Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lin Dynasty - Chapter 7

Disclaimer : This has nothing to do with my daugther, which the blog is about. This is a story started by Lin Peh, the rules are written here. They are all rated 18SX (except mine probably), and the story is fictionous. Do not proceed if you find profanity offensive, and explicit sex scene disgusting. Chapter 1 - Lin Peh Chapter 2 - PJ Chapter 3 - Lilian (password chapter3) Chapter 4 - Cocka Doodle Chapter 5 - Ah Pek Chapter 6 - Helen My beloved leng-jeh Helen passed me the baton to do Chapter 7. After such a steamy chapter she's written, it's actually very difficult for me to continue, but I have to oblidge.. Lin Dynasty - Chapter 7 There is something familiar about Horsey, Liong Sek was thinking to himself. While Horsey was tending to Swan’s friends, Liong Sek stole a few glances at Horsey, who had a mask over his face. All these while, Dr Horsey chatted amiably to Liong Sek, about the weather, about the posh Star Mountain Gallery, where his little back room practice was. One after another, the men shamelessly dropped their pants to show Dr Horsey their privatest organs. The man whose name was Big Bird definitely didn't have what it takes to be one. And Barney? Wow, his thing looks purple. Leong Sek observed. After giving the men an MMR (Male Miracle Remedy) jab here, some barrier cream there, he told them they could go home and rest. Their disease would be cured in a few days. The men eagerly left, all except Liong Sek. Just then, there was a creak at the door. 2 pairs of eyes turned towards the source of the sound. A slender leg appeared, trying to back into the room, followed by a half naked back. A lady was struggling to enter the doorway, her blouse lifted to expose her smooth creamy back. She has the longest legs; there was something she was carrying in her arms, covered in a white cloth. The men swallowed their saliva, anxiously awaiting the lady to turn to face them and expose more of her. The lady turned. What was that she’s cradling, which was stuck to her front?? “Oh Shit!” The lady muttered, when she saw the gawking men. “This is not the nursing room?” The men shook their heads in union. She quickly adjusted her blouse, and straightened her bundle, which was actually a beautiful baby. “I’m so sorry, little Zara here is too hungry, and I didn’t really check the sign board at the door” The woman left hastily. “Nursing room here? She siao or what?” Horsey exclaimed, sweeping off the beads of sweat from his forhead. To break the silence, Horsey took a pie out from his bag, and asked Liong Sek. “Chic Pie?” “Sure, Horsey. Chic Pie”. Liong Sek replied, still stealing glances at Horsey. “Call me Seng Kor, Leong Sek.” Horsey removed his mask deftly, and sunk his teeth into the Chick Pie. He spitted it out immediately, “Ta Ma De! Chick Pie, I said Chick Pie! And what did she give me? Tuna Chic Pie!” Liong Sek could not believe what he was looking at; the man who was coughing out Tuna Chick Pie looked exactly like him, except for the big hairy mole. “Who are you?” he almost shouted to Horsey. “No wonder he had to wear a mask, that mole is hideous” was another voice coming from within. “I’m your twin brother. Liong Seng. Didn’t that bloody father of yours tell you?” Seng Kor a.k.a Horsey wiped his mouth and spitted out the last few words. Liong Sek shook his head in disbelieve. Didn’t Unke Lin just tell him the other day that he was fathered by a Mr Tua, and his name was Lam Pah? “But I’m not his real son, my real sir name is Tua, he just told us the other day” Liong Sek replied indignantly. “Tua your Ka Cheng! He was too embarrassed to tell you the truth!” Seng Kor tossed the rest of the Tuna Chic Pie in the bin in anger. “He fooled with his sister Lin Chin Sia, and she died giving birth to both of us! He thought I was bad luck, because I had this mole that reminded him of our mother. He gave me away!” “But..” Liong Sek tried to interrupt. “What do you think Auntie Helen is doing in Italy? To receive a Pukilitzer Prize?” Seng Kor snorted. “She’s meeting up with Albieno Ipodro, the man who adopted me! Liong Sek, look, I had been waiting for this moment. To meet up with you, to tell you the truth, so that we can avenge our mother’s death.” Chaos ran through Liong Sek’s mind. Albieno Ipodro? The Italian mafia who was made famous smuggling cocaine stuffed in figs and condoms? What was Auntie Helen doing meeting up with him? Never mind the two of them, what is happening to him? So much has taken place the last few days, what with the frequent visits to Lilian; his knees weakened, he couldn’t think straight. Who is telling the truth? Unke Lin? The self claimed twin brother Seng Kor who looks exactly like him except for the hideous mole? Oh, he just wanted to be back into the arms of Lilian. ... cheng cheng cheng....and I passed the baton to my favourite sister in law, King’s Wife.


Cocka Doodle said...

Bravo!! but the mention of barney and bird bird was rather brief leh. So disappointing!
Pssst!!!..Seng kor really got big hairy mole wan ah?

King's wife said...

wah, i got a tough act to follow wor.
*applause* good job!!

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha! This is hilarous! I can never write like that. Can't wait to see King's wife Chapter 8. :PpP

Allyfeel said...

BTW, do you use no. 5 at night?

Helen said...

MUAHARHARHARHRA.... Albieno Ipodro from Italy?? ** i almost died there!! ** lol

Great job!! From hamsap porn you've turned it into an international thriller!! Summore Italian mafia is in the picture, I wonder how is the underground Chinatown boss in Germany? Heard he's coming back tomorrow...:-P

King's wife - I'll be looking forward to your part!! lol Be sure to include some of your trademark KNNCHB...

You better becareful.. Lin Peh and Seng Kor are brothers ler!! lol

Zara's Mama said...

Cocka Doodle,
Let Seng Kor himself tell you la.. what he's hiding behind that mask.

King's Wife,
Better now than later..

Be careful, you maybe handed the baton.. Muah hahahaha.
I don't use #5 in the night. Only 1, 2, 3, 4. Day time is 1, 2, 3, 5

Yes, and I did that w/out actually saying any profanity! Hahaha.
But nobody can beat your Pukilitzer Prize la.. That one you sapu already..
Btw, did anybody get my Chicken and Tuna Pie joke?

Ah Pek said...

tell me, what about the Chicken and Tuna pie? i blur blur already.
so now helen's new kai gar low is an italian mafia. hey what happened to ahpek?

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm going to tell William and David that you did this on company's time. *wicked grin* Heh!

gbyeow said...

Tiunia chic pie? :>

L B said...

Hahahahahah!!!! You chickened out! You added an extra 'c' to the Chic Pie, and the Tuna Chic Pie!!

*can't wait for the Hon. Helen, the Pukilitzer Nominee to turn up with her fresh steaming hot Chi Pie*

geetha said...

Didn't read the earlier chapter.. just started from yours and Chapter 5.

Wonder how is it gonna go on.. ;P

blurblur said...

wah..i just read all the my..we've got lotsa good writers here huh...can't wait to see how the story will go..:) you write really well!!

Zara's Mama said...

Ah Pek,
Ah Pek kena 'yim' by Unke Lin loh. Muah hahaha..

Cocka Doodle,
William and David? Who the heck are they? What have they gota do with me? I don't type the content of the blog at work ler.. always do the night before, but post in the morning.
Btw, how do you know so much about me and Seng Kor? Are you a stalker? I mean a real one..


Mr Ipodro,
Like your new Italiano name? Must be more subtle here mah..

The plot is getting more and more complicated for one.. and depending on who writes it, it can be very steamy and juicy. :P

Haha.. lots of erotica writers too huh in blogsphere? I tried to be more subtle in mine, especially since it's a blog for Zara.

L B said...

Love it! I will use that to post on Italian Love Nests..

Cocka Doodle said...

Zmm asked, "Are you a stalker?..a real one?"
Muahahahahaha!! **wicked laugh**
Be very afraid...**wink**

Cham lor you...William and David orso you don't know! Your founders lah....

Lin Peh said... cum suddenly the characters and the story all so high crass one? LOL!

Passerby A said...

Oh my... you really should think about doing this for money. Kaching! Book deal!

mom2ashley said... really have a knack for story telling la...i agree with the should think about writing stories..

5xmom said...

I want to cry already. Last nite at 2am hor, I was here reading aloud your part on the breastfeeding part. I giggled so hard, forget to drop a comment. Now, baru I know that it has gone to chapter 12. How to catch up. LOL.

Zara's Mama said...

You have done yours already.. making it an even better international hit!

Cocka Doodle,
Me trembling at you.. wonder who the hell are you.. and what else you know that I don't know..

The Diva, Mom2Ashley,
Haha, you should follow the story.. there are really lots of creative people there who are exceptional writers.. not to mention their erotic writing skill.

We must really get up to date.. every day about 2 chapters are completed.. and the story is getting better and better.. Fuyo.. we really have lots of good writers hor?


hahaha...indeed a good storyteller!

Anonymous said...

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