Thursday, December 15, 2005

Latest addition to our family... of toys

Zara's toys collection is increasing. She has a variety of toys either inherited from King's Wife's kids or my kind friend (anybody who gives me things is kind). We seldom buy her toys, but when we do, we try to get her something which have educational value, and which also give her lots of play time (l.b. iPod Nano is definitely not one of them, not now anyway). Her recent interest is in masak-masak (Malay: cooking set); she likes to hold a spoon, dips it into a cup, and pretends to feed herself or whoever is near her. I just got her a basic set, as I'm eyeing for my niece, Samantha's collection. She's going to be 9, she should be done with masak-masak soon, or so I hope. My youngest sis went to Hong Kong Disneyland during the time Zara celebrated her birthday, so she didn't attend Zara's party. She brought something back for Zara though, however, we didn't collect it until 2 days ago. Besides a Disney hat, she got Zara a cuddly Love To Walk Winnie The Pooh but sadly nothing for me. The toy's purpose I believe was to encourage toddlers to walk. You turn the switch on, and Winnie The Pooh will start walking, while muttering, "Pooh Bear can walk." And then it'll go faster, and it'll say, "Faster Faster". If you dropped, it would say, "Oh O, Pooh Bear falls down". If you picked it up and held it, it would say, "Thank you. Pooh Bear loves you" It says other things too, under different conditions. I still haven't found out what other conditions make it talk or walk, and it didn't come with a manual, so I guess we'll just discover it along the way. Zara loves it, that's the most important thing. She giggled when the bear walked towards her. When the bear quickened its pace, she too started to stamp her feet excitedly. When it stopped talking, she picked it up and gave it a hug.


. . . . . . . . . So, here is the latest addition to her toy collection. Not sure how long she'll be interested in Mr Pooh though.

(Fannie, I believe this is something that Ethyl will definitely love, Zara is not a fan of Pooh, in fact this is her first encounter with this 'species')

(btw, the shots above are my attempt on the DSLR; I still have lots to learn, but I realise the shots are very much sharper)


kelly said...

Wow, interesting toy...We are bringing Qianyi to Hong Kong Disneyland next month. Hope we'll find something nice for her too...:)Is there something like "Love to pee or poo on potty" toy that encourages toddlers to use the potty? I hope there is...:)

L B said...

Yeah, like Kelly said, that is one wonderful toy!
*Jots down what to get a toddler next time - crosses out iPod*
*and PSP*
*Note to self - remind Zara's Mama to get iPod in the near future*

maria aka twinsmom said...

Oh...I will to hug too...I mean Zara. hahaha... I love kid have something soft to cuddle when they sleep, but too bad my two girls both don't want anything to hug to sleep, aside from the pillow. Ok lar, save me money.

you got see my long long reply to your comment in my blog or not? can't believe we was in the same school.

Passerby A said...

Wow! So cute! It must cost a bomb!

Fannie said...

Thanks for the tinkle (in my blog), Agnes!

When Ethyl saw this pic...she went bonkers! LOL

She was squealing, luaghing, and shouting..."pooh...bear bear..."!

Mom saw this at one of the malls, she wanted to get one for Ethyl, but they do not have a display set.

After seeing how excited her darling is, she nearly took a cab down to the mall! LOL

Another one who spoils my gal rotten! :x

Zara's Mama said...

If you can find "Love to pee or poo on potty" toy from wherever, do get down the address of the shop ok? I want to get one for Zara too..
Or maybe we should venture into creating this toy. I'm sure it's going to be a big hit!

l b,
*roll eyes* hahahaha *dry laugh*

I replied to your long long comments also leh. Yeah, so happy to meet ex school mate here, although our path never crossed in school. :P
You know any more school mates who has blogs?
Zara doesn't cuddle anything to sleep to, she prefers to cuddle my arm. *sigh*

haha, I'm sure Ethyl will like the Pooh Bear more than Zara..
Wa.. so many people spoils your gal.. so lucky.
Maybe you can get this Pooh for her for Christmas. I bet she'll love it, more than Zara.

1+2mom said...

wah..the pooh bear very cute ler, but my kids not his not much pooh bear in my house (those pooh bear at my home is free toys).


altho' my kids are not so much of a pooh fan but that's a very interesting toy.
hey, congratulation for taking your first shot with dSLR. no bad for a start. keep going...


altho' my kids are not so much of a pooh fan but that's a very interesting toy.
hey, congratulation for taking your first shot with dSLR. no bad for a start. keep going...

Janice@HunnyBunz said...

Thank you for visiting us and signing our guestbook. :) Your little angel looks so cute. Unfortunately, we need to get new toys for the boys all the time since there's no hand me down. :(

Lazymama said...

Wow, cool toy! Can walk and sing, must be very cute!

We have one pooh bear soft toy but can't walk and sing, YChing seldom touch it.

ky said...

Love the pic Zara with pooh! She's wearing an almost similar T-shirt as pooh, adorable!

Egghead said...

wah! can I pinjam?? LOL!
my son have a big pooh also... too bad it doesn't speak or walk :(

blurblur said...

This toy looks fun, and it's cute, i love it!! Zara looks so sweet in that pic with Pooh:)

If Damien see this, i believe he'll go bonkers like Ethyl...hahaha...;p

Annie said...

the pooh bear...holding ..the handkerchief...ver y ly..

JoeC said...

hey, very very cute! that reminds me, i've got that McD pooh a while back the one with rabbit ears and the one with a big heart! adorable both the baby and pooh! Have a nice weekend. Cheers!

maria aka twinsmom said...

你被点了 --

mom2ashley said...

my hubby calls it the "invasion" of ashley (invasion as in a good way) cause the whole house is slowly looking like ashley has stamped a mark on...there's her baby cot in the living room, there's her basket of clothing, diapers, toys, books - all in the living hall!....bottles, milk powder in the kitchen...lots of ashley's laundry in the laundry room etc!

Helen said...

Awww, I can't take it!!! Zara + Mr Pooh = Cute (100x) lol

i was wondering why did u find it hard to use the DSLR? You were using a digital camera before right? What is the difference? I thought the DSLR has the fully automatic option? :-)

shiaulin said...

Zara doesn't cuddle anything to sleep to, she prefers to cuddle my arm. *sigh*
what lar! she prefers cuddle ur arm to sleep u should feel happy mah, my xuan just want me to sleep beside him BUT DON'T TOUCH HIM!!!

Allyfeel said...

Nice shots Zara's mama. That's a lovely toy, when bb turned one that time, I was comtemplating getting one for him. But didn't managed.

Very cool Pooh indeed encouraging little one to walk walk walk and walk. :)

Sabrina said...

Such a cute Pooh Bear. That reminds me of the one my dad gave Keith for his X'mas last year which has 10 or 15 types of melodies.You need to press the hand then the pooh bear's hand will start moving up n down.

Zara's Mama said...

Zara also not Pooh fan, this is her first. :P

More to learn about DSLR..

Hmm, w/out handmedowns it can be a bit expensive getting new toys. I think you would be even more careful when you choose a toy to really stretch your dollar.

I think if the Pooh doesn't talk and walk, Zara also will just ignore it.
Maybe if we cannot talk and sing, they will also ignore us. :(

yeah, now that you mentioned it. Such a coincidence.

Can pinjam, but a bit sisi woh this toy.

Damien likes Pooh also? I think for boys Barney better. Pooh I find a bit sisi (my perception).

Yeah, my sis said the hanky part like Zara. Zara also likes to hold a piece of cloth when she sucks her thumb. :P

I have those too. I remembered I have to endured McD every week just to get the weekly Pooh Bear.. *BLECH* (not great fan of McD).
The Pooh is yours or g.f's? I didn't know guy also collect Poohs one woh?

*see no evil, hear no evil*

haha.. very true. Our house as well. Every corner you turn is her things. The only place she doesn't 'invade' is the study. :P

DSRL is easy to use (just point and shoot), but to make use of its feature to get good shot, I still have lots to learn.
And I just figure out how to down load the shots w/out having to install the software, so will be shooting more often now. Yippee!

Xuan is a boy ma. Boy very macho one, cannot simply touch touch.

Cool, but don't know long play time or not. :( Actually best hor, is able to share toys with others.
You know in SGP you can actually rent toys?

Wow. Keith's Pooh must be cool too. Did he like it?

Sabrina said...

Yup. He loves it and he'll try to grab Pooh's hand which is going up n down.Hehe

Allyfeel said...

REally arr? Don't know. Perhaps you could enlighten us by blogging abt it? :)

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