Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Busy Executive

Daddy likes to pace around the house when he's on the phone, and guess who picked up his habit? We found daddy's non-functioning old mobile phone and gave it to Zara as a toy; here she was, behaving like she's having some very important conversation on the phone, walking around like a busy executive (although she can't quite work out where the mouth piece of the phone is yet).


maria aka twinsmom said...

hello...wei wei...Zara home? Auntie maria want to talk to her, can or not? LOL...

Samm said...

hahah, Gordon loves phones too. He'll put it to his ear, then put it to ours, saying aaahh ohh.

Jason said...

Future 女强人! (lui keong yan)

yl said...

wahhhhh!!!! she's real busy!!! walk so fast!! :|

Anonymous said...

hey there!

di::bo said...

hehe... really cute!

Zara's Mama said...

When there's a real person on the phone, she'll shy away and be very quiet and still.. Funny girl.

Somehow they are facinated with phones!

女强人 or SAHM also nvr mind, as long as she's happy.. (like real.. see if I can still talk like that later or not)

Hi.. who's this?

Thanks.. and wellcome.

King's wife said...

you got hear her talking to ah kim or not?

pearlvanoyster said...

thanks for dropping by at my blog.
yes, my lil max ryan is a real thumbsucker, through and through.
in fact, he is so dextrous that he can put both thumbs in at the same time and even turn with his thumb still in the mouth :P


hahaha..little Zara never fails to impress.

L B said...

Zara needs an iPod nano, don't you think?

Lazymama said...

haha, Zara so cute and looks very busy.

My girl was like that too but quiet when there is someone talking on the other end of the phone.

Egghead said...

wah! she will grow up to be a strong woman executive huh!

crazymommy said...

Little Zara looks so cute with her diaper on!! Reminds me of Nikita when she was that young! Haha...

blurblur said...

Hahaha...she's clinching a million dollar deal that's why gotta walk faster...time is money mah...haha..so cute leh...:))

Fannie said...


I have been stopping Ethyl from learning to walk...now i wish she can walk like Zara...:x

That's so cute of her to behave like that! :)

mom2ashley said...

she looks so cute!

Allyfeel said...

hahahaha! Look at how gorgeous this little busy executive is...

May be Zara can have a phone conversation with Bb the senior executive. RIng RIng.... :)

Zara's mama, What's ur MSN or yahoo iD?

Jesslyn said...

hah..zara start walking liao ha?? since when? Lyon still cruising le...she is slow le....
so cute the way she walk..

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
Got.. she said, "Ah Kim buy me presents".. *LOL*
So free ah? No need to fook si King?

Wow, Max is good. Zara will only suck her right thumb, even when she's cut a deep wound with her teeth she still won't change thumb.

I guess at this stage, they are very keen to learn new tricks and impress.. :)

l b,
Luckily you are not my child.. or I will have to take on 2 more jobs to ensure I have the money to buy you new gadgets all the time. *phew*

It's the same with Zara. Chi-chi-cha-cha when she's holding on to the phone, but when it really rings and someone is on the other side talking, she'll be very quiet.

As long as sayang mummy, be what also never mind la.

Wonder if I'll miss this stage when she's Nikita's age.

Yeah.. Looks like making some big deals hor.. although still don't know where (the mouth piece) to talk to.

Why did you stop, scared she'll fall down? She took her first step already so should be very fast walking around unaided.


Haha, I wonder if 2 toddlers are put on the line what they would talk about. Probably will supprise all of us.

Zara took her first step in Sept, then by Oct, she was trying to walk from furniture to furniture. Now quite an expert already.
At this time, they all walk like ducks!
Lyon will catch up in no time, don't worry.

Fannie said...

I stopped her not because I scared she falls...but i just want her to walk after CNY! :x

Cos during CNY, if she can walk, she would be "helping" to clear the stuff on the table (i guess), so I rather she walk later...

But nw...i just hope she can start walking faster...so that i don't hv to carry her so much...Daddy can't carry, leaving me to carry...hand ache lah!

Helen said...

Ha Ha Ha though I can't see Zara, I can imagine how 'important' she looks talking business over the phone!! LOL

Go take some pics of her talking business deals over the phone....lol

ky said...

Hahaahaa..., so Zara's papa likes to walk round the whole hse when on the phone! Hubby also do that, and yes, Eu is copying his style.

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, your stratergy can work or not?? They don't know how to walk, they'll still crawl and then cruise around the table to help you clear stuff on the table ler. :P
Wow, you also plan very in advance, now you tell me, I must be prepared also, all the biscuits and stuff, Zara might just help herself to them during CNY.

YouTube was down this morning, that's why you see a big blank area in the middle, actually there's a video of her walking about with the phone. Try again.

That's why we have to be careful what we do and what we say in front of our kids, they are really good copy cats.