Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Zara Talking

Last week, while waiting for her to fall asleep, I just got her to speak after me on the words that she already knew. Half way through, she started talking in her baby language, and giggled. To listen to the recording of the 'conversation', click here .


Allyfeel said...

yee...invalid menu handle, cannot hear le.

Egghead said...

got record down some more ah? not bad wor!

mom2ashley said...

so cute! such a clever girl!!!


Zara is so bright. With all the TLC from mom, she will grow up to be a fine young lady :P

Zara's Mama said...

It should launch your Media player, it's not?
I'm just new to this wav file hosting.. I hope it'll work for you.

Got, but those were her earlier days one where she didn't know how to talk but just making babbling yet. Now will record more since found a free .wav file hosting site.

Thanks. Btw, what happened to your Andaman Day 2, Day 3 posting. Anxiously waiting.

I hope so tooo.. *finger crossed*

Samm said...

i like recording Gordon's words too. Especially when he cries. I'll replay that for him the moment he starts crying, that'll get him confused and he'll laugh after that.

Greenapple said...

ahh, such wonderful moment! isn't it a wonderful bliss to be a mum? I guess this is one of the stage i love the most, that babies start to learn how to talk! how cute! the sound they make, they echo ... awgh!

blurblur said...

Aww...Zara is so sweet and i sort of miss those baby languages Damien used to make..can record more or not huh?..hehe..;p

Helen said...

SO CUTE!!! Now you are trying to get her to talk, bet next time you can't wait to shut her up!! lol (especially when u r watching TV.. Why? .... Why? .... Why?....) LOL

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, I was like that as well. When Zara was an infant, I did recording of her crying, when she cried, I played it back for her, and it's very funny to see her stunt face when she heard it, and normally it would quiet her.

Yeah, if only the cuteness will last forever.
(Aigh, but I want her to grow up too don't I?)

You should do recording of Damien's voice also or even video him, like when he said Merry Christmas for the tree.. LOL.
Next time when he grows older, and break his voice, it'll be nice to play back to him and tease him. :P
I'll sure record more..

I'm sure it'll happen very soon... *biting my nails*