Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend with Daddy's boss - I

Daddy's English boss, G, was in town, and we decided to meet him up for dinner on Saturday. Zara who has been exposed to more English TV program (Wheels In The Bus, Bob The Builder) than American program, found G's accent interesting. While G and Daddy were conversing in the car, she too started chatting in her own sing song liked baby language. We did a quick dash into Low Yat Plaza before dinner to buy some iPod peripherals. G bought a trendy speaker set, car adapter for his wife's iPod; and we got some blank CDs. I'm quite amazed at the number of peripherals that are available for an iPod, and boy, I do feel lucky not to own one! G wanted to have Malay food for dinner, to play safe, we thought we'd better to go some proper restaurant for that rather than those road side tomyam warongs. We headed to Enak in Star Hill Gallery. Starter was one dozen of satay; and then we ordered 4 dishes : Prawn Sambal, Chicken cooked in a light sourish sweetish sauce, otak-otak (but this is using cod with some fern leaves as stuffing), and vegetable fritters to eat with plain rice. The food was very good, all in small portion, very refine tasting, not the type of food you get from the nasi campur (Malay: mix rice) shop. Zara was asleep when we arrived, half way through dinner, I woke her up to have her porridge. She was however more interested in the Christmas trees as well as the other restaurants outside of Enak (compared to the deco in the other restaurants, Enak is very plain). Daddy and I have to take turns running after her, luckily, G too has a young daughter, and he understood what we are going through. After playing for a while, Zara started sucking her thumb and leaned on me muttering, "Hgh Hgh" repeatedly (Hgh-Hgh is her way of saying milk milk). Now, where can I nurse her *slap head*? I asked the waitresses in the restaurant for direction to the nursing room, and they all looked stunt at me. There's actually none in the entire building! I took a mental note, I have to write to YTL and let them know about this, do they think that there's no posh nursing mothers (like me *ahem*) who will dine and shop here with their babies? So here I am stuck with a hungry baby, what shall I do? I went up to the more secluded floors, found one floor with all the shops closed, took one of the sofa (they have bloody sitting lounge with sofas on each floor but no NURSING ROOMS!) and nursed her. It was a very public spot , but no one stopped on that floor or passed us for the whole 30mins we were there. Zara got her fix, and she became better behaved. She was also willing to sit down and eat when fruits was served. The bill, a whopping RM300 (including 3 beer, 1 juice and 2 coffee)!


Sabrina said...

Hehe..That reminds of Keith wanting to have his BM so much when we were at the Club in Taiping. There's no nursing room and he's started to feel restless. I've no choice but to sit near the corridor with daddy to BF him. Luckily, it was dark and I was facing the bushes.

Egghead said...

ahh... I guess you have yet to pass that stage... after much pressuring and convincing... my wife can now BF almost everywhere skillfully (including mamak) :)

Allyfeel said...

Walau must be quite uneasy la to nurse in the open public? Lucky no one was there.

Ya ya, I think it's a good idea to write to the YTl boss to tell them the ugly truth.

jazzmint said...

hehe posh mommy maybe bring their own nursing room :O...guess olden days shopping complex are not that baby friendly

mom2ashley said...

well i'm not surprised that they dont have any nursing rooms...common..this is malaysia....i have very low expectations when it comes to facilities like'd probably take my life time before they make it a compulsory facility to have in every mall/building. i just hope it's within ashley's lifetime!

L B said...

*low chatting* you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod you want an ipod *carry on chanting*

sesame said...

Hmm...I've actually never tried nursing in the open public. I suppose the feeling is awkward.

Sue said...

actually, when you come to think of it, even hospitals do not have enough b/feeding facilities, only one you can find is at the labour ward... and the paeds clinics also, you'd just have to b/feed there and then with the other kids' dads present LOL


yep- been there. not a very nice feelin'. that's why i limit the places i go out with the kids nowadays :(

blurblur said...

I never tried BF in public as's the feeling though?

Samm said...

Rm300 for a meal is indeed not cheap. But, hubby's boss woh.... This month, ourselves pretty pok kai ledi with all the parties and dinners. As for breastfeeding in public, all i need is a piece of nappy cloth and that's it. "Have nappy will BF". I'm gonna get me a sarong sling this time. Havent used that before.

Irene said...

I think some of our bigger department stores actually has a nursing room. But like the last mommy, as long as I have some sort of cloth, I'm set. I own a few "nursing canopies". It's pretty much a receiving blanket with a loop to go around mom's neck. It's like a big giant bib.

I can bf in public only with some sort of cover.

Cocka Doodle said...

I once saw a young mother plonked her boob out to breastfeed her kid in the full view of the pubilc at the North-south highway makan/rest area. She was seated at the table right in front of me. I was actually kind of embarassed by her 'openess' but she did it as a 'matter-of-fact'.

Luckily lin Peh was not around....otherwise, he'll hijack the other tit and suckle on it! LOL

Zara's Mama said...

haha.. we all get into such a situation somehow huh?

sometimes when I'm desparate I'll do what J does. But this time, my hubby's boss was there, I don't know how he'll feel, so have to find some where proper to do loh.

actually don't feel uneasy nursing in public, but prefer to do in proper room though, more comfortable ma, and can adjust my bra properly after that.

yeah hor, if posh mum will bring her own LV trunk with her which is big enough to sit inside and nurse the bbaby. LOL

isn't it sad? well I do hope we don't have to wait till Ashley's or Zara's lifetime.

i don't want an ipod, i don't want an ipod, i don't want an ipod....
(call it self denial)

nursing in public is ok, but I can't bring myself to nurse in front of my hubby's boss. :P

don't know which hospital you go to, but Sunway Medical and SJMC both have places to breast feed ler. Paed is another issue though.

tough huh? living in this society?

did that quite often, but try to be discreet by placing a cloth over me, but didn't feel comfortable doing in star hill because ppl are so posh, all prim and proper.

when Zara was younger, it was easier. Now, when I put the cloth over her, she thinks I'm playing peekaboo with her, so will keep pulling the cloth down to 'boo' me. *slap head*
RM300 for Malay food is expensive! Normally, am only willing to pay RM5 for mix rice. :P

yeah, I know in US they have those. I wanted to buy, but I guess, back then I had more faith in shopping mall management than I should. :(

cocka doodle,
wow, terror mum huh? I can't do that la.. if in highway, will probably do that in the car.
Just like you said loh, how do we know if linpeh lurking out there, just waiting for this opportunity.

L B said...

*L B wonders to himself what he should inscribe on the back of the brand new iPod for Zara's Mama...*

Helen said...

Ei, has it ever occur to you it's dangerous to find a secluded place to expose your boobs!! Apart from pervert, I bet they are many who could use extra money for CNY!! Just becareful.... lol

Next time take G to rough it out at Mamak!! LOL

Passerby A said...

Wow, Zara can fall asleep in a noisy restaurant! She must be exhausted...

Jason said...

RM300 for those food, I can eat for 1 month for the same thing. :P

Zara's Mama said...

l b,
nothing, b'cos no ipod.

true also hor, what if linpeh type (susu lover) lurking around..

the diva,
if she's tired, she can really fall asleep anywhere.

yeah la. Same for us. But big boss woh, cannot bring him to mamak right?

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