Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend with Daddy's boss - II

After having a good time with us the night before; G called us on Sunday during lunch time from Lake Gardens and asked if we would like to meet up. He was especially interested in going to the Malay village Daddy was raving about. We very quickly changed Zara, and drove to town, thinking of grabbing lunch on our way. It was actually Zara's nap time, so she fell asleep soon after we left. As I would like her to be fully charged up for the rest of the day, I told Daddy we should get something which we can eat in the car, either a sandwich or McD, so that we didn't have to interrupt Zara's sleep (having to carry her down to the restaurant and all). My plan was spoilt though by Daddy. When I went down to grab our take away from McD, Daddy started making calls in the car, and woke Zara up. He of course got a lecture from me, before I passed him his lunch. *roll eyes* After our quick lunch, we went to the Bird Park in Lake Garden since G said he was just in the Orchid Garden closed by. Zara had a glimpse of some of the birds (within the park) which were perched high up on branches from the car park. She got very excited and made the 'AK AK AK' sound (just like the crow) very loudly, even after we met G, and got into our car. The 'famous' Malay village we were bringing G was Ulu Langat. We like to bring our foreign friends there because it is only 30mins drive from the city, and you get to see streams, waterfall (if you are willing to hike a bit), fruit orchards and best of all village houses on stilt, and also live stock roaming the streets. . . . We drove along the stream, and stopped when G spotted a unique looking house. It was a private property across the stream, linked to the main road by a bridge. It is a simple brick house, standing on a very huge piece of land. There is a big grass field, with fruit trees at the far end, and a very tidy and pretty garden. We asked for permission to see the place. Zara was like a free soul, happy to be on her feet, and running in the field. Even when the local kids wanted to play with her, she didn't show much interest, and preferred to be on her own running. We just stood afar and watched her, and only picked her up when it was time to go. She was actually kicking a fuss, not wanting to follow us. Our next stop was at a durian stall. G being first time in South East Asia, mentioned about durian, and Daddy was eager to have him taste one. G was brave, he actually took 2 seeds. He said the taste was very unique, but he didn't really like it. I gave Zara a little of the flash too (her first time as well), just for her to taste; when she was offered a 2nd helping, she shook her head. I ended up having the rest of the durian, luckily it wasn't a big fruit, since I'm really quite indifferent to durians. Near by, there was a herd of goats grazing in the field, I took Zara near them, and told her they were Billy Goats just like the ones in her book. She got very excited, looked at them intently and started making the Maaa Maaa Maaa sound like the goats'. (Zara was making so much animal sounds that day, that at one point, G's wife called him on the mobile and I could hear him say, "No that's not a cat, that was a child") As for dinner, since G said he didn't mind having local dinner even if it's operated from a shed, we brought him to this famous steam fish shedrestaurant in Taman Segar. We ordered 2 steam fishes, steam egg, steam beancurd and a vege. Dinner was quick, since this was Zara's first taste of fully flavoured adult food (all her home cooked porridge has no added salt or seasoning), she ate very fast, and was very happy. Price of dinner, RM40. Cheap and good! (But later that night, we did feel that there was a wee bit too much MSG the restaurant has used.) After dinner, we sent G back to Mandarin Oriental, and then we visited the Kinokuniya book shop in KLCC since it was only 7:30pm. When we got home, it was about 9pm +, and Zara was getting very tired and fretful (only a short 30mins nap for the whole day). I wanted to just wipe and change her, but I found that she was pretty dirty from being out whole day. She got very angry when I showered her, and started screaming and shouting for a full 30mins, until she got so tired she drifted to sleep.


Helen said...

That was a busy day for you and Zara!! Thanks for your info.... I am embarassed!! I dun know where is Ulu Langat. lol I'll definitely check it out if I have the chance.

From what you wrote, I bet you are a good entertainer !! If me, I really do not know what to do... especially with bosses. LOL I have this phobia about entertaining ppl I do not know well. :-)

Zara still got energy to shout a full 30 mins after such a hectic day? Wow, she's bursting with energy isn't she?? lol

Passerby A said...

Hahahah! Is that what they call our restaurants - sheds? So farnie!

I can only gawk at all the open spaces you get to enjoy. It's so claustrophobic here...

Samm said...

Looks like Zara's had a fantastic time enjoying herself in the great outdoors.

Sabrina said...

Poor Zara, mommy showered her when she's so sleepy and I tired.

Egghead said...

so small already needed to go entertain guests with you all liao ah? LOL!

mom2ashley said...

what a full day for zara! i bet she was shouting cause she didn't want the fun to end!

Twin said...

a day full of activities ... so happily running everywhere. :) My kids are like that too when they gets too tired from a whole day out. But the next day, they are a happy duo again.

blurblur said...

Wow..that must be a very tiring day for Zara, got to entertain daddy's boss by making animal sounds leh..:p

But i believe she enjoys herself tremendously...:))

Allyfeel said...

She must be so so tired har, doen't want u to touch her single bit.

I too have to bath bb b4 he sleeps especially after a whole day out. I think it's more hygenic and comfortable for the little one.

L B said...

OMG! I love the Italian impersonation you did! I also love your kid too! :-) Ah Bukkies to all..

Cocka Doodle said...

Got teach Zara to imitate how a chicken clucks or not?
Next time sure can attract a lot of cocks wan....

Zara's Mama said...

Next time you come to KL, I bring you to Ulu Langat also la. Make you hike up 8hrs to Gunung Nuang, sure after this, you will have very chun and sexy cleavage one. :P

Not good entertainer la, just like to host foreigners and bluff them about the beauty of Malaysia (whatever that's left).

the diva,
no, they don't call our restaurant a shed. But this one which we went to is really a shed, restaurant is at road side, just zinc pieces as roof, tables are laid on the road. Not all foreigners can stomach this, so have to make it clear to him we're going to eat in a shed.

Yeah. Looks like she loves running in the fields. Have to bring her out more often.

that's why got 'scolding' from her. :(

train her from young ma. But she didn't entertain also la, just do her own things only.

yeah, must be a combination of not wanting the fun to stop and fatigue.

yeah loh. They play until don't know how to slow down one when they are tired, then become very grouchy after that.

poor thing hor? Can you imagine next time can when she can sing we'll be making her sing? :P

yeah, but sometimes I close one eye if it's not too dirty. That day she ran in the fields, so cannot close one eye, can find grass in her diaper also (don't know how it got there), so cannot tahan, bath her lo.

huh? what is ah bukkies?

cocka doodle,
I don't want to attract cocks la. I want to her to attract only nice young men. :P


found out Ulu Langat is an interesting place to visit locally and learnt that never bath your kids when they are too fatigue. Your blog is so entertaining and educational at the same time :)

L B said...

Picked that up from Zara - go ask her.. I think it was when she did the mabuk stunt.. Ah Buk singular. Plural Ah Bukkies, ya?

ky said...

Hahaahaa, hubby also very often gets my black face when he wakes the kids up by talking loudly when using the phone. Luckily Zara was pretty well behave during the whole outing, else Zara's papa will need to see a black face Zara's mama :p

Anonymous said...

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