Friday, December 16, 2005

Understanding Zara

I think it takes a mum to understand her child. Daddy doesn't understand Zara most of the time; even when she's hugging his legs and saying "Hug Hug" he doesn't know that Zara was offering him a hug, and when I told him about it, he would go wide eye and exclaim, "oh, was she saying that?" Men.. They are soooo DUH! I could see Zara brightening up when we could understand what she was trying to 'communicate', and gets frustrated when she tried to tell us something, and we just couldn't figure out what she was saying (I get frustrated too, not just her). Here is a typical situation that happened during her bed time : Me : *laid Zara down next to me* Zara, come, drink milk milk Zara : *suckled for 5 seconds, let go of the breast, shook her head vigorously* Urrrgh! Me : You don't want already? So fast? Zara : *shook her head vigorously, swayed her arms around* Urrrrgh! Me : *scratched head* What do you want? Zara : *did the 'more' sign by pointing her index finger to her palm , shook her head vigorously, swayed her arms around* Urrrggh! Me : Oh! You want mummy to sing is it? Zara : *smiled and do the 'more' sign* Me : *started singing* Zara : *latched on and started suckling* (Shake the head vigorously and sway her arms around is her way of dancing; boy, she's creating some really hard 'sign' to understand) These are other 'conversations' that took place: Morning Before I went to work, I wanted to nurse her. Me : *carried her* Zara, come and have milk milk Zara : *suckled for 5 seconds, let go of the breast, pat her belly* Pao Pao! (Chinese: full) Me : How can you be pao pao so fast? Drink more! *pressed her head back to breast* Zara : *suckled for another 5 seconds, let go of the breast, pat her belly* Pao Pao! Me : *looked at her* Sure you are pao pao? Don't want any more? Zara : *shook head* Me : *put her back down on the floor* Ok then, what do you want to do now? Zara : *walked towards her biscuit container* Bis-KGH, Bis-KGH! (Biscuit) Me : *rolled eye* Evening I was feeding Zara papaya, she took a bite, then walked away to touch some other things; and then walked back to me when she'd swallowed the papaya in her mouth. Zara : *did her 'more' sign* Me : *fed her* Must chew chew huh? (Such a naggy mum I am) Zara : *walked away, almost tripped on something* Ah Buk! *smiled, steady herself, walked on* Me : *smiled* Yeah you mabuk (Malay: Drunk) already, walked like that.


L B said...

Oh my!! I want one too!!! So nice! So sweet! No lah, not the milk! I want a little girl too!!! :-( Oh well, need to put that into the To Do List..

Really, so sweet la! I'm all touched... ..... :-) I love the *Ah Buk* awwww...

Jason said...

Hahaha! Cute sial~!

mom2ashley said...

what a clever girl. will try to sign with ashley...

Lazymama said...

Yeah, Zara is so clever. Zara's mama is clever too being able to make the right quess (the singing part)!

I don't think I could understand the shook head and sway arm sign. :P

sesame said...

Zara is smart leh...and I really admire you for learning some of the signs and teaching your daughter. I read about those...but I never bothered to learn. :P

Sue said...

Startig to develop a mind of her own... :P

Jacky said...

That's cute :D Playful Zara :)

kelly said...

Smart mama and clever baby...:)I don't know how to sign with Qianyi...I'm lazy to learn anyway..haha..But I can guess what she wants most of the time..If she wants to watch VCD, she'll switch on the VCD player and brings me the right remote control.:)


You have great bonding with little Zara and that is something to be proud of.

L B said...

You have just been TAGGED!

I mean, you been added to QUICKIES! :P

Fannie said...

i realise that the moms are always the ones who understands our kiddy most when they are young! :)

Hubby started to understand Ethyl more during his stay with us during his's amazing how well Ethyl bonds with him these days! :)

Er...Zara's Daddy gotta try and spend more time to bond with Zara loh...

fishballbaby said...

hi Zara's mama,
I happened to chance upon your blog, and read your journey to conceive Zara. I could empathize totally cos i went through similar. especially the part when you fished out the liver like tissue... I did the same.
I am now 11+weeks pregnant, after nearly one year of futile tries after the miscarriage. I believe my pregnancy is also the result of seeing a chinese physician. Now still at the hush hush stage, although heartbeat was heard, as I am now worrying about my yolk sac, which is at a size that may mean an abnormal pregnancy. Sigh! God bless you and Zara!!

1+2mom said...

Both of us also like this type of guessing game but sometime they will get mad if cant guess what they want..haha.

yl said...

the men dun get it.

maria aka twinsmom said...

your breast can't fight the biscuit tin? hahaha...

shiaulin said...

a x'mas wish for u girl. go visit my blog :D

Helen said...

Ha ha Ha Zara definitely got taste wor.... want some singing with her supper!! Now Zara Mama you dun have excuse not to sing for Lin Peh already!! lol

Hee Hee typical of men to be not 'sai sam.' That is why for the 100th time, I say to you, Zara is blessed to have a mama like you!!

ky said...

Oh yes! I love that brightening face look plus all smile, when we understood what our children were trying to communicate :)

yvy said...

hahaha!!! the *ah buk* is so cute lar!!!! :)

blurblur said...

It can really get very frustrating when i can't understand what Damien is trying to say, although now he's more vocal, there's still some baby talk which i find it difficult to "decode"...however whenever i managed to "decode" it, the wide grin he gave me is definitely worth it:))Zara is clever, knows how to express her needs at such young age:)

Egghead said...

maybe the CIA or FBI should have a look at this and come up with a "highly-advanced" encoding method for their TOP SECRETS! LOL!

Little Miss said...

kids are soooooooo cute, huh? btw, those pictures on my mom's post was each of my three kids w/ their grandma.

; )

Sabrina said...

Hehe..Keith's version of dancing is to shack his head, arry his bum (like jumping)while sitting down or jump while he's standing.

Allyfeel said...

I noticed Zara likes to eat biscuit, what biscuits do you buy for her that is so tasty???

Zara's Mama said...

to do: poke holes in rubber and frame some one? or
find a willing party?
and thanks for tagging me.

like you loh. :P

yeah, and tell us about the experiance. Actually, even if you don't sign to her, she'll create her own method and sign to you.

have to loh. Or else, she'll be very mangjang.

actually, non of the signs she made was proper.. we just compromised along the way.

huh? I thought they already had their mind of their own day 1? *LOL*
but now she seems to know some of her 'rights'.


like I mentioned to sesame, none of her signs are proper actually, but she'll just keep trying until I'm able to understand her.

thank you. Still a lot to learn.

Zara's daddy also spend a lot of time with her, but he's not so jingling like me, so takes him a while to understand some of Zara's pronunciation and signs.

I hope the best for you.. please take care.

yeah, they get very mangjang if you cannot understand them.

the men have a long way to go.. their brain didn't evolve quick enough like us superior being. :P

so sad huh? *sob sob*

huh? you must sign to me, i cannot understand.

yeah, now she wants music when she's suckling, and music in the car.
ok ok, I'll go and do linpeh's thing tonight.

yeah, it's like 'ting!' the light bulb is litted like that. :P

thanks.. sometimes we're just surprised at how she use certain words certain time.. Well there's still a long way to go, lots more surprises.

I think it's the same for everybody, we get happy when we're understood.

yeah, their code is more difficult to crack right? See, to be a mum, we have to be highly intelligent. (in your case, you are one of the exception male species la)

little miss,
thanks for visiting again. I dropped by at yours too earlier.

haha.. you must video tape it and share with us.

I give her Baby Bites most of the time. It's a very light and crispy rice rusk. I love it myself too.

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