Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home This Week

Office is shut this week, so all of us have to take compulsory leave. I'm home with the little one, and luckily I have Tuyam, or else I won't be able to even go and clear my bowel with the little koala, Zara, clinging to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She uttered her first phrase 2 nights ago. I was nursing my migraine and I heard her told Daddy, "Uh-Oh, book" while pointing to a pile of books on the floor (Even though it's not fully in English, it's still a milestone to capture) She uses Uh-Oh for things dropped, things missing, things lying on the floor. For the above phrase, her books were scattered on the floor after Daddy read to her, so she was probably complaining about the mess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This morning, after Zara woke up this simple dialogue took place : Me : Zara, lets go downstairs already! Zara : Mum Mum *excitedly*! Me : Yes, go downstairs to mum mum! Zara : Wise (her pronunciation of rice)! Me : No, not rice. Morning we don't take rice. Zara : Wis (her pronunciation of fish)! Me : No, no fish in the morning. We have bread or biscuit ok? Zara : Bed (her pronunciation of bread)! Bed! Bed! When we got downstairs, she went to the kitchen and chanted Bed until I gave her a small slice of bread. (She loves fish, and rice compared to her porridge, and bread is her staple diet too). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before we got broadband, most nights, I will be in the room reading after Zara has gone to bed or interrupt Daddy's love making to his DIY amplifier to have some small talks. After we got broadband, most nights, I would be in the study reading blogs or blogging, and if Daddy wasn't downstairs making love to his amplifier, he would be coming into the study to make small talks, but I would be rolling my eyes and waiting for him to finish whatever he wanted to say so I can go back to whatever I was reading or doing again. So sad.


jazzmint said...

congrats.....another milestone to celebrate!!! Her speech development is real fast :)

L B said...

It's like watching an episode of 'The Incredibles' :P - albeit a peaceful, homely episode..

Samm said...

Haha, whenever my aquarium screen saver comes on, Gordon will say "huish" for "fish".

Thank god my hubby not music equipments freak. He prefers to hog my PC playing Star Wars

blurblur said...

Well done again, Zara! *clap clap* Soon she'll be making long sentences already..:)

The same scene happens over at our home too, when i'm online, i can't stand hubby hovering around, he must be out of my sight;p

Lazymama said...

Welldone Zara! Soon she will be able to speak a full sentences.

YCHing is started to speak some simple sentences like "eat mum mum", "hello/bye bye kor kor/jie jie", "ng ng joh".

geetha said...

Cheers to Zara. Good start.

They are cute when they start speaking that little words.

No amplifiers for my hubs. TV is good enough. My hubs would just love to sit in front of the TV, no matter how late. And I would just sit there, trying to break him off it, to talk to me. Since I don't blog at home, I'm bored... but he is SO glued!

Zara's Mama said...

Thanks. Once they start, they become very good in mimicking pronunciation.

Yes, and I'm Elastica, I need to have elastic legs and hands to be able to protect her from her fall, grab hold of the biscuit she almost dropped on the floor, and stopped her from picking that piece of dirt up to put into her mouth, all these while I'm sitted right in front of the PC reading your blog.

As long as they are not addicted to anything is good.
Hubby has this estatic look on his face everything he's in front of the amplifier.. Scarry.

So sad hor? Like we want to ask them to go out of our sight while we 'concentrate' on our kay poh-ing on the net. :P

Yee Ching is good too huh? She can speak so well.

TV and amplifier are better vice than smoking and drinking I guess (or even blogging). So I shan't complain.

Passerby A said...

That's sooooOooo sweet!

I wish I remembered what Ophelia's first words were... of course, she talks non-stop nowadays :)

Tracy said...

Reminded me of Destinee when she was about to speak her new words. Gung gung - it's Dung dung, Kor Kor - it's Tor Tor, Fish - it's Pish, Cat - it's Tat.

Really enjoy the time when our kids learn new words and we'll try to understand what they're trying to say/explain to us. It's always the mommies and not daddies who'll understand what the kids are trying to say.

Zara's Mama said...

the Diva,
Haha, I guess they all turn into a talkative person once they could master their mouth muscle.

Yeah yeah.. amazing stage now, I just want to capture as much as I can or else I will just 'lose' it.

Jason said...

Haha! Finally, the broadband is taking its toll. Watch out for stage 2!

sesame said...

Blogging is very addictive hor? My husband always threaten to screw up my PC so that I cannot blog anymore. :P The problem is I love to tweak my templates so that takes up even more time! So these two weeks, I've been going around reading blogs quietly and not commenting. But not for long lah...

Zara's Mama said...

What is stage 2? Terminal illness already?

yeah.. addictive. No time to surf net for other info liao.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, zara is very fast ler...can say so many things already. So cool!

DIY amplifier? ya, men can really get crazy abt those machine. When u r much better with ur breast, u go and seduce him la. hahaha! :P


i love tots in their "uh-oh" stage- the way they say it turn something so simple into something so memorable.

btw lady, u need to get yr hubby to make love to u and not the amplifier-lah ... i hope to read you blog about your 2nd pregnancy sooner... :)

Jason said...

Stage 2? Feel uneasy when you don't get to online/read blogs. Or maybe stick your ass on the chair whole day surfing blogs, even when tehre are no updates. :P

Twin said...

they are so cute when they start to talk. And as a parent you'll have to figure out what your lil one is saying .. as usual the daddies will be blur. Hehehe sorry daddies out there no offence ok. When Denisha was younger about Zara's age, whenever she does something wrong, she'll go 'OOoooooo' with her pointed out forefinger and the cute little expression on her face. Too bad .. I didn't manage to capture that moment but it will always be fresh in my mind. :)

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