Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project - White Christmas

This is just to advertise for one eat full nothing to do blogger who managed to get a few other bloggers to sing and record the song White Christmas (without having to meet them), and then arranged and remixed it to one single track. I was invited to join in the sing song project, but because I had no headset at home (after I'd moved house, lots of things still in boxes which we haven't found time to dig out yet), I couldn't record it (w/out the music). I think this fella did quite a wonderful job, please go and check the song out yourself. Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Our family will still be in KL though, so I'll still be blogging during this period.


Lin Peh said...

Thank you for advertising this project here. KL....Lin Peh also ! ;-) can date you ah ?

1+2mom said...

Me too still in KL, maybe will go window shopping with the kids..haha.

Marry Christmas n HAppy New Year to you n your family!!!

Fannie said...

wah...interesting Lin Peh is not about some languages arh...;p

It's very nice to know leh...he's really creative! :)

L B said...

As you can see, I'm back on my feet again, after that severe lack of stamina.. last night.

Thanks for the link, Zara's Mama. I am so digging my new mp3 song now!


i'm in KL too... determine to revamp the baby room before new year.

Lin Peh- must say you are one creative chap!

Lin Peh said...

What you mean Lin Peh is not language ? Name is part of language mah ;-)

Two little fellas:
Even more creative when cum to "yamade"...LOL ! Soli la....HAHAHAH !

blurblur said...

So this is a serious project arh?? All along i though Lin Peh play play only, sorry apologies..;p

Here's wishing you a blessed christmas and a Happy 2006:))

Helen said...

Yeah, do help pimp that pimp. He really did a great job!! LOL But too bad I did not get to hear your singing!!! Hope there'll be a next time.

Glad u are still around to blog. If you ever decide to take up Lin Peh on his date proposal... do remember to blog about it... with pics! LOL

Zara's Mama said...

Can date.. we date in blogsphere loh.
*ahem* remember this is kid's blog hor.. no yamade here please!

Shopping again? *slap head*

Lin peh is about talking 3 and 4 in a vulgar manner, but he knows in my blog he cannot be naughty.. so far have been behaving himself.

Cool mp3 huh? Can you guess which phrase is sung by your loyal blog reader?

two little fellas,
revamp baby room? Expecting the arrival of another?

I think this is probably the most serious thing linpeh has attempted. :P

help him advertise a bit, since I think it was quite a good effort..
I really like that chap with the sexy jazzy voice.. *drool*, but I know linpeh's one is the croaky ahpek's voice la. :P
Date? We'll date in blogsphere.. :P

Sabrina said...

They sounded good. Wah, can come out with an x'mas album next year.

L B said...

I dun wanna guess who sang which part, but in my mind, for the more divine parts I place the divine Helen, and the divine King's wife, but maybe that's just wishful thinking ;-) Please dun shatter that illusion..


i'm done with 2. to be more precise, re-vamp the baby room into a playroom since the kids are not sleeping there anyway.

Allyfeel said... listening to the song now. Wow, I must said Lin Peh has created a nice piece of work. Impressed!

Zara mama's, did u participate? I think I can hear ur voice in there.

Allyfeel said...

Sorry, I mean to say, other than being "Hum Sup", lin peh is quite talented hor?

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