on a Harley).
Haha, your pad incident so funny.. Zara la, she see my pad, she said, "Dirty!".. :P

Yeah.. little vain pot now.. Sometimes some more help others to apply.. *faint*

Yeah.. Have to get ready for bigger mess huh?

Yeah loh.. back ache leh.. pushing. My maid is very small size so not so susah for her to push. :P

Yeah, Barbey Harley.. But don't know when she can start riding.. just too odd the shape, like not meant for short Asians like that.
Lipstick I seldom wear, so no problem YET. :P

Wow, you were the trend setters huh? Used a scooter when it wasn't popular yet, or are you very very young? Hmmm...

Mama Bok,
You got her a bicycle and she didn't like it, but prefers the tricycle grampie bought? Haha.. know how to be fussy already huh.

Cocka Doodle,

Fannie said...

LOL...Ethyl also like to apply lotion on herself after seeing how we apply lotion on our hands and legs.

That it safe enough?

Peter said...

Sooooo cute. You blogging mamas are real fun people.

Jason said...

Hehe. Next thing she would be playing with your super expensive night facial cream and etc. :P Imagine the pain and horror. Kaka...

L B said...

Nice gate also at King's wife's!

King's wife said...

that one not my gate wor. Neighbour's!

wHOisBaBy said...

zara is at the age of learning from others. just like picking up the tools as the little engineer herself, she has now learn to put on lotion just like a lady. SO cute!

Sabrina said...

Keith also love his tricycle. He'll sit on it for awhile and then go behind and try to push it like I always do when he's sitting on it.

Sabrina said...

Keith also love his tricycle. He'll sit on it for awhile and then go behind and try to push it like I always do when he's sitting on it.

Sabrina said...

Keith also love his tricycle. He'll sit on it for awhile and then go behind and try to push it like I always do when he's sitting on it.

blurblur said...

At least Zara is a girl, so it's okay for her to apply all sorts of lotion lah..:P

I caught Damien imitating me applying lotion on his face,neck, hands...uh oh...;p

Zara's Mama said...

Ethyl also growing to be a little lady liao mah..
The tricycle, it's safe enough, but I think it's for older kids.. maybe for 3yr old? I find it too big for toddlers.

We are..!! After all, having a kid makes you feel happy, and when you are happy, you will be fun. :P You back from Bangkok already?

Yeah loh.. I very worry.. So I have to put all my cream high high up!

Yeah, tht'a King's Wife's neighbour's gate.. very intimidating I would say.

King's Wife,
LB always observing the fitings and furniture house in people's house.. *sigh*

Yeah, and she's parrotting all the sounds she's hearing, including horn, car remote control, alarm, etc etc.. *slap head*

Haha, so clever to use the bike.. ride and push.. Does he still need your pushing?

Damien is the new generation type of men mah.. needs lots of grooming to be good looking.. :P


Matt imitate his dad all the time and lil Brad imitate his big bro all the time ....and i feel jealous sometimes :P

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