Friday, December 30, 2005

Off Today

Since we had stremyx, most of my nights during the weekends are spent on blog surfing or blogging (if we didn't go out). Tonight, I wanted to post some of Zara's photo taken yesterday when I took her swimming with King's Wife's kids in my sis' appartment. After I logged on, Daddy came in, and asked sweetly (rarely does he speak to me in such a manner) if we should watch a movie together (DVD of course). I can't refuse those small bambi eyes can I? So I shall try to post the photos tomorrow, and watch a movie with him (maybe Cinderella Man). Just to be a good wife occasionally. If you wonder if anything steamy going to happen after that, well, just remember the photo in this post. Unless we play London Bridge Is Falling Down later. Oops, this is a blog for my daugther. I shouldn't get too detail with such things, so I shall stop before I say too much. (Just to make me feel guilty, he's blasting All By Myself on his amplifier now. Ok ok, I should go now)


King's wife said...

wah, he spoke sweetly? very rare wor...he MUST want something tonight. Got change into something sexy first or not? *wink wink*
Must blog about it lah. If cannot put something so steamy on your blog, come, come, put in mine. I let you tumpang...

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L B said...

I second King's wife.. Nothing flaccid there at SimplyHantam wan :-) LOL! Yes.. Here's to teh New Year! May it be productive.

Helen said...

Wow, the soon to come New Year is indeed getting an exciting start for you and hubby!! ** wink wink**

BTW, yep I remember the post about sleeping arrangements..... but u can always think.... I mean act outside the box. Kitchen is nice. ( I saw a movie many years ago and was surprised by the possibilities the good ol' kitchen offer...) yeah, do take up King's Wife offer... tumpang her blog if u have anything to say. In fact, I think anyone who has something to say but find it inconvenient to do so on their own blog, can proceed to King's Wife blog for XXX stuff. LOL ** quickly run before King's Wife catches me...**

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!

Tracy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to u and family!!!

Samm said...

I'm soooo waiting to know what happens between you and hubby. Errr, we have to read it at king's wife's blog, hoh. When ah, you will inform us one hoh.

Happy New Year to you and family!!!!

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

Lazymama said...

Happy New year to you and your family!

Don't forget to post the details ya, I will go over to King's wife blog to read!:P

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
Nothing steamy la. You know him wut.. He prefers making love to the amplifier more than doing the actual act..

And btw, are you pimping your blog up for humsup rental?

I really hope it'll be PRODUCTIVE..

Aisay, my maid sleeps in the room next to the kitchen.. so cannot humsup in the kitchen, or she won't be able to sleep.
And really, nothing happened.
I was telling King's Wife, we watched the moview Cinderella Man, and right at the end where the most kan cheong boxing match was taking placed, Zara woke up crying and very wide awake. It took me 30mins to calm her down and tucked her back to sleep.. Aigh.. so kanchiong that time only this happened.

So can you imagine if very song that time suddenly she cried how? Everything also will get limped.


Nothing happened.. really.

Thank you.

aiya.. you also 'ngam' humsup things? :P
Nothing happened la.. Watch movie liao ma sleep loh.

Allyfeel said...

¹ý¼¸ÕÐÀ´Ñ½£¬ ÈÃÎÒÃÇҲѧϰѧϰ¡£:)

jazzmint said...

hehehe wah so hubby hides and watch dvd all by himself!!! I only hear the noise occasionally cause I also hide and watch tvb series all by myself LOL


this post and comments have triggered a series of laughing bout from my side ha ha..

Zara's Mama said...

Cannot see the Chinese ler.. Nothing humsup I should take note of? LOL

Wah, why your hubby must hide and watch one? What type of DVD he watched *whisling*

Two Little Fellas,
People are trying to get juicy and scandulous posts from this innocent blog *batting my eyelids*