Friday, December 02, 2005

Photo Moments

I love these few shots of Zara. Despite Daddy's Fear, I'll still post them. Zara was trying to fake a cry to get her way with something. Zara was giving her favourite che-che (big sister), Sam a hug. This was taken during her birthday, when she wasn't feeling very well, and she just wanted to 'manja' (get pampering from) her che-che. Zara playing with Daddy, part of her nightly routine. And the best of the lot, Zara giving me a kiss on the lips after lots of pleading from me.


Sue said...

pretty Zara! and way to go with the "lau kai" face hehehe

Egghead said...

well... I don't think we should spend our lives worrying about what some stupid and evil people will do out there... if we do... we are definitely wasting our time :)

p/s: I get those nagging from my wife too... LOL!

Helen said...

Ha Ha Ha I beh tahan Zara's fake-cry look... ha ha so silly, so cute!!! Bet she got away with whatever she wanted!! My favourite pic is the one she manja manja with Sam, what a darling!!!!

Talking about defiance.. u not only post pics this time, u post your hubby's back!!! LOL BTW, did u lost weight?? Maybe your profile pic was taken sometime back......

Zara is SO PRETTY!!!

King's wife said...

wah, tai tam...really defying him wor. somemore show his picture...

Msau said...

pic said thousand words lah..without pic really tasteless liao..

looking at Zara's pic let me feel like sayang more lah..wanna cubit her cheek liao..:p

blurblur said...

Wonderful pictures...:)

I love the one which she "maja" with her cheche..very sweet..

Aww..and the lip kissing one...sooooo.....sweeet...:))

blurblur said...

Erm...sorry, i meant "manja"...hehe

ky said...

Ahhh! Would like to have one kissing pic with Tien too! But hubby just don't have the patience to wait for that golden moment :(

Samm said...

aiyo, so young and learning to "teh" her way adi. Zara's mama, i see a pattern forming...... get ready.....

JoeC said...

eeee, cute-cute lei. babys sure very smart in attracting attention. have a nice weekend. cheers!

maria aka twinsmom said...

Another Drama Queen? can fake cry some more liao.

Zara's Mama said...

The laukai face is a classic. :P Next time will blow it up and show her when she's older.

you ah.. some more kept showing J's pretty face.. no wonder she nags you.

Yeah, I like the manja Sam's photo also..
And mummy not so silly won't get conned by her fake cry one. Normally I see got big big drops of tears, if not, will just ignore her. Wait till she learn how to apply minyak angin and let the tears flow down first, then maybe I'll get conned. :P
I didn't loose weight.. still the same. You are just trying to make my day ler.. You mouth so sweet.

King's Wife,
Side profile only.. some more he won't realise.

Yeah loh.. babies photos so cute how not to post hor. Just like you tell us about SQ so clever to cari makan, if without photos, we cannot imagine also.

When she's in the mood she's very manja one.. Hug all her favourite people..
The lip kissing one is really hard to capture on film.

yeah, really have to be patient and take the shot at the precise moment.. not easy.

Terrible Twos coming?

Yeah.. babies very clever to get ppl's attention. I just hope she won't manja like that in the supermarket or what when I don't buy her the things she wants.

Yeah.. Very clever to act. I think more to come when she's older.

Lazymama said...

Zara's fake cry looks so cute! And I like the "kissing mummy" picture, so heartwarming!

yvy said... comel lar!!! :)

Fannie said...

lip kissing i also have to plea with my gal! :)

She's rather stingy with with her kisses...

I love the last sweet! :)

Passerby A said...

Wow! Same here, Ophelia will only kiss me if I promise to give her ice cream leh!

Lin Peh said...

I love the one zara kissing you. can Lin Peh photoshop the pic and replace zara's photo with Lin Peh wan ah ? LOL !!!! (don't sweat....joking onli)

Greenapple said...

wah, the kissing shot made me feel so warm! the bond sure is there, eh? good shot!

what a precious moment!

Zara's Mama said...

So fake hor?
Kissing mummy photo not easy to capture.. must wait long long, and when she's in a very good mood.

thank you hor.

Fannie, The Diva,
Don't know why they are so stingy with her kiss huh? In The Diva's case even worse, must bribe. LOL

Last post you said want to be my son in law, now you want to kacau the future mother in law..
You can keep you jit pak ban already! Give me Jit Cheng Ban also I won't marry Zara to you! *hands on hip*

Thanks fo visiting.. Yeah. I like that shot too. Unfortunately it's many NG later only got this shot, husband's photography skill needs to improve.

Allyfeel said...

whao..kiss kiss on the mouth shots, I don't have nice!!!

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