Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Russ, our cat, went under the dining table to sleep Zara : *pointing to Russ* Uss, Seep. (Russ, sleep) She then tried pulling down the big cushion which she uses for her afternoon nap from the sofa. When she couldn't, she laid her head on the cushion. Zara : Seep (Sleep) Tuyam helped her laid the cushion down. Zara : *reached her hand to Tuyam* Ah Boo (Mr Blue) Tuyam gave her Mr Blue, and she laid down and tried to nap. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After our walk in the town centre in Ipoh at noon, Zara was getting tired. Zara : *lean back on her car seat* Lie down Zara : toss eyes (Close eyes) Zara : Seep (Sleep) And she tried to nap; after a while, Zara : *open her eyes, pointed at the lamp in the car* Daddy, off. Off light. Haha, she thought the glaring sun can be turned off like a lamp. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I stayed in the study to complete my work and got Daddy to watch over Zara in the night. Daddy and Zara were happily entertaining each other. When Daddy joined Zara's cot to our bed and then wanted to change Zara to her pajamas. The little one suddenly realised it's time for bed, and mummy was not with her. She started crying and pointed to the direction of the study, "Mummy! Mummy!" Then went and banged on the bed room door! Exasperated, Daddy brought her out to look for me, "She doesn't want me ah!" Every night, only I could get her to sleep, she can be happily playing with whoever, but when it's bed time, mummy has to be the one next to her. I wonder how she'll cope if I have to travel because of work. Not that there's plans laid out yet.


Lazymama said...

Off the light part is cute! :)

My girl can sleep with anyone of us in the bedroom, not neccesary mommy.

Egghead said...

so good girl lah... even know the need to switch off lights and nap by herself... very very well trained :)

shiaulin said...

haha... Xuan happened to said "关掉 moon" too LOL.

My Xuan only want me when he want to sleep, so that's NO holiday for me though :(

maria @twinsmom said...

Your Zara really really very much like Annabelle, we call her "easy to programme" LOL, once we start a routine, she will follow easily, very senang. Isabelle is a rebel :P

L B said...

No need bedtime stories ka? All those movies all bluffed?!!

Jesslyn said...

Both my girls want me accompany them too..*sigh*...lucky now Wien sleep with MIL!

Lyon wants to off the room light by herself now(with my help), if i off it, she will lau-kai!

may said...

*off light!*

I used to like my mum patting me to sleep... teehee! dad doesn't quite do it right ;)

Helen said...

Maybe slow transition lor... :-) Dun expect her to sleep without you overnight.. slow slow lar! LOL

jazzmint said...

hehe..irreplacable Mommy :P

sesame said...

Hmm...that's a similar problem I have. He only wants mummy to make him sleep every night. Sometimes in the day too if I'm around. But I think she will get round to it if the problem is presented. I mean, it's very hard to fight sleepiness for too long right?

Kat said...

My Kt is also like your Zara, most of the time. Sometimes when he is very tired, he will fall asleep himself.

You know, I wonder if when we are not around, will they learn to adapt? Earlier, I was worrying whether I can leave Kt the entire afternoon with my MIL. But I did, and he was fine. Except when I came to pick him, he was super clingy. I think I worry more than I should. With HY, the only time I was away from her was when she was 4 years old. Had to, becaue I was due to deliver soon!

Mama BoK said...

So smart.. your Zara..!
Before chloe also this way. .mati-mati must have mummy during sleep time.. but now .. daddy puts her down for her naps.. and sleeping time.. and no fuss. Matter of getting used to i think.

geetha said...

Aaah, lil President also like Zara.

Yesterday when I left his side to go to washroom while apps replace me (lil President was getting into his sleep, very drowsy already), he felt for me..

Hmm, not same arm.. he started crying in his sleep, until I came back to his side!

Nobody can replace mummy loh!

blurblur said...

Same same here, Damien needs me around when he goes to bed every night...sometimes i'm so sleepy i just put him besides me and before i knew it, i'm off to dreamland already, more like he's tugging mummy to bed..hehe..

Zara is very vocal, and the off the lights part is cute..:)

Tracy said...

"She doesn't want me ah!" Sounds so familiar. Hahaha, dat was from Destinee's pappy too. Nobody can get Destinee to sleep unless mommy.

But I guess without us (mommies) around, I bet they'll go to sleep eventually.

Sue said...

Can go to sleep wan, provided they play until so so tired... :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Pssst! Oi LB! what are you doing in a room full of mothers?? .....and you are not even a father yet! LOL

Zara's Mama said...

I so sinmoh you!!! Really anybody? Or must be you and Daddy?

Never trained her.. sometimes cannot get her to sleep.. and I want to go to sleep already.. will tell her, "mummy off lights, go to sleep now".. and normally I dozed off before her. :(

Wah.. Moon also want to switch off..
So you and I same fate huh? Only we can put them to sleep. :(

Only certain things can follow routine.. Must do more training already.

Got, Daddy read to her already. Daddy can brush her teeth, read her bed time stories, play with her, but sleep, NO CAN DO. :(

So you must help Wien go to sleep in MIL's room?
Haha.. Lyon must off the light herself huh? Cute!

Mummies rule!

Tried many times already. Every time bed time and she doesn't see me.. the wailing will start! :(

Yeah.. for now.

Gavin still behaves the same even now? I believe you are right, if she's tired, even if she had to cry, she'll still eventually get tired and doze off..

Wow, your kids also cling to you a lot huh?
I bet they will have to adapt. Don't tell me they can cry all day and not sleep?? :(

Mama Bok,
I have been trying to get Daddy to help with puting her to sleep, but every time same results. Also, Daddy give up too easily, he gets too personal sometimes, upset that his daugther is rejecting him. *sigh*

Haha.. Zara also the same. If she woke up middle of the night, and found I'm not her side (If I'd gone to the toilet).. will sit up and cry, "mummy, mummy".

Haha.. just like me.. Most of the time I doze off before her too.

Yeah la.. this Daddy sometimes takes it too personally.
You tried before? Destinee sleeping without you?

I guess so.. but haven't tried before.

Cocka Doodle,
LB is learning to be a good daddy/husband mah. Cannot ah?

mom2ashley said...

awww....ashley also only wants me to put her to sleep but when I am away on a business trip, she'd then want her daddy! LOL!

Lazymama said...

haha, what I mean was either mommy or daddy can put her to sleep. Mommy not around also find as long as daddy is around!

English no good, that's why you misunderstand! :P

Tracy said...

I've tried a few times when I was out with some frens, went home late and Destinee was oredi asleep. I find dat without me around, pappy and Marsiti (maid)can handle Destinee easily. She'll cry and search for me for a while only. If I'm around, she'll always cling to me ... sigh ... poor me.


if by any chance you are going away...you will have a hard time worrying whether lil Zara is okay..sleeping ok...eating ok...endless. being a mom changes everything...

btw, i like the "off light"...

HMom said...

Kids are smart. When mummy is around, they only want her, but when mummy is not around, they manage somehow.

Ps: Zara's vocab is really good

Zara's Mama said...

She adapts well huh? So when you are around, Daddy won't have a chance?

Oh.. either you and daddy also ok.. good la like that.. sometimes you can take a rest.

I have not tried that.. maybe I should.. go out, come home late.. see if she can sleep without me. :P

Two Little Fellas,
You are speaking from experiance huh? Yeah.. we'll always worry about them, especially when they are so clingy.

I really hope so.. Have yet to try it out.
Thanks.. she's a good parrot. :P

Allyfeel said...

Zara so clever, can talk so much already. Haha, ask to off the sunlight too, how cute.

Bb is also a mommy's boy, he won't go to sleep with others except me. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Aah.. BB also like that.. So cannot go for business trip also loh you?

Anonymous said...

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