Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Walking On Two Feet

After Zara took her first step 3 months ago, she has been trying to perfect the skill of walking. I was even very worried the first few weeks about her falling and hurting herself (especially face down), but seeing how fast she mastered the skill, my worry was quite unnecessary. From a slithering crawler, she merely crawled with her tummy lifted for a while, and then moved on to her two feet. At first, she got lots of help from furniture, and human bodies, and then she slowly ventured into longer distant without holding on to anything for support. In the living room, we see her charted distance increasing. From coffee table to sofa; then from the coffee table to the kitchen entrance (she supported herself holding on to the wall), and then she started walking all around without support, all these in the span of two and the half months. I used to count how long she could support herself in her wobbly two feet before falling; and I forgot when she started standing, without falling any more. Things we took for granted I can see her trying to master it with lots of effort and determination, like an adult learning how to ski. She fell, picked herself up, continued to walk on; fell again, pulled herself up, walked on. Our heart skipping a beat every time she fell, ever ready to rush to her and pull herself up, almost too tempted to support her all the time. It was a balance of helping ONLY when required; near her (to catch her if she fell) but never too close to hold her that has helped her moved on. She now walks with confidence, going every where on her two feet freely, able to maneuver shallow steps, and with her hand holding on for support, able to go up stairs too. She can squat down, kneel, pull herself back up with much dexterity. She used to hold our hands when we went out for walks, but during the weekend, she seemed to want to roam freely without our help. When we held her hand, she actually pried it off with her other hand and let herself loose. Now she's master the skill, she wants no one to help and support her, she wants to do it all by herself, walking like adults do.


Greenapple said...

what a great milestone, eh?
good to hear that!

maria aka twinsmom said...

yah...take it for granted...
when I still worry my girls will jatuk climbing stair case, they already can go up and down without support.

amazing isn't it? watching our baby grow?

Helen said...

Zara is now walking eh? I'm sure you must be very proud of her!! LOL

Before long, I bet you'll be chasing her all over the place!! :-)

Tracy said...

Zara walks with confidence and needs nobody help means dat mommy will be busier. Hee, hee, looking after the calf (cantonese).

Cocka Doodle said...

Ok, you'll need a lot of food with high calories now because you'll be burning them later running after Zara. lol

L B said...

Wait till she starts dating......

sesame said...

Wow, she's 13 months old right? And walking without support already? My boy could stand at about 9 months but didn't walk properly until about 16 months. Soon she'll be running!

Lazymama said...

Yeah, we needs to let them explore while we have to stay near them to make sure they are safe. Zara is a very fast learner! I am really impressed by her especially her language development.

My girl like Zara, she didn't want us to help her; instead she wanted to do it herself. And she just won't scared by the falling. She took her 1st step at 11 months and progress to full walking within 3 weeks.


both M&B start walking at 1 year old. somehow, the stage btw walking and running are kinda' blur. great that u jot down her development diligently.

blurblur said...

Another great achievement for Zara, well done!

It's such a joy to see them grow, isn't it! And Zara is such a determine young lady! :)

Sabrina said...

I am still waiting for Keith to walk without support. He can only stand for less than 5 sec withoutsupport. I guess he's still scared.

Passerby A said...

This is the period of time that Zara might not want you to carry her around so much - because she wants to practice walking :)

Jason said...

Now your "area" has been WIDELY expanded. So, more exercise then. :D

Jesslyn said...

very soon u will be running all over the hse to chase her..hehehe! I m ready for that if Lyon start walking..

Zara's Mama said...


yeah, they never seized to amaze us.. all the time.

already started chasing her.. not sure I should say fortunately or unfortunately

I heard boys normally start walking later.. not sure how true though.

sometimes I think we're more scared of the falling than the kids themselves hor?
they fall already like nothing one, just stand up and continue, where as we all, heart ache la, rub them here and there la. :P

two little fellas,
yeah, from walking to running it seems they progress very quickly. Hard to catch the 'milestone'.

it's amazing to see them grow.. sometimes secretly hope they'll grow slower, so can enjoy their cuteness more.. but just secretly la..

hey, I never could get on to your blog with the url you had given, is it the right one?
Still not able to 'meet' keith yet.

the diva,
she's getting very heavy now, and I'm sure glad I don't have to carry her as much.
however, running after her is no breezy task as well.

very.. so now I can afford to have pitless stomach also. :P

already running. in the house, I am not worried, because we'd child proofed the house, it's only in public places, esp when there's a big crowd. Very had to handle a running toddler. :(

don't want to hold hands mean have to chase after her loh. :(

cocka doodle,
right! chocolate fudge cake, here I come.

that is still a long way to go.. or is it?

shoppingmum said...

It's time to "let go" a bit huh? I like seeing babies who walk by themselves at shopping malls, while the parents panickly chasing/following behind. It's really cute!

kelly said...

Running after a toddler is a good exercise...I haven't got time to hit the treadmill since Qianyi was born. But chasing after her helped me regain my pre-pregnancy figure.:D

Zara's Mama said...

cute for the observer.. tired for the parents. :(

really? wow, let me stuff the piece of choc cake into my mouth first, or else I won't have energy running after Zara. :P

mom2ashley said...

hhehe.luckily ashley hasn't started crawling..yet!

Fannie said...

After my failed attempt to "delay" EThy; from walking, I gave up.

Now, i see her walking a few steps unaided...so happy! I should have let her walk earlier!


Zara has done very well! :)

Sabrina said...

Yup that's the right one. Try again coz' sometimes the server is down.

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