Monday, December 12, 2005

Animals Sound and Addressing People

Zara came face to face with a crow yesterday, and the crow was making "Ak Ak Ak" sound throughout. I explained to her that the bird bird says "Ak Ak Ak"; just like cats say "Ao"; dogs say "Wof Wof". While we were in the car, I started asking her, what should does this animal and that animal make and she seemed to be able to do a few sounds. The cow, which is Moo The dog, which is Woof woof The cat, which is Aao (like the way she calls a cat) The monkey, which is Ooo-Ooo Eh-eh-Eh The elephant, which is ... I mean you get it, I don't even know how to spell the sound. To listen to her making these sounds, click here She has also started to be able to call different people by their titles: Ah Ku (my brother, the King) - as Ah Tu Ah Kim (King's Wife) - as Ah Tim Ah Kong (my dad) - as Ah Kng Ma-ma (my MIL) - as Ma-ma Ku-Che (my SIL) - as Kng (a pause, then) Teh Che-Che (my nieces) - as Teh Teh Daddy - as Pa Pa Kakak (which she already said long time ago) - as Tak Tak Me - as .... *silence* Yes, this little girl still refused to call me!


Greenapple said...

i hope you can read Chinese, as ...

maybe this is what in Zara's mind. =)

maria aka twinsmom said...

I can't forget her "bye bye" cute and so sweet...

Passerby A said...

Really? You mean she never did? :(

mom2ashley said...

such a clever girl!

Egghead said...

ak ak ak!
I am going to shoot those crows!
when I was a kid... birds do "jit jit jit" sounds... when my son was about 8 months old... he told me birds do "ak ak ak!" instead!!

until now... he still say so!

blurblur said...

Clever Zara...but still don't want to call Mummy ah..aiyo...mummy so sad..never mind, i guess it's definitely going to be worth the patient, be patient...:P

ky said...

Don't worry she will one day. Most probably becos' she doesn't even need to call out to you, you are already looking at her. Your attention will always be her when she's near you. Have another one, sure call "mama" faster than Zara, due to competition. When that time comes, you will have "mama", "mommy" echoing round you head :p cannot even switch off!

Allyfeel said...

Zara is such a clever girl. The sounds are so cute, she sounds like the animals itself...hahahaha.


Zara is indeed a brilliant little girl. i like the way she cute:)

Helen said...

Ha Ha Ha so cute!! You mean she still never call you?? Naughty naughty. How she refers to you?? Maybe all she has to do is to make some noise and u will come running... so, no need to learn to call you!! LOL

shoppingmum said...

Same here, Justin also refuses to call me. *Sob, sob*

Sue said...

Hahaha... funny how they all seem like "chi lei kan"... Ivan also alternate between Goo-Teh and Goo-Jeehh LOL...

Selba said...

Don't worry if she hasn't called you yet... the day will come soon :)

Jesslyn said...

haha..Lyon too till now yet to call me mummy!! am still waiting though!
She can call Jie Jie, papa & mum mum(food)very clear!

Baby Smooches said...

I think she's saving the best for the last!! haha Actually, Brendan didn't call me mummy until much later. Nowadays, he's always "mama" here, "mummy" there.... non-stop. Don't worry, once she starts, there's no stopping!

Zara's Mama said...

Assuming is 爱在心口难开 will make me feel better. :P

Yeah. Her Bye-bye very cheeky one.

The Diva,
Yeah, never did. She'll say something else when I asked her to repeat Mummy or Mama or Mimi after me.

Thanks. Soon it'll be Ashley's turn.

Yeah.. too many crows around, and it's hard to tell them there are more 'si-mun' birds out there.

Yeah.. have to be patient loh, what to do.. Aigh.

Yeah, most probably. She just have to look at me and I'm already at her side. No motivation to call also.

Sounds like a confused animal.. hahaha.

Thanks. I guess their voice at this age are all cute.

No need to call loh. Just "Ugh!", or run to me, or just look at me, I already know she's calling me. Maybe I should pretend to ignore her until she calls me hor? :P


How's hubby? Better?
Yeah, I think the CH sound very hard to pronunce for them.. So becomes T sound. :P

I'm waiting.... waiting...

Lyon around the same age as Zara.. lets see whose girl call mama first ok? I think it'll be Lyon la. Zara very stubboron one.

Baby smooches,
Now want them to call, later will "SHHH" ask them to keep quiet when they call. :P