Wednesday, December 21, 2005

13 month old

Zara is 13 month old today. Just like the updates in previous months, this is just to sum up her development: - New weight and height unknown (but we'll be seeing the Paed next week, by then we should know how much taller and heavier she is). - This month, she sprouted another tooth, so she has 3 upper teeth, and 4 lower teeth now. Dexterity : - She walks independently and confidently; and her mode of transporting herself from one point to another is fully through walking now - She can stoop down and stand back up again - She dances according to tempo, by shaking her head, waving her arm, stamping her feet, and turning her body - She likes to use a pen to make dots and lines on her magna doodle, a white board or a piece of paper; when she is 'writing', she always exclaims Za-Ah, asthough she's writing her own name. - She's able to unscrew bottle tops (those which are not tightly screwed) Language : This month, she seems to have pick up quite a lot of words, besides knowing how to call or address the people she meets regularly, additional words she'd learnt this month : - an (ants) - mo-to-pike (motorbike) - no moh (no more) - poo bah (Pooh Bear) - beh beh (Bell, thanks to Christmas) - bird (extremely accurate pronunciation for this) - mow (Mole, since I have one just below my wind pipe) - poo-meh-eng (Boomerang, she can say this but not mummy, can you beat it??) - kang-eh-oo (Kangaroo) - sky - stah (Star) - bed (Bread) - ah buk (mabuk/drunk) Her understanding of English is very good I have to say. She can follow simple instruction now like "Bring the phone here, Daddy will call Mama (paternal grandma)". This month, I'd also started speaking to her in Mandarin just like someone has taught me. I say some thing in Mandarin first, follow by English. Not sure when she'll actually start to understand Mandarin though. Feeding / Food : She prefers lumpier food, able to chew on chicken, cucumber slices, and prefer rice with soup more than porridge. She no longer fancy baby cereals or bottled food. She's still on breastmilk, but I'm introducing 1 to 2oz of formula to her on days that I go to work. She has very discerning taste, not an easy toddler to please, food wise. Emotions : Although she still refuses to call me, but I think I'm still her favourite slave person based on the below : - Only I can tuck her in at night - Only I can calm her when she cries - She gives me the most hugs and kisses - She likes to sleep close to me in the night She's also a drama queen, very good in pretending to cry and pouting her lips. Knows who she can manja (Malay: get pampering from) (Daddy) and who she can bully (Kakak Tuyam). She knows mummy loves her but won't give in to her if she's being naughty, so she doesn't play her tricks on mummy.


1+2mom said...

Not bad can speak so many words liao. Breastfeed baby very close to mommy dun scare she wont call you..hehe.YOu just scare she will just call nie nie not mommy..wahaha.

Fannie said...

Agnes, maybe i share a tip with u...

When Ethyl starts to "talk", I realise Mommy is tough for her...and...not to let her call papa 1st, i ask her to call out "ma-ma" and keep on emphasising in fron tof her.

She called me in no time thrilled.

My friend tried this and it works for her as well...u wana give it a shot?

sesame said...

Hey, your Zara is very "advanced" leh! Can do so many things at 13 months! Even eating solids! I didn't even introduce rice to my son till he was about 2. She also has a very interesting character for her age.

Going to try your method to speak to my boy in Chinese too.

blurblur said...

Another great achievement, well done, Zara!:)

It's good that you're exposing her to another language (Mandarin), my SIL never bothers to introduce mandarin to her son (7month older than Damien), now he can't communicate with my inlaws, and he's always so quiet because he don't understand a single word of Mandarin...very sad:x

Jesslyn said...

I think Zara will talk faster than my Lyon le, as zara say so many words by now.

Lazymama said...

haha, poo-meh-eng and kang-eh-oo sound tougher to pronounce than mummy! I think kids just love to play around their mummy, what you want to hear most they will say it the last! :P

My girl definitely know how to call mummy, I have heard it many times but she will only call me when she feels like to call! :(

Same with my girl, she has refused to eat cereal at about 11 months and starts eating little bit of rice and our table food at about 9-10 months old. Now can eat half bowl of rice with dishes for dinner.

Sabrina said...

My son dislike cereal too. I guess it's tasteless compare to the actualy food. He loves to eat rice with soup N I've started giving him since he was 9 mths old. Not that much maybe a few tiny spoons. Tried giving him chicken rice with soup but he ended up with rashes.
He can't walk without support yet. BUt I do hope soon as he's 12 mths old now. His favourite word is NO n Papa. Kinda hard to make him call mama.

Twin said...

Darien too loves 'seasoned' food although he still likes milk. He can take a whole McEgg all by himself. Was just looking at the title of your posting and discovered that Zara is a month older than Darien. Isn't it cute when they are starting to talk. The way they express themselves .. brings such satisfaction to us parents.


Zara is progressing very well in ALL aspect.. well done to lil Zara and mummy too - for the effort!

Zara's Mama said...

yeah she's definately close to me, so I'm waiting for her to call me.

the problem is that she's already calling Papa. And she's also saying Mama, but Mama is not me, but for paternal grandmother in Cantonese.
So, I have to wait for her to call me mummy. :(

I still can't access your site. Aigh.

Trying to expose her to Mandarin, but saying every phrase in 2 languages is very tiring, sometimes lazy also to repeat. :(

Her vocab is good.. now is to wait for her to string them up to make sentences.
Lyon will pick up very soon, I believe once they start, it's no stopping them.

They very clever hor? Know how to bully mummy.
Good to know about Yee Ching's eating habit. So I guess I can slowly move Zara to rice also.

Haha, don't know why they hate Cereal huh? Nestle must do more research to hold on to their customers.

Wow, Darien can eat one whole McEgg?? Terror. Zara doesn't really fancy egg, she likes fish. I guess if I give her fillet-o-fish, she can probably finish the whole lot.

Two little fellas,

Helen said...

Hee hee cannot resist stealing some time to visit your blog!! LOL

** groan ** I missed Zara's 13th month bash!!! So sorry....

I know it's late, but would like to give Zara a belated 13th month kiss....... ** mama, please tolong me to give Zara a big kiss ** lol

Zara's Mama said...

Thank you... btw, you have a very sexy voice in the White Christmas singing!

jazzmint said...

hehe..3 slylabus oso can liao...she's saving Mommy word for the last.. save the best for last mah :)

Allyfeel said...

Is it true that breast feeding baby is smarter? I can see it in Zara's development. :)

Well, I am also trying to introduce Mandarin, try to...hope it works.

Anonymous said...
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