Friday, March 03, 2006

Daddy's Home

After more than 2 weeks, Daddy finally came home yesterday. I'd been preparing Zara for his arrival, telling her Daddy was coming home, asking her to shout "Daddy" loud loud, and give Daddy a big "BOO" with her monster face when Daddy arrives. I even made her practice a few times to see if she knew what she was supposed to do. It was dinner time and I was having a tough time feeding her the fish we cooked (freshwater fish with very strong 'earthy' taste). She spit out every mouth full I gave her, and said "Don't Want" (her favourite word now). I had to resort to opening a bottle of baby food, and still progress of feeding her was slow, as she was refusing to open her mouth. When a car stopped at the front gate, she got all excited, and kept pointing outside and claimed, "Daddy. Daddy." I brought her out to greet Daddy. All the earlier practices gone wasted; the minute Daddy held her at the gate, she just laid her head on his shoulder, not calling him, not looking at him, but just stayed there, holding on to Daddy. It took us a while to persuade her to let Daddy put her down (all the time she just refused to lift her head up from his shoulder). After which, I told her to show how clever she was to Daddy by finishing her food, and she cooperated, opening her mouth wide while I spooned her the food from the bottle, eager to impress Daddy. The little one sure miss Daddy, in her own ways. Daddy bought me a Bree bag (a wee bit too big for me I would say, but then, I shouldn't complain), and 2 pairs of slip ons from the Birkenstock company. Zara didn't have any apparels but Daddy bought her some biscuits. Here's Zara checking out the bag. And then, trying on the slip ons.


Egghead said...

gone 2 weeks and came back with 3 gifts? wah! such caring hubby!

Ah Pek said...

oooo........ daddy's home! daddy's home.. bring out the sexiest negligee.....someone is more exited than zara.

HMom said...

the pic of Zara and daddy is so sweet! I am sure everyone is happy to have daddy back home sweet home

Jesslyn said...

eh, how come no toys for Zara? Not fair le daddy!..hehe..:P

mumsgather said...

How come you only showed pics of daddy's gift for you but never show daddy opening his birthday gift leh? Not fair. The pic of Zara and daddy shows a really sweet moment.

King's wife said...

I like the pink!
comfy or not?

maria @ twinsmom said...

so manja....

I like big bag, can put a lot of stuff :D.

Vyvy said...

ohhh she sure knows how to win his daddy over. :)

L B said...

What's freshwater fish with strong earthy taste, taste like?.. Doesn't sound that tasty to me either.

jazzmint said...

wah wah..finally he's back :). So what did hubby comment bout her? Fat oredi, big oredi, long oredi hubby coming back this sun..I will get my camera ready for it ;)

Contented Mum said...

Yea, daddy is back. Zara seems so contended in daddy's arm.

mom2ashley said...

she must have missed him dearly...poor zara...

may said...

awwww... that's the sincerest way of displaying how much she missed Papa, just soaking in his presence and his hugs :) (sigh... me wants a hug too now!)

those pink Birkenstock slips look so chun!!! nice to wear ka?

sesame said...

She so sweet to daddy! Aaaaww...looks like she missed him a lot. Daddy must have been really happy.

Wow, bags and shoes galore for you! Whoo hoo! Mummy must be happy too! :)
Did he get the shoes in Germany?)

blurblur said...

Sweet Zara, refused to let go of Daddy's hug, she must have missed him alot!

Daddy so sweet to you also, buy you bags and shoes leh..happy Zara's mama...:)

Allyfeel said...

Aaaa...that's so sweet! Zara big girl already. :)

You like comfortable footware huh? They look so comfy.

Lazymama said...

So sweet the daddy and Zara moment!

I like the pink slip-on too! Looks comfy!

So nice your hubby, brought back 3 gifts for you! He know that you need to carry loads of stuff for Zara mah, so bought you a big bag loh! :P

Cocka Doodle said...

So...after 2 weeks 'vegetarian', did you have a good romp last nite? LOL
Waaa. your loe kung very 'man' looking hor.

Jason said...

Awwww..... Finally, Daddy is back! Hehe!

The bag like can carry Zara in it. So big.

Mama BoK said...

Aiyoh...!! so cute. .and so "manja"!!

Fannie said...

Wow...i love the gifts...

Zara must have missed Daddy badly right? And Mommy also miss Daddy like mad right? :p

Now she will spend her weekends together happily with both of u! :)

geetha said...

At last, zara gets to climb on daddy.

Champion does just liek zara (in the picture) everyday, after work. Hmmpph, daddy's boy!

But he does run to me too.. ask me to carry.. and then little one also ask to carry.. Normally, we will carry both together for a while. *back pain*

Hey, u can use teh bag when u go out with zara.. Put her things inside. No need baby bag loh..

Nice gifts.. Now daddy's turn. Where is his gift?

shiaulin said...

wah... 3 gifts leh!! my hubby also came back today noon, but he bought nothing for us, but pants and trolly bag for himself. *roll eyes*

Zara's Mama said...

not caring la.. I asked him to buy one.. if not.. he'll come home empty handed (as usual).

Ah Pek,
We loufu louchai.. no more such excitement loh..
Some more Daddy missed Zara so much that he asked her to sleep between us for the night.. So.. got sexy lingerie also no use.

Ha.. yeah we do.. but I think the happiest is him.. :P

Daddy very lazy to go shop around one.. Buy things must tell him exactly what you want, which brand etc.
He went Shanghai so many times, can you imagine he didn't bring back a single thing for Zara? He said nothing to buy woh.. I don't believe!

B'cos I didn't buy him a birthday present mah.. Hahahaa.. We actually don't do birthday gifts exchange.. so....

King's Wife,
Comfy.. Strange thing is the other pair is not very comfy although it's more expensive and the size is the same.. :|

Yeah, next time I can bring my whole notebook out for bloggers' meet already with that big bag. :P

Yeah.. clever.. Mummy also cannot beat.

Sounds like eating raw earth.. BLECH.

Daddy said she taller.. and clever.. Of course la.. my daugther woh. :P

Contented Mum,
Yes.. very contented.. And after that.. cannot sleep pulak, just want Daddy to play with her.

Yeah.. but she just didn't know how to 'say' it.

After you published your 'chun' Lin Dynasty post, I'm sure a lot of people want to hug you too. :P
They are very comfy, but I prefer the sandles.. But b'cos it's winter in Germany now, no sandles available.. *sigh*.

Yah, she's very good in 'manja-ing' her daddy.. That's why you see Daddy grinning from ear to ear also..
Yup, he bought those items from Germany. He was in a small town, he said not much choices. I remember the shop in Tanglin Mall have extremely good variety.. Maybe I should have gone there to buy instead.

Yeah loh.. So clever to win Daddy's heart right?
Mummy asked Daddy to buy one mah.. so it became his assignment loh. :P

Yeah, manja girl already.
And yes, I love comfy shoes, and clothings.. luckily my kind of job allows me to wear shoes like this, since I don't have any local customers to see. :P

Yes, they are very comfy. Actually hor, I think it's because he's big size, so when he picks a bag, every thing also looks small on him.. and only this BIG one looks alright..

Cocka Doodle,
Remain vegetarian.. Lent mah.. hahaha..
Of course 'man' la.. I like 'man' looking man mah.

Yeah man.. big until can carry Zara..

Super manja..

Thanks.. Daddy said he missed the both of us, but I think he only missed Zara la.. As for me, I enjoyed my freedom so much leh.. (shhh, hope he doesn't read this)

Champion really Daddy's boy huh? Zara also Daddy's girl.
Yes, I can carry all Zara's stuff and also my notebook.. such a big bag!
Daddy no gift la.. I buy him dinner this w/end.. :P

Helen said...

Yeah... Zara is excited about daddy coming home. What about you?? lol

Waaa, you got bag and shoes.... lol

Tracy said...

Zara forgot her practices? Aiya, what a waste? Wanted to see what's daddy's reaction but aiseh, mana tahu dat gal just got too excited to welcome daddy home.

Maybe whether the bag is big or small, the price was the same, so, he chose the big one (more worthy) and can dump in everything mar. Kekekekeke.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me hot you managed to put your baby's photos at the top of your page. I have cracked my head and still don't know how to do. Please help -a friend in need-

Passerby A said...

Those are nice shoes. I like the bag too. You could use the bag for your laptop...

Irene said...

what a caring girl and great loot too!

Kat said...

So sweet Zara, hugging her daddy. My children never do that to their daddy when he comes home from overseas trip, only their mommie...*grins*

Give your hubby the Lin Dynasty for bedtime reading, he's sure to put Zara in her own bed!! *winks*

Kat said...

I just finished reading your journey in conceiving Zara, and a big, big, hug to a strong and wonderful mama!!

When I read Chap 6, it brought back vivid memories of my own miscarriage (which I hadn't thought about in years) and I got pretty choked up. I can still remember the surging abdominal pain and the huge drops of blood that coagulated as it touched the bathroom floor and how I screamed for hubs and my lost baby. The heartache only subsided 3 months later when I got pregnant with my HY but it was a long and anxious 9 months and I quit my job to ensure my baby was safe. The greatest, and only, consolation is that had I not lost the earlier baby, I would not have my darling girl now.

I used to wonder at your devotion to Zara, and now I understand why..

momm said...

oh oh... that "don't want" word sounds so familiar...

natalie started out with "don't want" since zara's age and is still going strong with that word!

L B said...

Zara's Mama very busy these last few days? ;-)

5xmom said...

So how many times liao? (pointing to ah pek and cocka's questions)

Jason said...

Daddy's back and went out for family day har? So long haven't update one?

Milly said...

so good zara got daddy back home...

aighhh...i'm waiting daddy back home..but aredi 2 weeks daddy din back...!! uhuhuhuhuh....

Helen said...

Wei, I thought your legs wobbly understandable lar... fingers also cannot type liao ar??!! LOL How are you??? No news from you... still basking in ecstacy ar??

ky said...

It's sure great to have the man back in the hse, right? Though they don't really get very involve either in hsehold chore or babysitting, daddies are still very much missed whenever they are away!

Zara's Mama said...

Aiya.. me.. see or no see Daddy is the same one la. I saw the presents happier. :P (but don't tell him that)

Haha.. I think because he's big and tall, so smaller bags looked really small for him, that's why he chose the bigger one. He told me the bigger one is almost Euro70 more.

A Friend In Need,
I post the photo in image shack then just put the image link in my template. You have to get a template which allows changing of the image file/link.

The Diva,
Yes, I think it's big enough for my laptop.. but not much padding.
I'll find a way to use it.. just to please hubby, or else he'll never buy me anything any more (not that he does this very often).


Welcome.. Haha.. sure should let Daddy read those Pukilitzer entries huh? May create some steam in our bedroom. :P
Yes, Zara is very special to us because of how difficult it was for us to have her. It was a tough journey but in the end we were rewarded with this great gift!
Sorry about your miscarriage too, it's a very painful experiance but you will learn that life is fragile and precious and you have to treat it with great care.
How old is HY?

I think that Don't Want will be around for a while huh?

On weekends, I try not to blog.. spend time with family mah. :P (Actually I was hooked with this novel King's Wife loaned me, so I was burried in the book the whole time).

ZERO time.. Until I ovulate. :P

Wow, your new profile pix so 'chun' one?
No la.. I try not to blog during weekends. Spend sometime with Zara and hubby loh.

Your daddy also not at home? So you are going to hug hug him like Zara hugged her Daddy when he comes back? :P

No la.. nothing happened (in the bedroom). Except I was busy reading a novel, and looking after Zara. :P

Yes, especially when my car broke down the other day, I was wishing he was home! :P

michelle said...

You can try the dory fillet from the supermarket. I find it not so fishy. My children loves it. You can pan fried it.

Kat said...

HY is 7. My boy, Kt will 2 in April. But he is not as fluent as Zara, can't speak much. Just cat, dog, car, bird and Ah-Mah!!

The 18 months (both pregnancy) was the easy part, the next 20 years is the hard part!! *grins and shudders*


ohhh...that is so sweet of zara...your hubby must be one "lam daddy" that nite.

Anonymous said...

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