Thursday, December 01, 2005

Daddy's Fear

Daddy doesn't read my blog that frequently, if he did, he always have something to say, either I could improve on my English, or my English has been improved, or the photos are nice etc. etc. I always just rolled my eyes and pretended I didn't hear anything when he made comments. This time, he was looking at the birthday and the milestone post, and this conversation took place (based on my memory because it happened last week). D: *folded his arms, stood at the back of me, watching the the screen* Wah, you put so many photos on your blog? M: Yeah, nice hor? D: Nice, but there are photos of our house, our faces M: *roll eye* (what is his problem?) So? D: Zara is getting older already. You should stop posting photos of her in your blog. *saw my eyes rolling* I mean, you can still blog, but just don't put photos M: Part of making the blog interesting is the photos, and I love photo blogging. D: You don't know what kind of people out there who are reading your blogs. M: And? D: And these people may be weird, and may stalk Zara.. M: People who read my blogs are parents themselves la. Aiyo! *slapped my hand on my forehead* D: They may pretend to be parents. M: .... *my eyeballs are fully white by now* We have met some of them in the bloggers' meet ma D: Those you know are genuine (Twinsmum, Egghead, Sue, Loc Kee, 1+2mum confirmed genuine parents), but you don't know if there are any weird ones lurking out there. M: You have to take the fun out of everything huh? D: I'm just telling you, just be careful, especially now she's older. *walked off* M: *pointed middle finger at his back* I'm not sure if any of you feel threatened by posting your kids' photos on your blog, or even posting your own. Or if you chose to remain anonymous (photo wise), what was the reason. I never thought about it like Daddy did, but Daddy is always worry about too many unnecessary things. So if one day I stopped posting Zara's photos, it could only mean that my censorship board has started tightening his grip on my blog.


Egghead said...

I am a genuine parent I'll admit... but I can't stop Little Skywalker from stalking your Zara though... LOL!

maria aka twinsmom said...

whao...exactly the same conversation between me and Twinsdad few months ago.
and I just about to post a entry about no more my girls picture anymore, I actually have this idea long ago, thought when they reach three I will stop posting their picture, even though I did will be blur image.
What our hubby said is true also, there are some weirdo outside, we can't be too optimastic to people we don't know lor.
or password protect for the post I have m,y girls picture also a option to me.
I think below three still OK, but above three, our kids consider as boy and girl already, so have to show more respect.

Fannie said...

Agnes, I AM truly 100% a genuine parent!

Similiarly, Hubby and I had a similiar discussion many months back when he read my blog.

He was asking about who reads the blog, what kind of ppl are those etc.

Same here, I told him...all those who reads are parents too! :) Or kids lover! No harm in posting pictures and stuff!

I will still post pictures...cos too much words w/o visual entertainment is a bore...

blurblur said...

First of all..i declare/swear i'm a 100% parent too:)

Haha..i guess all hubbies are the same, my hubby would always tell me: don't put personal details up there, and when i asked what personal details, he replied: address lah, tel no. lah..

*slaps forehead*come on lah i'm not that blur lah..:x

And he has reserve about putting photos of our immediate families (eg my MIL and Damien's idol)..hmm..i'm trying hard to fight for my rights..haha..:P

ky said...

Hmmm, seems like men are more reserve when come to showing people photos. Hubby has the same comment as yours. Also likes to stand behind my back whenever I'm reading or posting.
BTW, can teach me how you did the word strike-through? Email me if the steps are too much.

Jesslyn said...

ya, agreed with u, photos that make our blog more interesting! just cannot resist to post them to share with others!
But there are too many weird ppl in this world, how to avoid them?

Allyfeel said...

Hey me too, me too had experienced hubby asking about bloggers and pictures and etc and he liked to correct my English too.

I just thought bb still young, young face looks similar, people cannot recognize one. :)

hehe...Oh...Zara's mama, I am genuine le.

Jason said...

I am not a genuine parents. If I am, thats gonna freak you out. :P

As for the privacy issue part, moderation is the key. But, without photos, something is just missing. :(

Lazymama said...

I have the same fear too! But just couldn't resist myself to post photo. Babies photos are just too cute to resist.

King's wife said...

i only had this conversation with myself only, and not with king. Yes, i always have this nagging thought if i am revealing too much. Esp about the girls since they are quite big now. But like everyone says, blogging without pictures is incomplete...

JoeC said...

it is good to keep some back, just leave out just enough to blog about. yep, better to be safe than otherwise.

oh, btw, i'm a pretend stalker....hehehehe, cheers!

Samm said...

If mine makes noise, i'll post his kkc up.

momm said...

yeah, i'm rather concerned about the weirdos out there too.

it did occur to me at which period i should stop blogging. but i'm still not sure..

i blog for my relatives and friends overseas to see. so that they are updated of natalie's growing stage. save me the trouble of repeating my story....

Helen said...

Your hubby is not wrong but, it's not like u r giving out your house addresses mar???!! I dun know where u stay what!! lol

** damn, your hubby saw right through me!! I am actually a stalker.... no, i dun like babies. I prefer mamas with great legs!! HA HA u better be careful...... **

Lin Peh said...

As long as your daughter still below 21, Lin Peh no touch! Above 21 and chun ... Lin Peh sure tackle and imagin that Lin Peh can end up as your son in law ! LOL !!!!

Zara's Mama said...

That one wait another 17yrs la..then I worry (or welcome).

Hmm, you and hubby have similar thought ah? If you learn how to password protect your photos, let me know huh?

Yeah, pictures makes the blog more interesting. Esp when we talk about our kids, it's nice to show their photo to see their development.

Wow, you also same boat. But we're not so stupid to publish our address and phone right?

Another reserve hubby huh? I posted the command for strike through in your blog comment, got it?

Maybe like Maria said, see can password protect them or not.

Yeah loh, now they are young, can still post. Maybe later, then reconsider.
You sure you are genuine, BB not your imaginary son? :P

You sure you are not a real parent? (Have you been naughty and not aware of the result from your naughtiness?).
Maybe I should go into food blogging, at least I know I'll still have you as my reader. :P

Yeah, how to resist not posting those chubby face hor?

King's Wife,
So how? You think if King knows about it he'll freak out?

No wonder you never put your photo in your blog... b'cos you got criminal (as a stalker) record!!

Wah, so fierce. You post his kkc up you are not worried all the Bak-mui stalk him?

Yeah. Blogging is a good way to just show friends and relative the kid's development. Just point them to the link and ask them to read, save lots of trouble.

Have to make announcement to all mamas out there not to post any photos of their legs just it case it'll arrounce Mr Helen. :P

I'll stop blogging when my daugther turns 21, and I don't mind you being my son-in-law as long as you give me 1mil kah-chong. Can start saving now.

Lin Peh said...

How you know Lin Peh don't have Jit Pah Ban already ? But, you so money face punya MIL Lin Peh don't like la. LOL

Anonymous said...

How can you say me like that? LOL! My first kiss also haven't broken yet ler. sad case. Hahaha! Whatever you blog, I will still read one. :D

Jason mumbles.

5xmom said...

This is worth a thot. Seriously. Personally, I can't run away from being identified because long before I was a blogger, my big nose had been plastered in magazines and newspapers. So, the transition was ok with me. But have you heard of this pregnant woman who befriended another woman online and later on, this other woman go cut open the belly and took the baby away because she wanted a baby too badly? Ultimately, never trust anyone. No matter how many times you met them. Hehehe, dun mean to scare you but that's how things are. On Mom's Daily, I had written about it a few times with links from the FBI someore.

Sue said...

guess this is what all bloggers face, the unknown... who is reading my blog, do they know me, are they near, is my family safe... sounds like a triller but i think i'll keep blogging for the time being, and post pictures in moderation!

Annie said...

Oh...i am 101% genuine mama...but I do agree with Zara's Papa. Better be safe than sorry... My girl is already 3 but I'll post oni those baby photos...which her look has changed a lot..or i'll make the photo small enough (if enlarge will become blur-blur one).

My expilian,...KL/Malaysia is very small...almost every weekend we go shopping....sometimes, we can "recognise" the kids' faces..."very familiar lar, like seen in the blogs before"... that's why i takut lor...

But without photos, boring hor??!!!

kelly said...

Haha..I've never had similar discussion with my hubby. You tried so hard to have Zara (I really admire your courage and determination), it'd be a shame if you stop uploading your little precious's photos to share with everybody..especially the genuine me..:))

Mother Superior said...

Interesting that so many blogger friends are declaring if they are genuine parents. OK lah, I'm genuine, ok? :-)

Perhaps your husband's advice is worth a thought but pity though, cos a picture can brighten the dullest blog.

domesticgoddess said...

I wish to remain anonymous because Penang is a small island. Also, since I'm such a vain pot I cannot reveal my photos; lest people's jaw dropped how (跌眼镜)? gotta jaga image hahaha...
seriously, I'm a paranoid la that's why refrain from posting my kids' recent photos for the same reasons your husband mentioned.

Zara's Mama said...

Lin Peh,
You got jit pak ban, but using it to throw lavish bloggers' meet party mah.. So must save again for wedding.

sure or not? Don't believe you.

Wow, if my hubby got to see this, he'll sure be your good friend already. He's good to come out with such scarry scenarios.
We still need to believe people are trustworthy, and kind at heart.

If you start thinking about all the scarry things, I think it can get very frightening.. In the end, it'll take the fun out of blogging.

aigh.. maybe when Zara grows older, I'll post fewer photos, or photoshopped them all to look like XX. :P

I don't think I'll totally stop posting photos. If I know how to password protect them, maybe I will later...

Mother Superior,
You have 2 girls too, you must be genuine.. (crossing my fingers). Yeah, I'll give my husband's word a thought.. but just A thought. :P

yvy said...

wow...first all, i'm not a parent n i only stalk cute guys. *looks around to see if bf say this post a-not.* ;)

but i think that to a certain extend the world is not longer safe n no one can guarantee safety n this also applies to adults as well. i guess with part of the society getting sicker by the day, it would b wise to think abt when to stop taking pic of ur baby and posting it. or maybe just take blurry shots instead, u know like photoshoppe it or something. u can still take her pix but put a smiley face in place or something. ;)

jazzmint said... photos boring lehh...Michelle did ask me this question before, especially mentioning names and stuff. So I've stop mentioning names, try to keep it with initials instead.

My daddy is OK with photos, in fact he says his clouds blog looks too boring compared to Faythe's one hahaha...And he happily gives the link to all his fren. But then again I try not to post soemthing too sensitive nowadays so that I won't get caught and gotta explain. Photos I think should be ok lah...

Tracy said...

Zara's mum, I've been reading and leaving comments on most of the bloggers's blogs and and until 2day I went into ur blog and read ur post on Daddy's Fears. Wow, wow, wow, so many comments and some were so scccaaaarrry dat made me shuddered. I have been thinking of starting my own blog but after reading ur post, now I'm like err ... ehh ... on second thoughts ......

Zara's Mama said...

baby's photo with a smiley over the face is no longer baby's photos..
Anyway, when she's older I'll post in moderation, or only put blury

Your hubby very 'sporting' :P.

Don't let this stop you from blogging. You can still remain anonymous if you preferred when you blog, just don't mention names and post only photoshopped photos. :P

michelle said...

Yeah I have the same fear. Not sure who your viewers are. Next time I will create an exclusive blogs, only those registered can view....hehehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Goddess, Michelle,
Why Penang-lang so paranoid one? :P

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama, hey of coz not la. I am not psycho ok!!! Naughty u! :P

Baby Smooches said...

I'm a stalker. I stalk blogs esp. baby blogs, simply because babies are just so cute. Well, seriously, I've given that a thought as well and believe there's a limit to photo postings.