Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sound of Music

Since last Thursday, every night after dinner, we put on The Sound of Music, and show Zara 3 clips from the movie (thanks to DVD scene select) : 1) Maria teaching the Little Von Trapps to sing Do Re Mi 2) The puppet show put on by the Little Von Trapps 3) The Little Von Trapps bidding goodnight to the guests in their father's dinner party She loves it! Keeps asking for more (replay) after each song is sung (the below pix show her concentrating on the show) On Saturday, while on our way to Ipoh, she started singing the last word of the Do-re-mi song with me. This is how we sing together : Me : Doe a deer, a female Zara : Deer Me : Ray, a drop of golden Zara : Sun Me : Me, a name I call my Zara : Sef (Self) Me : Far, a long long way to Zara : Run Me : Sew, a needle pulling Zara : Dat (Thread) Me : La, a note to follow Zara : So Me : Tea, I drink with jam and Zara : Bed (Bread) Me : That will bring us back to Zara : DO And then she'll clap her hands upon completion of the song. Still a long way from Luke Von Trapp, but both Daddy and I were extremely surprised that she had actually learnt up the last words in 2 days. She also likes to hum the tune sung during the puppet play, but it goes something like this : Zara : *mumble mumble* eh- Hoo Hoo Last night, when I told her it's time for bed, she pointed to the TV set and said, "Put! Put! Bye Bye! Seep!" Haha.. she wanted me to play her Clip #3. After that song, she took my hand pointed upstairs, and said, "Go Seep!" See, I'm happy taking a rest from Barney!


Egghead said...

you can gradually leave out more words for her to continue in each phrase... and she'll slowly catch up in no time!

go Zara go!

Passerby A said...

OooOo! Very nice! That's one of Ophelia's favourite songs too. She could sing it by the time she was 2.

blurblur said...

Clever Zara!!*clap clap*

Hehe, that's how i sing it with Damien too...let him fill in the last words.

ky said...

That 3 scenes are the most entertaining parts, I would say, especially for young children. Hmmm, think I will go get the DVD too. I need a break from mickey mouse. :P


oh boy...i can't even sing that song...lil zara can sing-a-long even better than me...she is good...a real fast learner!!

L B said...

You know you miss Barney...

But Zara is getting really smart!!! Wow! Soon, can learn to dance to Saturday Night Fever too, ya?... Just like Mama..

Mama BoK said...

Oh.. so sweet.. and so smart of Zara..!

Jesslyn said...

What a good girl! Can sing along with u! Amazing lar!

Lyon only hum her "song" in her way, we duno what she sang too! But she'll dance whenever Wien is singing or hear the music.

Helen said...

Waaa... so young little Zara is into heavy stuff like Sound of Music liao? lol Today ppl are lucky to have scene selection from DVDs. My boy's time, I have to rewind the video tape for him... bcos my boy love THunderCat. sigh.

Jason said...

Yeah, no more Barney! Die Barney die!!!

Hmm, after Sound of Music is what? Snow White and 7 Dwarfs or Beauty and the Beast? They have good musics too. :D

may said...

sound of music, one of my favourite musicals when I was young. along with star wars and indiana jones and thundercats too. lol! zara's pretty smart in being able to follow your lead on those songs :)

geetha said...

My, my, my.. she's really a fast learner.

Hmmm, we seem to be skipping by Barney and Sesame Street real fast nowadays huh! ;)

domestic rat said...

I'm always amazed at how fast Zara picks up new words. I suppose that's the benefit of being a SAHM.

sesame said...

Lucky you to take a break from Barney. Funny that girls like Barney so much.

Zara learns really fast and seems that music helps her pick up new words. Good to capitalise more of that!

My boy watching Looney Tunes now and I'm a bit worried what he'll pick up. Recently I saw him taking a pencil and pretending to smoke! :P

Lazymama said...

Zara and Luke can form a band already! :P

BTW, is it difficult to get the CD/DVD? I want to buy one for YChing too!

Zara's Mama said...

She's lazy.. she'll close her mouth and wait until I utter just the word before the last then she'll 'sing' the last note. If I stop too early, she just won't continue.

The Diva,
Aha.. I actually didn't know kids could get hooked to the song so easily. And could learn the song up so easily.. (because it took me a while to learn the words).

Everybody teaches the kids the same way huh? :P

Yes, go and get your copy.. btw mine is pirated. :P Your kids are into Mickey now?

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah, it took me a while to learn the song too!! She really likes singing, that's probably why she picks up so fast.

Haha.. yeah. When mama hit Gold in Uncle LB's site, she can dance together with mama. :P

Thank you.

Zara too, if you ask her to sing, she'll hum her own tune, and words.. like alien singing. :P If I help her to sing like that, then she can sing the last word.

Yeah man, video tape time tough.. How to do scene select? You have to rewind, hit play, check out, rewind, hit play, check out to know right? Poor Helen.

She likes kids (real kids not cartoons or puppets) singing.. so have to see if got such movies/dvd/program or not. Too bad, you killed my Smurf option. :(

Star Wars? Wow.. you are so so young.. I hope not the trilogy hor?

I think she's forgetting Barney just for a while.. she'll return to HIM again.. But I get my breather.
I don't know why, she's not facinated with Sesame street at all.. sigh.

Domestic Rat,
Err.. I'm actually not a SAHM. I work, and have my maid takes care of Zara while I'm at work. But after work, I try to spend quality time with her (but most of the time, am too tired to do much).

yes.. I'm trying to capitalise on her interest.
Yeah.. Gavin and his Looney Tunes is cute.. and wow.. pretending to smoke a cigar!! *slap head*

Allyfeel said...

Whao! I am very impressed with little Zara. Don't know bb like it or not eh, must try it out.

Greenapple said...

Kudos to the Sound of Music ... I am glad that you have a break from Barney! You deserve that!

(btwn, something from babybokchoi's blog. in Canada siu bak choy is known as Bok Choi. Bak Choy=Nappa)

Simple American said...

Wow! There's a girl that knows exactly what she wants. hehe

She is so darling.

My son 12YO pulled that movie out last weekend. He surprises me. Yugio and the Sound of Music. Go figure.

mom2ashley said...

i havent got the change to get ashley a barney cd yet tho..will try it out soon...

Wingz said...

hop hop hop ....

Simple American said...

Oh btw. Mind it I add you to my blogroll? Can I? Can I?

Irene said...

good one. I think I'll get Hailey to start watching too. I know I have the DVD somewhere in the house. And than, we can form an online baby concert. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Go try and play it for BB.. Then we'll have lots of little Von Trapps in blogsphere.. :P

Ah-ha.. now I know (for the backchoi explaination).
My brake will very much dependant on her.. just like any other things.

Simple American,
Yugio and Sound of Music.. very mixed interest there.. :P
Of course you can add me to your blogroll.. I'll do that as well.. but let me wait till blogspot is more stable (today's stability sucks!)

Hipity Hipity Hop

Yes, a baby concert in blogshpere!

Contented Mum said...

Zara so clever, suprised huh, they learn so fast!

maria @ twinsmom said...

yeap... first the last word, then the last two words, then the last three, then the whole song. they are really amazing.

shiaulin said...

one day u will get bore with this Sound of Music thingy too. Am sure Zara will soon to be addicted like Xuan and Luke.

Zara's Mama said...

Contented mum,
Yeah.. they are always giving us surprises.

She's lazy, when we omit 2 words, she still sing one word. :|

Oh, Xuan also addicted ah? Yeah la.. boring also, everyday, this show become her after dinner mint. :|

HMom said...

you should consider Zara as a child model!

We all need a break from Barney!