Friday, December 09, 2005

The Messy Eater - Photos say it all

As mentioned in my earlier post, while Zara eats, she needs to have some food on her own plate to self feed or play with. Here are some photos taken during the weekend where she attempted to self feed herself with some rice. I was so glad my eldest sis brought along her maid, Sandra, and she helped me with feeding and entertaining Zara (I normally don't bring along Tuyam, our maid, because I prefer Zara to be taken care by only Daddy and myself during weekends, I think Zara needs a break from Tuyam after spending 5days with her). Zara : Mmm, chomp, chomp! See the mess, luckily I don't have to mop the floor later

Zara : Hahaha, This is so much fun!

Zara : Oh o, looks like my plate is empty already!

Aunty Sandra : OK, wipe your hands now. Zara : beh-beh, power, putter-pie *suddenly took an interest in the bear, flower and butterfly motive on the plate* Zara : Hug Hug. Thank You Aunty Sandra for playing with me while my mummy pigged out.


Anonymous said...

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Lazymama said...

My girl likes to feed herself too!

So whenever eating porridge I'll give her one extra spoon and she manage to scoop the porridge to her mouth.

They eat faster in this way. :)

Egghead said...

oh man! I really have to start letting my son feed himself... we don't do that because we're too lazy to clean up the mess later :(

blurblur said...

Zara is still not that messy wor, you should see the disastrous state after Damien finished his meals..rice grain all over his clothes and on the floor..sometimes his hair..;p

I like the last pic..Zara is so sweet...;)

Sue said...

Ivan's the same... must have a little plastic plate of vege in front of him the he will kwai kwai sit on the highchair... Zara's still not too messy lah!

Jesslyn said...

Lyon too, feeding time is also the messy time! I have to clean or mop the floor le! But she behave kuai lui with her grandma ma! MIL said when she feed her, she will not as messy as when I feed her!! Notti girl, bully mummy wan!

Selba said...

In the last picture, Zara looks so sweet... very a nice picture! So comforting... :)

Allyfeel said...

you guys so "keng" one ah? Go out without Tuyam. I kenot survive without my sri.

Lucky you la, Zara is not all that messy. Wait till you see my monkey boy. He always make me sweat even in air conditioning place.

Samm said...

I've been feeing Gordon since he started eating. Dont want to clean up after him, mah. He'll eat on his own later lah. But sometimes, i put the rice onto his spoon and he'll put it into his mouth. Quite accurate one.

Helen said...

LOL... mess aside, at least Zara is big girl enuff to try to feed herself!! Love these pics!!

maria aka twinsmom said...

how I wish just now Zara can let me carry her, like what she did to Auntie Sandra.

mom2ashley said...

ashley likes to grab at the spoon we feed her we let her hold another spoon....feeding baby solids is so much messier than just plain milk!

Anonymous said...

She looked like she enjoyed making a mess instead of self feeding.

Jason mumbles


messy for the time being... sweet when you walk down the memory lane revisiting the moment well captured.

Lin Peh said...

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Zara's Mama said...

Thanks, I will check it out.

Is Yee Ching an expert now self feeding?

you have to start him sooner or later.. unless you want to feed him until he gets married (then the wife takes over). :P
You may want to start by doing it in restaurants first, at least then you don't have to do the cleaning up. :P

Wah, Damien also very messy ah? *hee hee*.
Yeah, the last pic is nice. She's very good in giving thanks to people who'd been nice and taken care of her. She gives them hugs.

Ivan will feed himself with vege? Or just plays with them?

Sometimes I think they know how to bully mummy one.

Yeah, she's good at that. We call her bodek kaki number 1. :P

Yeah, weekend is more like family time, just Daddy, myself and her. I'm always very worried if we let the maid look after her all the time, she may stick to the maid instead of me, so weekends and holidays try to be 100% taken care by us.

Maybe b'cos Gordon is older than Zara. Zara's aiming of the spoon is still quite bad, but using hands she's ok.
That's why we just let her feed herself some rice with her hands.

Are you glad you have passed this phase? *hee hee*

Haha, if we spent more time at your place, she may actually do that.

And it's going to get worse.. more mess ahead, until they have full control of the spoon.

Yeah. More like playing than eating.

Two Little Fellas,
Yes, I'm sure when we recall this in later stages of life, it'll be very nice memory. Right now, I just need very good floor detergent and mop. :P

Lin Peh,
Aiyo.. play what ah? Let me go and check later.